Thursday, October 24, 2013

Food Diaries and Before and Afters


A lot of you are here because of the now infamous picture that had everyone learning about me on Instagram:

I started my Journey on 1-1-13 and the right is to date. Left is roughly 228-238lbs, when I officially began keeping track it was 228. Currently I'm fluxing at 159-161lbs. About 69lbs down. I'm 22 years old and roughly 5 foot 8 and I have been lucky enough to lose a lot of inches as well so far. No I'm not done with my journey as this is a lifestyle change. I'm justing doing my best to be better than I was yesterday and hopefully inspire others along the way. 

So I've recently gained some new followers/friends that are new to my blog and I have been flooded with questions that you all have that some of my longer term followers are more familiar with. But just to be fair, I'm going to kinda do a quick little refresher here so everyone can begin to know me better and my journey.

So fat and miserable as 2012 came to a close, I decided after many many long cries and days I didn't want to leave the house, that enough was enough. I had created this ridiculous carb-tastic monster of a franken-fatty and I was the only one to blame and the only one who could do something about it. So I researched like crazy and decided on a plan of how to get my life in gear. I threw away shit food. Literally I walked through my kitchen with a trash bag and just started throwing stuff away. I began buying healthy food and learning about how many calories I should be eating and what foods are going to benefit my body the best. I use Livestrong My Plate app on my phone to track calories I also began with exercise. I started the Couch 2 5K program and I did that three times a week and went on regular walks the other four days. 

I also did/do at home ab and free weight work outs in my living room. Yes thats true I don't have a gym and I haven't been a member to one.

 I did the C25K program twice through and ran my first 5K, The color run. After that I was addicted I have a new found love of running. I have also done Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (twice).

I am currently am in my second stage of Shaun T's Focus T25. I also have done Advocare's 10 Day cleanse and I am now gearing up for the full 24 day challenge beginning on November 1st, if any one wants to join they are more than welcome, we could definitely have a contest/giveaway if enough of you want to participate in the challenge with me! I recently read "It Starts With Food" Its a GREAT GREAT BOOK!!! It really breaks down healthy eating and expalin why certain foods are good and why shit food is bad and why its hard to kick it. I didn't follow the program it came with but I took ideas from it, its super great though if any of you out there need help jumpstarting a healthy eating plan, they include recipes, meal guides and shopping lists!!

That's a quick little background on me and here are some previous post's that my new friends might enjoy:

You've also been asking about some daily examples of what I eat so here are some just regular old days in my life..nope sorry not a soap opera! Haha!

Sample Day One

Advocare Meal Replacement Shake made with water and Ice. 
1 Banana

2.5 hours later- Snack-
100 Calorie pack of Vanilla Almonds
1 Granny Smith Apple
Advocare Spark!

3 hours later- Lunch-
1 piece of grilled chicken
Steamed Broccoli, Cauliflower, Green Peppers, Snap Peas and Red Onion
1 Banana

2.5 hours later - Pre workout snack
Box of Raisins and 1/4 cup sunflower seed kernels

2/3 hours later- Dinner-
1/4 cup Egg Whites + 1 yolk Omelet with spinach, onions, pepper, jalapenos 
2 pieces Butterball Turkey Bacon
1 cup of melon

Sample Day Two

Bowl of Chocolate Fiber One Cereal with 1/4 cup skim milk
1 cup Sliced strawberries and Raspberries

2.5 hours later- Snack-
Hummus and Mini Peppers/Carrots 
Advocare Spark!

3 hours later- Lunch-
Spagehetti Squash with Organic Marinara Sauce and Three Turkey Meatball ''muffins'' with fresh chopped green pepper and red onion
2.5 cups of mixed fresh fruit (pineapple,strawberries,green grapes and red grapes)

2.5 hours later - Pre workout snack
Bowl of watermelon

2/3 hours later- Dinner-
Sweet Apple and Bacon Potato Hash 
Small Leafy Salad

Sample Day One

3 Ingredient Banana Blueberry Pancakes with Light Syrup or Watered down PB2

2.5 hours later- Snack-
4 Tangerines
Advocare Spark!

3 hours later- Lunch-
Sweet Potato Fries, Green Bean Fries 
1 Piece Grilled Chicken Breast

2.5 hours later - Pre workout snack
Fiber one 90 Calorie Bar

2/3 hours later- Dinner-
Broccoli Slaw Stir Fry with Grilled Chicken and String Beans

When Eating Out:

Double Meat Turkey Breast Chopped Salad with American Cheese, Lettuce and Spinach mix with Green Peppers, Onions, Tomatoes, Pickles, Jalapenos and Banana Peppers with Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

Then the hubs and I spilt one cookie.

Hong Kong Buffet:
I get broccoli, green pepper, onions, jalapenos, string beans and have the grill master, saute them with water and a light dressing of Teriyaki, sometimes I add Chicken Breast

 Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte over Ice

Mexican Restaurants:
  Chicken Fajitas, no tortillas, extra veggies with a half serving of rice.

Chilis/Olive Garden/Applebee's
Something off the Weight Watchers/Light Options Menu

I don't drink alcohol ( personal choice, the hubs and I just aren't drinkers) I drink tons and tons of water and un-sweet tea. I like Sobe Life Water, Powerade Zero, Vitamin Water Zero, Propel and Dasani Splash if I want a zero calorie drink with flavor.

I hope this really helps all my newbies out with the questions about me they had and anyone else who was just curious about me.

I'm really open to questions, I have nothing to hide so I'll answer basically any question and I do my best to email/comment back to everyone with in a day or two tops.

Feel free to ask anything!

I'm back to Kansas. I crashed hard after the trip and really enjoyed my own bed again. Back to work today and then off with hubs Friday for some fun filled grocery shopping and good old fashion lolly gagging..
..Am I the only one under the age of 50 that uses that phrase?!?!?!


Have a great Thursday!!!



  1. You've done such a great job! You look fantastic! I'm a new follower this week and am excited to learn more about you and maybe pick up some of your tips and tricks along the way!

  2. I loooove reading your slang phrases!! I feel like you are from my neck of the woods (Kentucky)! We definitely use lolly gaggin!

    1. I come from good ole country folk from the backwoods of Missoura (missouri ;) ) So country slang is right up my alley!

  3. I love the "sample" ideas you've shared.

  4. I am trying to spice up my clean eating plan a little bit, how do you fix your broccoli slaw stir fry, cause this sounds like a great addition. If I eat another piece of lettuce right now I'm going to die. lol!

    1. I take a giant skillet throw in 1/4 cup water add a bag of broccoli slaw, some green pepper, onion, and string beans cook til the waters gone and veggies are tender and serve it up with some lemon pepper seasoned chicken breast :D

  5. I haven't ever been able to stick with the Jillian Michaels 30-day Shred for some reason. Maybe I should try again! :)

  6. Just ran across your blog here...are you still doing this? I am going to start the 24 Day Challenge on October 1st for the first time! Any tips?