Friday, November 29, 2013

Santa Baby...{{5onFriday}}

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, I will start in on the Christmas train,


I love Christmas. Not for the gifts or the kill-yourself-for-a-five-dollar-toaster-after-thanksgiving-sale but for the spirit that is becoming lost. I like helping people, making people happy and enjoying time with family. 

THe hubs and I have our silly winter traditions, that I CANT wait for!

On Christmas eve, we attend Christmas eve service, do gifts and dinner with my parents than we always watch A Christmas Story for the 24 Hour marathon, build a gingerbread house, go sledding and cuddle watching Christmas movies. Then we fall asleep to A Christmas Story on one tv and the ule log on the other!

What do you do?


I'm not above getting a present orrrr two.


So now let's talk presents.

I don't really NEED anything, accept a new car- we could use one of those. But outside of that, I have a few things I wouldn't mind the hub have waiting under the tree for me...

These boots were made for me...

They shimmer. I like sparkly.
A lot.

I've been looking for the perfect neutral colored riding style boot and these babies are the winner.


The hubs and I haven't ever really followed football. Until now.
Once we started talking about moving up there some football fanatics told us how good they thought the seahawks were. So we decided to take up watching and following them. They are very good and hot damn this season they are doing SMASHING!!!! Of course any fan needs the appropriate fan gear right?!

We have had the same bedding set since we started dating..its over three years old. Its comfy yes, but I want something new and that we picked out together.. Okay yeah he just said yeah that ones fine when I should him but thats better than an ICK thats fugly... This comforter set just looks so elegant and silky comfy.. I want to slither in it right meow.


Ive been looking into getting some sort of fitness tracker and I keep seeing the FitBit Flex pop up so naturally it has made its way to my list.. and its pink.



I told you I like Shiny!

I feel like my squats would be even better if my quads or better yet my entire but region shimmered with each drop!

Its performance, I swear, I KNOW my squats will improve with these!...

This awesome link up as always is brought to you by the always classy Darci at The Good Life Blog

Whats something on your list?

Have a great day, don't get trampled if you go out shopping!


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful. ( & healthy Tday desserts!)

Let's state the obvious here.


Well Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

I'm not one who participates in the social media-post-a-day-random-things-im-thankful-for kinda gal.

I don't need just one month a year to be thankful.

But I don't mind sharing the things that I am thankful for with the world.

I am Thankful for...

My health, not just being healthier and active, not being sick and being able bodied.

My loving husband, our life, and what we have. We may not have everything, we may share a car, we may be trying our hardest to save up for a new life in Washington, we may not be able to afford everything we want when we want it BUT we have each other. We don't NEED for anything. Together we will always have it all. There is nothing better than having that one person beside you for everything life will throw at you.

My family. Duh. I may not have a huge family, but I'm blessed to have to loving parents that love not only me, but each other. A sister who although is 8 years older than me and we had a hard time finding common ground through out my younger years has been there for me somehow always. My beautiful niece who is a miracle in herself.

A job, a roof and a fridge full of food. I can't help as many people as I wish too, but we always have enough to keep our selves from going hungry, homeless or unemployed. We try to help and give as much as our budget allows.


this blog. I'm extremely thankful for the fact that I started this and it has kept me accountable and has also led to the meeting of some wonderful people along the way!!

As far as this goes, have a blessed day.


Now whose ready for some healthy spins on Holiday desserts that won't blow the calorie bank!?!

First off the best ever:

Single Serve Pumpkin Pies
The recipe for the filling is what will be in both my pie and the hubbies.
1 Can Pumpkin
1 Container Vanilla Greek Yogurt
3 packets Truvia
Cinnamon to taste
Pumpkin Pie Spice to taste
Mix the above ingredients together well. 

Now for the crusts:

My Quest Pie (295 Calories for whole pie):

2 cinnamon roll quest bars.

Roll bar into a ball, use a rolling pin to now roll it out and from a crust shape and pinch up the sides.

Hubby Pie(265 calories for whole pie):

4 Honey Graham Crackers
2 Packets Truvia
2 TBSPS Spray Butter

Crush graham crackers in baggie til desired texture is met. 
Pour into bowl add butter and tuvia, mix. 
Press into baking container to form a crust.

Now take 1/2 cup of the filling you made and add it to each crust.

Bake the quest bar one for 15 minutes and the graham one for 25 minutes both in a 350 degree oven.

Baked in Apple Strudel
(Yogurt version: 181 Calories, Pumpkin version 233 Calories)

First core out 2 apples, set aside.

Mix 1/2 cup oats
2 TBSPS Cinnamon
2 Packets of Truvia 
A few pumps of spray butter.

Spread out on pan and pop in the over an 350 until golden brown.

Take out mixture and divide in half.

Mix one with 3TBSPS of Vanilla Greek Yogurt 


the other with 1/4 cup of previous used pumpkin pie filling

spoon each mixture into the apple

Bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes, until apple is soft.

Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwiches
(1 sandwich is approx. 160 calories)

1 Container Lite Cool Whip (thawed)
1 Can of Pumpkin
Graham Crackers

Mix cool whip and pumpkin till blended well

Spread 1 Serving spoon size amount onto a graham cracker and top with another.

Repeat until desired amount is finished.

Freeze until solid.

Yay! Heres to 5 healthy dessert options all under 300 calories!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving lovelies!!!

Whats your favorite part of the day?! Traditional or not!

Mine is that the hub and I take our Christmas Card Picture today!!! 

Once I get it done I'll let ya'll see!

May you blessings be bountiful,

- J

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

24 Day Challenge Results & Carb Cycling Decision! {{WOW Link Up}}

Of course it's also Workout Wednesday and I'm linking up with Skinny Meg

I could totes take my time here and bore you with an introduction today, but I know most of you are here to see my kick ass results from the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.




drum roll please...

I busted down and from 11-1 through 11/24 I pushed hard and worked out hard to get the best results I could with the Challenge and to kick my eating habits back into full good mode!

Now here are the results:
It was a 9.6 lb loss and about 17 total inches lost.


Note: I am not "sucking in" in these pictures, this is just my stomach first thing in the morning before eating or drinking and after a workout. I do get food baby after eating and like most I have extra skin that makes a little poochy pooch.

So what do you think?!
To see my results from my previous 10 day cleanse go HERE
HERE is my before post on the Challenge

Now that I've finished the challenge I have decided to jump into carb cycling to help keep up the weight loss and toning! 

I'm doing what Chris Powell calls the Turbo Cycle. 2 days of low carb days followed by one high carb day repeating for 6 days. The 7th day is my "free" or Cheat day.

On low carb days I'm supposed to be aiming for 1200 calories with low amounts of carbs and on high carb days I'm looking to be at 1500 calories with a high carb intake. On my Free day I'm allowed an extra 1000 calories, so 2200-2500 with a normal carb intake. Ive read the book, I've researched online and I've seen other bloggers who are having success with it. So hell I thought why not. I started on Tuesday, so today is my 2nd low carb day and lucky for me Turkey day is my high carb day. 

Workout wise I'm still doing T25. And once my new kicks get here, I'm going to suck it up and start getting my weekly runs in again. 
I'm such a slacker!! 

I hope to see some good results from carb cycling. I will do an update after 1 week of it to see if I have been able to tell a difference. 

If anyone out there has any info, tips on carb cycling or can direct me to some good websites, I'd sure appreciate it!

I really want to keep in to some sort of cycle besides just "clean"er eating. These holidays are gonna be tough. This is my first bouts as a healthy person during the season of fatty sugary delight. Last year I was pigging out and passing out on the couch while stuffed into a pair of sweats. This year I have a lovely outfit to wear and I'm going to enjoy myself and enjoy small amounts of all my favorite foods and incorperate some healthy options for myself too. I refuse to let my self blow all my hard work and gaining the Turkey ten, Santa seven and ending the year with the hopes of starting new on 1-1-14. I started this year off with a bang and baby I'm ending it just as big! Next year will be even better, I can feel it!!!

For those of you who follow me, I will have a short little post up tomorrow morning, and those who don't check into electronics on Holidays, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving now :D I will be up on Instagram tomorrow, because I'm a picture addict. 

We are having Lunch with the Hubs family and Dinner with my parents, what are your Turkey day plans?!

Have a wonderful Wednesday loves!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Carb Cycling, Cheat Days and Tri 9's OH MY

Yesterday was my first day after the 24 day challenge.

I decided to indulge, just a little. Nothing big just some stuff I hadn't had as a treat.


I'm paying for it big time.

I feel like death warmed over and stuffed with crap food.

I feel nauseous and just want to be able to throw up and get it over with.

Now I remember why I don't eat crap.

I feel like crap afterwards.

I'm miserable and my husband thinks its hilarious.


Note to self: your body no longer enjoys this shit. Avoid it at all costs. This can and will make you miserable. This stuff no longer brings happiness or comfort. It brings sadness and discomfort followed by vomiting. 


I'm looking into trying Carb Cycling now.

I've found some info on the internet and am still researching.

I've seen some other bloggers are having great success with it. If you have any info on it or know where I can find more info please let me know. This is what I've found so far:

And on a final note...
I ORDERED MY TRI 9's!!!!! They should be here sometime this week and I'm more excited than a kid on Christmas.

Now I'm going to try to function through this day with out barfing on co workers or clients -- yay me...not.

Whats your cheat day regrets?

As Always

Remember to come back tomorrow for my AWESOME 24 Day challenge results...heres a hint-- I lost around 10lbs and a total of 16 Inches. Yeah now your stok'd for the pictures, see ya tomorrow!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Race Day, Random Acts of Kindness and Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday Ladies !

So it's Monday, wah wah.

But I'm in spectacular mood!!

-what are you on?

Just still high flying from a great weekend.

Yeah I ran in Kiki La'rue tights cause I couldn't find my cold weather ones! 
I got a TON of compliments though!

Saturday I had a 5K in Salina for Big Brother Big Sisters, it was the Frosty 5k, and it was FROSTY. Holy wow it was 24 degrees with 14 mph winds, best part? the last .10 was straight into the wind! Even though it was cold it was still so much fun! I have to be honest here, I signed up for this race right before it turned cold and I've been a baby and haven't went running. Yes you read that right. I didn't prepare for this race like a good kid should. The last time I ran more than a few blocks was the 5K I did back on 10-5-13. BUT I only added around 40 seconds to my total time. Which Im very proud of meaning I didn't train, it was cold and with in the first minute I almost blew out my face on a railroad track. Yeah those railroad tracks that are "buried" in the cement... yeah, the rubber "toe" lip thingy on the front of my shoe caught the little lip of metal sticking up from the ground. I wailed around like a baby giraffe taking its first step but regained my balance and didn't let it phase me! My goals were to be under 30 minutes, do my best and not stop to walk. All my miles were under nine minutes. 

I really needed this run.

 This runners high everyone talks about- it does exist. I had been in a bit of a funk oh no no no dont funk with my heart as of late. I really think it had to do with my lack of runs. I forgot how freeing they are to me. Half way through the race I was up on cloud nine! I was reminiscing of why I started running and how far I'd the course looped and I saw these other ladies towards the back half of the wave giving their all, I smiled and gave thumbs ups to as many as I could. They were doing awesome. Yeah there were some people there that you could tell were annoyed by the fact that less fast people were in their "way" but they had just as much right and way more heart so they win. I finished the race proudly, grabbed some water and part of a banana and went to warm up in my car. I finished  6th out of 18 in my age group and 83rd out of 249. I was pleased with that. 

Still living on my high, I was off to the mall. I had to trade in a game at gamestop for the Hubs. He should be happy that running puts me in such a good mood -- I bought him a game he'd been eyeing but wasn't going to buy for awhile. Then I treated my self to a new winter head wrap and a pair of skull earrings.  Then the worst thing ever. I dropped my wedding rings off at Riddles to have them resized. I HATED leaving them behind, but after losing them last week and having a panic attack, I knew it was time to bite the bullet. So I'll pick those bad boys up the first weekend of December.
  I miss them! It's so weird my finger feels naked!!!

Naked hands and all I went and did my grocery shopping and browsing, the hubs hates how I browse so I took advantage of being by myself and did all the browsing I wanted! Hours later still feeling the high I was just out to be helpful and make some ones day. I was at Dillons getting ready to grab a cart and their was a lady from the local food bank standing by the shopping carts asking if anyone wanted to take a paper sack to donate an item or two. I saw around a dozen people tell her no and go on their way. This killed me. COME ON PEOPLE! The cart of donations sat beside her with just a few measly items in it. It broke my heart. I took the bag and filled it with some canned goods, Its the least I can do. I mean its the food bank, you never know when hardship will hit and you'll need there help!  While I was tackling my list a kind little old man approached me, out of all people I don't know why, the place was PACKED! He asked me where some things were that he needed for chili, his wife died and she always did the shopping and he just didn't know where to go. GAH it broke my heart. I helped him find them all and continued on. In the jam packed isles was a lady who couldn't reach the top shelf and was trying so hard to knock off the boxes of pudding into her cart, with no luck and as many store associates passed, I asked her if she needed a hand and got the pudding for her. Why some people are so hesitant to help others, I won't ever understand. I finished my shopping and hit up Starbucks drive thru on a way home and of course, I couldn't help myself- I bought the car behind me's coffee too. See I was raised in a working class family. We didn't have a whole lot, but my parents always gave or did what they could to help others. Thats what they taught me, help anyone and everyone because you never know when you could use help too. I'm even more in the generous spirit with the holidays approaching with all these sales and whoopla I think some people too quickly forget what the holidays are really all  about. 
Tis the season!

The hubs and I went out for dinner, where I gave Tilapia a go. OMG it's delicious, WHY HAVENT I TRIED IT YET!?!?! Oh lawdddy it was so good. New found love right here!!!! We returned home and I did some food preppin' and checked on bloglovin. And heres the thing, you guys are awesome!!!! I had gained some new followers and moved up on the up and coming fitness scale. It made me all warm and fuzzy.  When I started this blog I didn't think anyone would want to read it. I'm blown away by the friends I've made and the support I've had from everyone along the way. So THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Last but not least, this girl is ready for some new kicks....


Asics came out with Gel Noosa Tri NINE'S!!!!

What ya think of them?

I SUPER PUFFY HEART WITH GLITTER my tri 8' I need these babies in my life!

Won't the tri 9's fit right in with my current collection!?

Also I finished up my 24 Day Advocare Challenge yesterday, I'll have final results and pictures up on Wednesday so be there or be square!!

How was your weekend?

Are you ready for Turkey Day!?

As always

Friday, November 22, 2013

Race Weekend & Random Goodies {{5onFriday!}}

Helllllloooo Wisconsin!

(or wherever you are)

So gah I have a lot to get out today. Its pretty exciting I guess. I've been what seems like incredibly busy lately but nothings really changed? 

Ya weird I know.

Well first off let me wish you a super dooper fluffy heart with glitter Friday my friends!

If you have a husband/bf/man child, then you know today was the release of the Xbox One system. I'll be seeing my husband only when he stops to pee or eat, more than likely they will both be preformed at super sonic paces in order to cram in more game time. 

Boys and their video games.

Eh he gets to spend money on that, I get clothes and fitness :D

I think I honestly win over all. Psh.

So let's get down to business to defeat the Hanz.. 

Today is one of my totes faves Link Ups with the always classy and super creative ( I have house envy!) Darci at The Good Life Blog !!


The hubs is my number one fan when it comes to running. He always wants to support me the best he can. So I custom designed a tee and ordered him one! I posted a prelim pic on IG yesterday but after surfing some more I created one that we both like better! Now if anyone else out there would like one of these bad boys, just leave a comment with the size and your email address or just email me that info. Depending on how many people order them they will run 15-25$. Just to clarify I'm not doing this to profit, just sharing my personal design and sense of raunchy humor with those who enjoy it!

Tomorrow I will be running in the Frost 5K in Salina Kansas its benefiting the local Big Brothers Big Sisters Program. I'm super excited, except for the fact its supposed to be freaking cold. GAH! Eh I just like runs for charity. Its a fun way to support them!!

Speaking of supporting through running, I signed up for a virtual 5K from Flex It Pink . They are all about empowering women! Go check them up and if your up for it sign up for the 5K! If you sign up for it, shoot me an email/comment and we can do some sort of pic/link up post thingy about it for support! Thats what its all about empowering and supporting each other!
You get some sweet swag!!

After my 5K I have to stop and pick up some of this yummy protein powder. I love s'mores!!! Whats your favorite powder/flavor?
So so yummy with PB2!

Pumpkin pie comes to mind right away.
But I really don't want to go to crazy and blow my hard work, I could get down on a whole pie, sorry not sorry.  So I have invented my own little recipe/concoction that I hope works out fabulous!

 I'm going to roll out a cinnamon roll quest bar and put it in a small pyrex dish and fill with some pumpkin pie filling and bake at 350 for 10 minutes and top with a dollop of greek yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon! Viola! Healthy single serve pumpkin pie with out any guilt!! I hope it tastes as good as I think it will!
Any good healthy holiday recipe spins you'd like to share?!

Now yeah yeah yeah, its totes sin to talk about Christmas before thanksgiving, but I'm throwing caution to the wind right now.

I CAN'T wait for the 25 days of Christmas to start!!!! I super puffy heart with glitter the old Christmas movies that send me straight back to being a kid!!!

Whats your favorite Christmas movie!?!

What are you weekend plans!?

Have a FABULOUS Friday my friends!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Healthy Happy Holidays {W.O.W}

Happy Wednesday my friends!

I'm back for a link up with Skinny Meg for Workout Wednesday!

With the holidays fast approaching, family meals, lots of traveling and will power being weekend by home made treats. I got some great quick and effective workouts for you that can be done ANYWHERE

So no excuse not to workout just because your away from home. And if your like me, if you keep up with working out, it makes you more inclined to eat better.

Cheers to avoiding food coma!

I've tried all these out and they are simple, easy to get through but are sure to do the trick!

It's so important to keep yourself motivated when there are all these temptations around you, and don't think you cant have some, just dont eat them all! Enjoy yourself not set yourself into misery!

A little off subject here but I want these shirts, ALL OF THEM!!!

These would keep me motivated!! 

Whats your favorite travel workout?

How do you plan to beat the fat holidays?