Sunday, March 31, 2013

Skinny Pie

Here is my newest (un)guilty pleasure!
I love anything that tastes great and spares me the calories, and Damnit I've done it again with this pie!

Skinny Pie

1 Graham Cracker Crust
1 bag of frozen berries, or Fresh berries (your choice)
1 1/2 cups of any flavor yogurt (I used non fat vanilla)
1 tub of lite whipped topping
4 Tablespoons Hershey's Sugar Free Chocolate Chips

Let whipped topping soften on counter. In a large bowl mix Yogurt, whipped topping, and chocolate chips until well blended. Pour into crust. Top with your choice of berries or fruit. I used blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries! 

Refrigerate for a few hours before serving.

This pie is so delish, that even the hubby has been helping himself to it!

- J

30 and Thriving!


I've been working my arse off since January 1st and  finally, FINALLY I have hit the 30lbs gone benchmark!

I feel great!!!!!
 I know the before picture is in February but I just slacked in January and never got a before shot. But still the difference is AHHMMAAZZZING! Or at least I think so. I seriously didn't notice a difference until I compared those pictures!

I had said early I had hit a plateau and was taking a break from my normal supplements, and I have! Easter I will start back up on my normal stuff after having the last week off from it. And I believe it has totes helped. I lost another 2lbs this week after 2 weeks with only losing an ounce of two so that was definitely a welcome change!

I've lost the majority of my tummy and now it is all in my lower tum and love handles I want gone not to mention my thighs! I have to say though I have always, ALWAYS had bigger thighs, mostly due to muscles from all the lifting I did in high school (I was a beast). But over my weight gain period I gained some extra flab down there, I'm working on the muscles still down there and they are making a re-appearance  but the flab is taking its sweet ass time leaving. So now a long with my normal routines I'm trying to add in some serious focus to my inner things!

To find some help I headed over to Pinterest and browed the Fitness section and I have come across 5 new fast and fabulous workouts I'm now using and loving!
(I didn't make up these workouts and am not taking credit for them, I am just sharing them!)

When I'm working out I'm either in Nike Running Shorts (I LOVE THEM) or Victoria Secrets Yoga Pants. The yoga's are my newest obsession. We have a fabulous relationship, they are comfortable, perfect length, cute, and the make my arse look FAB BOO! Haha! I've tried tons of yogas and there usually see through, to heavy, to short, not cute or just awkward. Not Victoria's...what ever her secret is, she's dang good and making cute and comfy shiiiit.

But seriously, get some. 
Try them you'll love them, you'll be addicted.
You're welcome. 

(Sparkly cheeta print! These are my newest bad boys)


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Whats Up Buttercup

(This is my lockscreen on my phone, I like to keep positive/motivation quotes on it so every time I check the time I give myself a little personal self confidence boost)

I've been busy lately and my computer time has been slacking majorly. 
My bad.
So heres an update on everrrrything.

Well the hubby and I tagged along to KC this weekend to see my seester ('sister' thats just how I like to say it, haha) and my adorable niece. See they live like 3.5 hours away and even though thats not far, our schedules never mash up so we hardly ever get to see each other, which is a total bummer, but point being shes only met the hubby, "uncle ty" a few times. She still is quite shy around him, it's actually adorable. My parents, took her to Build A Bear for an early Easter present, so we were following her through the store and she tells my seester that "that man makes her nervous" in the most serious voice ever. It was so freakin cute. By the time we got to dinner, she was warmed up to him completely! "that man" just kills me.
 We ate, we swam, I crashed and slept my ass off.
Car rides make me tired as shiiiiiiit. It's really not fair, I'd probably be the worst road trip buddy in the history of road trips.

Even though I didn't eat the GREEAATEST, not bad  but not my normal par. I didn't gain a single ounce this weekend.

But unfortunately I've hit a plateau,

So I'm going to take a break from my supplements,( for what I take go HERE )
and cut down on my skim milk and V8 and go back to strictly water and change up my workout plan to throw my body off for a week and then come back to normal so basically a system reset.

But I've managed to keep every pound I've lost off. New muscles are forming, definition in carving out, so I can't say I'm unhappy with myself. Progress is progress whether its a number or just in how i feel about myself.
Here I am:

I'm feeling so much better about myself and stronger. 
Can't no one ruin my mood.

Between sweating my arse off and needing showers, soaking soar muscles and doing my hurrrr and makeup, I spend plenty of time in my bathroom. 
One wall was just to boring, but I had no effing clue with what to do with it. 
With some staring, $8, walmart and the thriftstore (down the road, haha) problem solved.

I got this shelf at the thiftstore (down the road, haha, gets me every time, damn song.) It was a lame baby pink so I hit it with some black spray paint and a silver-y texture spray and BAM. I liked it even more.
Also got that adorable teal-y blue glass decanter style jar and the thriftstore ( I wont do it, I wont say it, damn-- down the road. whoops.) :D 
Then went to walmart picked up a scented oil I liked (beach waves..mhmmm summer), bamboo skewers, and that candle votive.
Dumped the oil into the decanter, cut some skewers down and BA BAMMM, Oil defuser. Im a genius I know. It was like $3 to make the entire thing.
 The votive I just freaking loved it, It went great with my animal print shower curtain, grrrooowl! Haha.   
I love candles in the bathroom for soaking, and this votive emits an awesome flicker-y pattern on the wall that I like to stare at. I'm weird, I know, don't got to tell me!
The clock was a wedding gift that we hadn't found a place to stick it yet, so here it is and now my blank wall is much more appeasing! The hubby well he could care less what I put on the walls, as long as I'm happy and don't overdue the "girly" thing he's fine as long as I'm happy (isn't he great?!?!)
Check out second hand stores for good little finds that you can repurpose for blank spaces in your house!!

I promise to do some more updating this week compared to last week, I have a couple days off coming up for a change so we'll see what kinda mischief I can get into. HA!

- J

Crossfit or Die

On my journey of a healthier lifestyle, I have come across the term "crossfit" a bajillion times. 
I like it.
I like the idea of putting the motivation into people to be fit and toned with muscles, not to just lose weight. 
No offense to anyone but the fragile skinny look, just is not appealing to me.
I like the lean look with sculpted and defined muscles. Im not talking 'roid rage style just, 'I can lift more then a cracker' look.

So I came across this workout and I like it.

Definitely INTENSE. But the good burning, 'I got off my ass today' burn.

Try it, I dare you. Im no body builder or anything but I was able to wip this puppy out after my 5K running intervals and my HIIT abs blast. So if my tired sweaty pudgy self could wip it out, I know you can.
As with any workout, even if you can't do each move "perfectly" 
so what.
You will eventually get better at that in NO TIME! 
For real.
Your doing more then those who do nothing, so your going to be the one making progress while everyone else stays the same!
So you go Glenn Coco!

- J

Skinny Wings

So I'm always on the hunt for yummy recipes that won't kill me with calories.
Experimenting is the solution.

Remember those Skinny Cheese Burgers I talked about (Here) ? Well I tenderized some chicken breasts and cut them into strips/chunks and used the same sauce, and dang they were delicious!

I took the strips and sprayed my medium skillet with some spray butter and cooked the chicken till it was 3/4th done. Next I covered the bottom of the skillet with worcestershire sauce added a few squirts of low sodium ketchup and honey mustard and a few sprinkles of onion salt. I let it thicken as I stirred and flipped the chicken chunks. Paired with a little fat free ranch they made my night 10 times better!!!! The hubby even liked them! 

If I please the hubby, I know I have done darn stinking well. He's a picky eater, for sure.
tsk tsk.

Any who.

Try it, change it, whateve's let me know what you think!

(also available in the "omn nom nom" page)

- J

Monday, March 18, 2013



Yes, there was a distinct need for that to be bold and caps'd.

Any who.

So let me tell you all about this awesome little discovery I made (it could change your life).

So Birchbox is this sweet company that for a monthly subscription of ONLY $10! They send you samples of beauty products and hot new products in general that they love or are new to the market. They even have one for guys! The box auto ships to you every month and you can cancel at anytime. Who doesn't love a monthly surprise? All the stuff is usable  by you of course and if you really love one of the products you can buy it in a full size on their website! 

Its like going to the beauty counter and getting a take home sampler of a slew of products, then getting to buy what you like, when you like it! BUT you never have to leave your house!!!! (except to get the mail, of course!)

So I went and signed up for an invitation, got my invitation to join the site, signed up IMMEDIATELY and got my first box today! I have been waiting for this moment for a couple weeks now and its here!!!! (pretty sure angels are signing hallelujah in the background right now)

The picture at the beginning is what the box looks like, its pretty adorable, I think.

So heres a first glance into the box of goodies!
This month I received A face polish (scrubby face wash), A Body Gel, A skin enhancing illuminator, a perfume and an adorable emery board.

So heres a closer look at the products. 
And  a mini review on them:

(of course I had to try them out IMMEDIATELY) 

So Skin&Co Roma Sicilian Body Gel : It has a great smell to it, not to over powering but a nice earthy, flowery smell that could make you believe you were in Rome or Sicily. It makes your skin feel grrrrrrrr-eat!(said like tony the tiger) and doesn't leave a weird slimly residue but truly lets your skin feel fresh and soft!

Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator:  As a beauty professional, Im all over awesome face washes that, A- remove my makeup B- Smell good C- scrub my face so it feels refreshed and D- helps with breakouts. And this stuff meets all of my qualifications. Even better?? its Paraban Free! Thats the stuff that clogs your pores, avoid it- Seriously read your makeup and face cleansers and so on, if it says Paraban as an ingredient  you might want to begin looking for something else, unless your not having break outs then your probably safe. Im also a lover of Microdermabrasion, the soft rejuvenated feeling after a session is the best in the world and this lil tube right here, gives me the closest to that feeling next to the real thing! I have never found that in any other scrub.

Marcell BB Cream Golden Glow Illuminator Skin Enhancer for all skin types : LOVEEEE!!!
 New favorite product right here, I will by ordering the full size once my sample runs out!!!! It can be worn as a base for makeup of just on its own. (its paraben free, thumbs up Marcel!) So I gave this a shot in place of my normal foundation today. So I used it with a mineral powder. It went on super easily and smooth, it blended right in with my complexion and made my skin look beautiful and had a nice glow to it. It also did not make my face feel heavy with makeup or "caked on". Its a very airy wearable product.
Did I mention I love it????

Juicy Couture  Couture La La perfume: First off I have always loved Juicy Couture and I am now a huge fan of this scent! It is a very subtle yet "expensive" smell. I like it a lot, its just one of those smells that makes you feel confident and sexy. I will be getting a full size of this as well.

Madewell Emery Board : Im ALWAYS losing these suckers and mine are usually plane jane ones that are ugly, that I get from the salon supply store. So I gave this adorable floral print board the stylist's test, I shaped and smoothed my nails using the printed side and the solid colored side and went fast and hard. Good news! It stood up to the test, I HATEEE when the print or design rubs off the first time ou use it, this baby still looks brand new and I used it on every single one of my digits. LOVE! Im definitely going to keep my eye on this and NOT lose it! (well try not to )

So this is my verdict and its two thumbs up on everything! I recommend everyone goes to the site and signs up! They even make ones that are guy friendly!! You can also gift subscriptions of any length of times to your friends and family!! Who wouldn't love a gift that continued for 3 months, 6 months or a year!?!?!?!

Whats your thoughts on Birchbox?? Any questions comments or thoughts leave me a comment!

- J

Thursday, March 14, 2013

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Call me crazy, obsessed,  I don't care, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Hunger Games! I read the trilogy in 3 days. 
The hubby hated those days. 
It was a Friday night, we were in bed and I was pages away from finishing the first book, 3 am rolls around I wake him up and tell him we are going to Walmart head to the car. Pajama clad we stumbled to the book section at Walmart and SNATCHED up the next too books, I did. 
I began the next one that night and read til I fell asleep.

I then saw the movie and I loved it as well! Gary Ross did a phenomenal job and making it as true to the book as possible and including great foreshadowing for the next movies for the ones who haven't read the books.

In the whole craze I also turned my bestie onto the series and then the movie. She's just as big a fanatic as me (TEAM PEETA). 

On Sunday we gathered for our monthly Girls night. Gabby is one of my best friends, I mean we go all the way back to 3rd Grade, We are 21 now, so its been a few years!! Any who, we decided that this girls day would be Hunger Games themed. So we did our hair and makeup like some of our favorite characters (Katniss and Effie). 

(check out my sweet fishtail braid and I used my straightener to curl my bangs, If wanted I can provide a tutorial)

Then prepared a feast of Panem food! We had Bread with goat cheese from District 12 (the Melark Bakery of course and Prim's Goat) (It was actually Light Baby Bell swiss, but SHHH) and Chocolate cake, orange juice and grapes from the capitol! 

Of course the District 12 food is in a monkey pod bowl (my gift from my parents in Hawaii) and all of the Capitol food is on Crystal and Ornate glass ware!

Then we watched the movie and discussed our love for it and compared it to the book and even watched the behind the scenes and interviews. 

AHHHHH it was a good day, I love our girls day in general but maaaan I love me anything Hunger Games. I cannot wait! for the Hunger Games, Catching Fire to be released in theaters this November. I'll be there for the premiere no Ifs, ands or buts about it!!

Girls Days are my Fave!!

Now I am currently waiting for the arrival of my first BirchBox, will Post about it as soon as I get it (soon I HOPE)!

- J

Skinny Cheese Burgers

Oh yeah, you read the title right!

So on my journey of eating better and making the hubby eat better as well, I have missed the taste of good down home cheese burger. You know the kind fresh from the grill, full of flavor? Mhmmmmmmmmmmm

my mouth is watering all over my keyboard right now...


I have found the cure!!! ATLAST!!! 

So heres how to whip these babies up.

PS- The hubby LOVES these and even asked for them the next night!!

Skinny Cheese Burgers

Jennie-O Turkey Patties
Low Sodium Ketchup
Frenchs Honey Mustard Dippin Sauce
Lawrys Seasoned Salt
Onion Salt
Worcestershire Sauce
 LowCarb/Whole Wheat/Fat Free Tortilla's
Low Fat Mozzarella Cheese (Shredded)
Spray Butter (ZERO calories ;) )

(Feel free to make substitutions to fit what you have and your tastes!!)

So first off throw the patties in the skillet, add a dash of Seasoned Salt to each patties, cook till done.
To the warm skillet with patties in it add Ketchup, Mustard, Worcestershire Sauce, and Onion Salt, add enough just to make a slightly thick sauce. I cover the bottom of the skillet with the worcestershire sauce then add a good squirt of ketchup and a small squirt of mustard to each patty per side and then sprinkle generously with onion salt, but adjust to your tastes! 
Sprinkle shredded cheese in a row on each tortilla, chop each patty in half and place in a row on top of cheese, spoon on a little sauce, and fold burrito style.
Have either a grill pan, heating up or a counter top griddle warmed up, spray each side of "burrito" with the butter, plop it in the pan and toast each side! VIOLA!

Make your own adaptions add what you like and so on!

Any good add on ideas??

Try it, love it, share it!

- J

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hair Today Goon Tomorrow

So we've all had awesome hair one day went to bed, woke up and our hair just doesn't want to do anything besides some weird David Bowie spike-y mullet thing from the set of The Labyrinth, UGH! All though I love me some David Bowie, thats not the look I was going for. I have naturally curly hair, my mood a long with the weather determines if my hair will be straight or curly. So I have two examples of quick hair styles that are still super cute but don't take too long to do and can conceal unruly hair!

First is  my fishtail braid, so simple, no mirror required! My hair was currently in curly mode so I put it all back in a headband (neon lace headbands are currently my fave!) and pulled all the hair to one side, whipped out a fishtail and pinned the few short pieces and VIOLA! (for step by step directions or a tutorial, leave a comment and I'll be sure to get one up!)

Below that is my "sock"/"ballerina" Bun, my hair was straight I pulled my hair up and smoothed it into a high ponytail and on the last pull through I didn't pull the tail all the way through, I then spread the newly created loop out and around and pinned it down and BAM! Sealed with my favorite headband. Seal with a lil Hairspray, BedHead is my favorite!!!! (for step by step directions or a tutorial, leave a comment and I'll be sure to get one up!)

(Also available in the 'Beauty' page)

- J



My parents (amazing people) worked hard their entire life and lived very frugal now at age 46 & 54 they own a condo over in Kona Hawaii (its on the big island of Hawaii). They take a month long vacation over their every year, and rent the place out the rest of the time. So jealous as always I made the comment this year when they were over there about how I wished I could come over for the weekend, my mothers response?

"save up for the tickets and you can stay with us next year for aslong as you'd like and you will mainly have to pay for tickets and food, house and car on us"

My jaw dropped.

My husband who has been to maybe 4 other states in his 24 years on this Earth was ecstatic!

So I began brain storming on how to save up for the estimated $2,000 set of round trip airfare tickets plus a little spending moooolaaaaaah...

I came across this:

( I didn't develop this, nor do I know who to give credit to, If its yours, say so and I'll give you credit, but in the mean time, THANKS to whomever did develop this!

And I discussed it with the hubby and it seemed so realistic and easy to stick too. I mean you only put money in once a week, and the ABSOLUTE most money you ever have to deposit is $52!! 

So off to the bank I went, opened up another savings accounts, that draws intrest and have it on a plan that when the account hits $1,000 the type of account will switch and it will draw more intrest then it was. Who can beat free money? No one thats who!

Now I've seen plenty of people that have this plan taped to a manilla envelope or in a jar and just stash the cash in it in their home. For us however that would NEVER work, both of our checks are auto deposited into our checking account so I just do all the transfers via internet banking(those of you who don't use it, seriously look into it, such a handy dandy thing, I even have access to accounts and transfers on my iphone!!!). So each Friday I transfer the amount over, we started on the first week of January so we will hit our total the last week of December.

We plan on pairing this money, with our regular savings, ( I like to transfer a few $100s from each of our checks straight into savings right away, outta sight outta mind, right?!?!) and also with a portion of our tax returns and loosely figuring, BAM there is our Hawaii trip, paid for plus plenty of extra for spending on sweet island adventures and souvenirs! 

What do you do for saving extra money?

Give this plan a shot, I mean what do you got to loose?? 

- J

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Your Attention Please

Remember to check the pages on the right side of my blog as I do update and add to each one of them every few days!! 


- J

Feed Big Bertha

At my local mall's arcade, there is this game called "Feed Big Bertha". After you put in the quarters this weird looking circus style woman's dress inflates and goes "BERTHA HUNGRY!" and you throw plastic balls into her mouth. The more you feed her the more tokens she gets etc.  Any who, so every time Im feeling like a super fatty and I start searching cabinets for food, "BERTHA HUNGRY" pops in my head and I imagine my self as the side show freak that Big Bertha portrayed.  

I do NOT like that image.

So I do my best to keep healthy snack foods on hand that are tasty and not cardboard flavored. 

Here are some examples of my favorites that are very tasty!

Fiber One Bars are my WEAKNESS, they taste like little debby snack cakes!!! Only 90 calories and tons of fiber!! 

Then lunch meat packs and 2 LIGHT cheese sticks 190 calores for everything and quite a portion!

They make these cute little snack packs and have them at the Walmart produce section, 370 calores for EVERYTHING and it is SO SO FILLING!! 

Mmmm Pretzel Chips 110 calories per serving, these puppies are sooo good I have to hide them from the hubby or he'll eat the WHOLE DAMN BAG!

Yup Fiber ONe again! So this cereal tastes like Coco Pebbles but a lot better for you!!! Its great as a breakfast with skim milk or just as a handful to knock down that sweet tooth!

Cashews! YUMMMMMMM!!! Dr Oz (I believe or some other tv Dr.) said that eating a handful of cashews before every meal will help you feel fuller faster and the oils from cashews help your digestive track!! They hit my salty spot! And yes I keep them in a jar on the counter cause me and the hubby grab a few every so often.

Not a snack but if you have ever tried MIO this stuff is a bajillion times better, and O calories still, Yum!! great to spice up boring old water and add some flavor!

- J

Saturday, March 2, 2013

What is love, love, love, baby don't hurt me..

I feel that before I share my thoughts I need to let you know the schedule I'm on..
My hubby works night shift (430pm -3am) and well still in the newlywed stage, we try to stay as much on the same schedule as possible, thus I stay up with him and we go to bed between 6 and 7 in the AM and we wake up any where from 1-3 PM depending on our day ahead of us (yes at work I get to set my own hours so my job doesn't suffer in the least bit). So a daily schedule for us is 

3pm wake up
5:30 "breakfast"
10 "lunch"
3am "dinner"
6:30 am Bed time

Which translates for us as

So we have made sure to keep timings on our activities as if it was normal times.

But back to what I was getting at... So its 3 am and I am getting ready to do my HIIT workout before I have my turkey and broccoli, and from the game room out wanders the hubby in search of the C word... (CAKE) shhhh, don't say it out loud.
He asks if we have C*** because he would just LOVE a piece right now and I break it to him gently that no we don't and he gets a sad, whipped puppy look on his face, and BAM my heart breaks. Before I know it, Im in the kitchen in my work out gear, whipping up a halved batch of sheet cake and whipped vanilla frosting allllllll made from scratch, mind you, just for the sad puppy man.

An hour later VIOLA! He had already helped himself the second I got done frosting it..

Why am I telling you this?

Well simply because in todays day and age divorce and loveless relationships are just all to common. Be it that I am only 21 years old, I love my husband dearly and would go to the depths of world for him.  It was 3 am and I was baking a cake from SCRATH for this guy, because honestly I believe that is what love is. Its putting your loved ones needs, wants, desires, and dreams before yours, HELL I don't even like cake! But I still stopped what I was doing to make one. I promise though this action didn't go unnoticed by the hubby, he truly appreciates me and I know it. He constantly tells me how happy I make him and how lucky he feels to have me (such a great self confidence booster!) and he always does sweet things for me as well.

For starters, I hadn't seen the movie UP yet and I have been wanting to for a few years, so we rented it sat down and watched it, and the hubby held me while I cried like a baby a few different times through the movie (its just so touching!!).

(brings tears my eyes just posting this)

And the hubby buys me flowers randomly all the time "just because" and fresh fragrant flowers of any kind will put me in the best mood EVVVERRR.

Bottom line is, when you find the person you want to share your life adventure with, never lose sight of what brought you together in the first place, a relationship is a lot of work and sometimes its not all cotton candy and butterflies, there will be arguments and silence, but there will also be laughter and long embraces and those moments will always out weigh the bad. Remember to remind your hubby how much you love him and how special he is to you, he'll never admit it but he likes hearing it just as much as you do. Do things that make him happy and brighten his day, even if that means baking a cake just for him. One day long in the future you might just find yourself all alone baking a cake at 3 am and just letting it sit there because your special guy is no longer there, and you'll miss it when you were begged to bake the cake the first time.

"In life I always knew I would look back and laugh at the times I'd cry, but I never knew I'd look back and cry at the times I'd laughed"

(love this quote, wish I knew who deserved the credit)

Well enough rambling for now, Im going to crawl in bed and snuggle the hubby, made myself sad just typing this!


Friday, March 1, 2013


So as I've said in an earlier post, I'm all about saving money, and when I go to Walmart to get groceries, I ad match as many things as I possibly can even if it just means saving 5 cents..hey a nickel is nickel!! ;)

So I wanted to show you what I really am able to get by ad matching!

 I sat out the other night, made my list, and then started scanning online and paper ads for deals and copying them down into my handy dandy notebook and filing the ads or taking pictures of the online ads to throw into said notebook.

Now fast forward to today, off to Walmart the hubby and I go! An hour and a half later we return home with all of this...

I had budgeted $200 for groceries, and I was able to get all of these items for $170.20 before sales tax (184.33 with tax) Under budget either way!

If I would have paid full price for every item I would of paid a grand total of $215.34 before tax!! 

The Items that I ad matched actual retail value was (before tax) $106.12
I paid $60.98 (before tax)

So just by ad matching items I was able to save
 $45.14 this trip!

I bought a total of 92 items and 40 of those items were ad matched (43.5% of my groceries I saved on!)

Not necessarily a whole lot of money, but that left $26 left over in the budget that now gets to be transfered over to the fun money pile! Maybe the hubby and I will go out for dinner or get a new game or movie to enjoy together. I NEVER EVER spend more then $200 every 2 weeks on groceries. We spend approx. $400 a month on groceries. By saving so much money each grocery trip (incase you were wondering if I saved this much each trip, in a year I would have an extra $1083.36! ) I allow my husband or myself to splurge on a more expensive treat, his treat this time was Fruit Gushers and ice cream, I how ever was able to get all "treats" I wanted, ad matched. A lot of our groceries go towards lunch friendly items, because the hubby works 10 hour shifts at a farm equipment manufacturer 30 minutes over in the next town, so he is away from home for a little over 11 hours 5 days a week :( 

Hopefully you will be inspired to try this and save a few dolla dolla bills ya'll! :D

- J