Friday, November 8, 2013

Gonna Get Down on Friday {{5onFriday}}

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Frrriiiiidddaaaaay.

What would we ever do with out Rebecca Black teaching us the order of the days of the week??

Am I the only one that catches themselves singing that song almost every Friday but finds the song annoying?!?!


So ahhhhh I had the day off yesterday except for an employee meeting I had to attend, but hey it was paid, so I'll take my guaranteed overtime any day!! After the meeting I did the whole housewife thing, washed all our bedding, dusted, vacuumed, lysoled the counters and mopped away. Wow, that was pretty damn exciting!

You live such an adventurous life

I know.

The hubs and I are doing our normal today, I have to do a wedding hair do first thing, then we are off to be boring and do some shopping and grab groceries... 


I'm also getting my hair done! Yay! I love having some one else do my hair. It's nice to just relax and well my hair is begging for its usual cut an color. Yeah I'm pretty vanilla, I'll change it up some day.

While we are in the big ole town (HA) I have to stop by the salon store and get me some more hairspray. I swear by Tigi Bed Head products. I love them all, and the smell freaking delicious. 


Also I want to stop by GNC and browse the protein section. I need some new powder and I really want to jump on the band wagon and get some Quest Bars..Any flavor suggestions?!?!?


Today also marks the last day of Focus T25 (before and afters up on Monday). I loved the program A LOT!! So I will be restarting it :D But most importantly I met my fat girl goal of finally completing a Beachbody workout program with Shaun T. (I started Insanity a ton of times and never made but a few days)


Yesterday I did a KILLER workout. Michelle Davis sends out little emails during the 24 day challenge and she sent out a workout so I said hell let's go. Holy run me over with a tonka truck. That shit was hard. It was a 40 minute HIIT workout involving a treadmill, elliptical and a plyo box. I burnt over 595 calories and had a weird limpy-swagger walking away. While I was doing it though I had plenty of time to get into Eminems new album. One song Is my totes fave cause he talks about being backwoods form Missouri and having Tupperware out the ass, calling lunch dinner and dinner supper...totes my family. Also its a bit of a remake to the song Life's Been Good By the Eagles...if You havent checked out the album, do so.....NOW

I love this fabulous link up that Darci at The Good Life Blog helps host!! 

What are you Weekend plans?!

Happy Friday Loves!!



  1. The cinnamon bun, apple pie, and the strawberry cheesecake quest bars are my favorite!! But honestly, I've tried them all….and love them all. They are the ABSOLUTE BEST!

  2. haha I love that barber shop picture, so true!

  3. Tupperware and dinner & supper, yup, that's my ol' KY family too! lol! So jealous you're going to be getting a head massage today!
    Happy weekend!!