Monday, November 11, 2013

Sweet Seventy, T25 Results&&Weekend Recap


Got lots to cover today!
 It's just been an eventful last few days, I guess!

Happy Monday lovelies!! 

So aside from my normal weekend shenanigans, this weekend also marked my final day of Shaun T's Focus T25 program AND the one I'm most excited about-- I have OFFICIALLY hit the SEVENTY POUNDS GONE benchmark!!! Yay!!

Okay so let's get started here with Friday. Friday was my final day of the T25 program and it was amazing! I could gush for hours about how much I love the program, but I'll condense it for y'all a bit! The program is 5 days a week with a double day on the 5th day, followed by rest day and then a stretch day. Each video is only 25minutes and each offers a modifier! Don't let it fool you, just because it's only 25 minutes does not mean they took it easy on ya, you will sweat and your muscles will feel it! Through out the program I only lost about 4 pounds BUT I also had gained in the time period due to a few weeks of plain shitty eating habits. But the inches lost and the tone I gained in AWESOME!!!! Take a look for yourslef:

Oh yeah boom, check that side shot!

Ohhhh sweet sweet seventy.

 It is about darn time!

After being on a constant plateau roller coaster the last few months I have finally been able to hit my 70lb lost mark! I've been at my lifestyle change/weight loss journey since 1-1-13! I began at a miserable 228( when I started keeping track but I know that I had hit 230/240 at some point in the 6 months before) and how I'm currently weighing in at 158.2!! I've lost 5 pant sizes, over 3 shirt sizes and gained an abundance of happiness and confidence! This has been such an awesome journey and I will end the year just as strong as I began it and continue to strive for the healthiest and fittest me I can be next year!! To read about my benchmarks and my weight loss journey so far go HERE

The scale doesn't lie(:

Aside from that excitement the weekend was a basically normal weekend for the Solt's.
We went grocery shopping and found Bison Burger, say what?! I'd heard of it being pretty good so I though Why the hell not!

I thought it was delicious!!! I made mine like a burger lightly seasoned with Mrs Dash and served it on a bed of spinach with sauteed onions topped with mustard and a side of steamed string beans. Oh holy wow, that was a fabulous meal!

Aside from that grocery store excitement, we just took a spin around the mall and did our normal. We each picked up a pair of jeans from The Buckle, we went off and picked out our own jeans and etc and we wound up picking basically matching jeans...we might just spend to much time together...

But we look dang cute in them!

Saturday night I got my mind BLOWN.

The hubs joined me for a workout. 

Yeah, just to clarify, let me say that again..

The hubs joined me for a workout.

I did Michelle's Killlla Cardio Workout From MShell Fitness that she sent out to the 24 day challenge participants. It's a doozy, and by doozy I mean, run me over with a Tonka Truck.

40 Minutes later and check that sweat action!

The hubs wouldn't take a douche bag gym selfie with me.... 

I guess in Instagram world Friday/Saturday was national get your hair done day or something! I got my hair done and while doing so got on IG and whaddya know, so was like half of my news feed!

Its hard to tell but I chopped a good amount off its just a few inches past my shoulders now! I refreshed my blonde..yeah I'm pretty boring, but maybe, just maybe next time I'll spice it up!

Today marks day 11 of my 24 Day challenge, so far I'm down 9.6lbs. I have finished the cleanse section (bye bye fiber drink!) and now move on to the MNS max section! Whoot! Let's see how these next 14 days go!! I'm also starting the Focus T25 program over again. Yes I loved it that much!

Cheers to a good week!

How was your weekend?




  1. That side shot is awesome! Keep it up girl!

    -Elise @

  2. Congrats on the great results. I have been running but am thinking about doing T25 since it is getting colder. Did you follow the nutritional plan also?

    1. I didn't follow the nutritional plan but the videos themselves are just fabulous

  3. You look amazing! The boys are getting me T25 for Christmas. So excited to try it!

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. I'll have you know that thanks to you I'm addicted to cholula!

    1. Haha! Isn't it just delicious! I put it on almost the super large 5$ bottle lasts a week, maybe 2 with me!

  5. Congrats to you girl!! You are awesome!!!
    I wish this girl was getting her hair did last Friday, it needs it badddd!

    1. Awah Thanks! Get in and get it done, treat yourself, does the body good!

  6. Amazing transformation. Your an inspiration for others.