Friday, November 22, 2013

Race Weekend & Random Goodies {{5onFriday!}}

Helllllloooo Wisconsin!

(or wherever you are)

So gah I have a lot to get out today. Its pretty exciting I guess. I've been what seems like incredibly busy lately but nothings really changed? 

Ya weird I know.

Well first off let me wish you a super dooper fluffy heart with glitter Friday my friends!

If you have a husband/bf/man child, then you know today was the release of the Xbox One system. I'll be seeing my husband only when he stops to pee or eat, more than likely they will both be preformed at super sonic paces in order to cram in more game time. 

Boys and their video games.

Eh he gets to spend money on that, I get clothes and fitness :D

I think I honestly win over all. Psh.

So let's get down to business to defeat the Hanz.. 

Today is one of my totes faves Link Ups with the always classy and super creative ( I have house envy!) Darci at The Good Life Blog !!


The hubs is my number one fan when it comes to running. He always wants to support me the best he can. So I custom designed a tee and ordered him one! I posted a prelim pic on IG yesterday but after surfing some more I created one that we both like better! Now if anyone else out there would like one of these bad boys, just leave a comment with the size and your email address or just email me that info. Depending on how many people order them they will run 15-25$. Just to clarify I'm not doing this to profit, just sharing my personal design and sense of raunchy humor with those who enjoy it!

Tomorrow I will be running in the Frost 5K in Salina Kansas its benefiting the local Big Brothers Big Sisters Program. I'm super excited, except for the fact its supposed to be freaking cold. GAH! Eh I just like runs for charity. Its a fun way to support them!!

Speaking of supporting through running, I signed up for a virtual 5K from Flex It Pink . They are all about empowering women! Go check them up and if your up for it sign up for the 5K! If you sign up for it, shoot me an email/comment and we can do some sort of pic/link up post thingy about it for support! Thats what its all about empowering and supporting each other!
You get some sweet swag!!

After my 5K I have to stop and pick up some of this yummy protein powder. I love s'mores!!! Whats your favorite powder/flavor?
So so yummy with PB2!

Pumpkin pie comes to mind right away.
But I really don't want to go to crazy and blow my hard work, I could get down on a whole pie, sorry not sorry.  So I have invented my own little recipe/concoction that I hope works out fabulous!

 I'm going to roll out a cinnamon roll quest bar and put it in a small pyrex dish and fill with some pumpkin pie filling and bake at 350 for 10 minutes and top with a dollop of greek yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon! Viola! Healthy single serve pumpkin pie with out any guilt!! I hope it tastes as good as I think it will!
Any good healthy holiday recipe spins you'd like to share?!

Now yeah yeah yeah, its totes sin to talk about Christmas before thanksgiving, but I'm throwing caution to the wind right now.

I CAN'T wait for the 25 days of Christmas to start!!!! I super puffy heart with glitter the old Christmas movies that send me straight back to being a kid!!!

Whats your favorite Christmas movie!?!

What are you weekend plans!?

Have a FABULOUS Friday my friends!!


  1. Interesing idea with the Quest bar, can't wait to hear how it comes out

  2. S'mores protein sounds yummmm. I add the sugar free S'mores Torani syrup to my protein shakes - it's good!

    Big fan of ON Mocha Cappuchino whey protein. That's my current favorite.

  3. Good luck and have a great time at your race this weekend!!

  4. I signed up for the virtual 5k, too !


  5. Have a great (cold) race! I'll be freezing my fanny off hiking the Grand Canyon! Oh and I LOVE The Holiday - it is my fave Holiday movie!!