Friday, February 28, 2014

Weeks up; Link up!

TGIF Ladies!

This has been a super duper long week! I put in over 52 hours this week and Friday has never looked so good before! I'm ready for a day off of grocery shopping! But I'm not ready for the 8ish inches of snow they are calling for this weekend. I'm so tired of this manic weather. I want 60+ degree weather and I want it NOW! (Check back with me when it's a 100+ and I'm missing this ) Gotta love Kansas weather.

Today I'm linking up TWICE. Yeah, I can't resist a good link up. First up is 5 on Friday with Darci at The Good Life Blog. Where gonna talk the 5 things about weight loss/lifestyle things that no one tells you.

Say bye bye boobies.
Yup, those were the first place I lost weight. When I was heavier I was a full 36C, then about 60lbs down I had to give in and except the fact that it was time to downsize. Now I'm sitting comfortably at a 36B. It was kind of a bittersweet thing.  I mean I was like yeah! weight loss, but darn not from there.. But it's okay, life goes on and I got over it :)

Your once favorites can and will now make you sick.
I loved fast food and I loved everything unhealthy. Now If I try to eat it, it NEVER agrees with me. Even if I eat it in moderation, it never fails to turn my stomach upside down and make me want to curl up in a ball and punch Ronald McDonald in the face.

Clothes will become a "grey" area.
There will come a point, where your current clothes and two big and engulf you BUT the next size down is still too tight. It might zip but a muffin top is peaking at you. This is like the limbo of weight loss, you are ready to move on but your body has to go on a few more days/ weeks before that next size is comfortable.
I hate weight loss limbo.

Somebody, somewhere will make up a rumor about you and how you lost the weight. Sure 99.9% of people will congratulate you and be awed by your progress, but there is that .1% that is jealous or just bored. Those are the one that makes up the rumor. Mine? A few old co workers of mine ( who would start the fad diets back in my diet cycling days with me) decided that there was no way changing my eating habits or working out could be the cause of my weight loss. Nope. I was anorexic. I never laughed so hard before I heard that. I was just amazed at that thought. I'm in no way wasting away, endangering my health and well I'm an eater. But I laughed it off and moved on, because me and all my friends and family, know the truth.

There will be loose skin, stretch marks or both.
This is just normal, if your skin over stretched itself like mine did, you will more than likely have stretch marks. I have them and I have loose skin. Now without surgery, your only option to minimize the appearance of these is to KEEP GOING. I continue to workout and life weights to help shrink up my skin, and I moisturize my skin to help reduce the vibrancy of stretch marks. If you choose surgery, that is great for you. However,  it is possible to shrink up the skin with continued work. And with everything there is always an exception. Now with extreme amounts of weight loss, there is a need for skin removal, and by no means is having this procedure make you less strong. Any one becomes strong when they decide to make their life healthier. I just hope to get my tum tightened up with continued work.

And now Link Up numero dos! This is a fun one for sure. The finish the sentence link up with Jake and Holly!


1. I always pick Law & Order and no pants over going to the movies.

2. Look at the size of those Reese's Eggs, seriously I saw a 2lb bag at Walmart.

3. I recently learned that watching Dr Who before bed can create some vivid dreams.

4. Only when no one is looking do I pick my wedgies at the gym.

5. I lost my drinking gene. I hardly ever drink since I turned 21.

6. I was certain I was gonna be an actress, I was gonna be a star, I was gonna shake my ass on the hood of white snakes car. Oh wait that was Debbie...

7. There is not enough liquor in the world for me to ever become a nudist.

8. I just finished licking the gingerbread flavored Chapstick off my lips.

9. Why does everyone have to be an adult at some point, can't we stay young with no responsibilities forever? Peter Pan was lucky..

10. It's very rare when I wear pants. It has to be below freezing before I break out pants. Shorts are the main choice after work for me.

11. If I were a dog I'd poop in my enemies shoes.

12. I don't believe that with all our technology, that there is any reason why I shouldn't have a hover craft or a robot maid named Rosie.

What are your weekend plans?

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Current Workouts and Life at a Gym

Happy Hump Day Lovelies!

Haha, guilty!

I've had some questions lately about what my workouts are looking like and so forth. Currently I'm training for a Half Marathon. I hope to be ready for one in May, and I should as long as everything goes as planned. So I've been following Hal Higdon's Novice 2 Half Marathon training program.

I'm on week six right now. It's been tough, I'm not going to lie. I'm not used to running such long distances. Up till when I started this, 3 miles was my 'long run'. But I'm really actually enjoying seeing how capable I am of running.  

On Mondays I have Strength and Stretch, I follow my MShell Bombshell strength workouts on this day just pausing every 15 minutes for a good deep 5 minutes of stretching. Wednesday's are X amount of miles or cross training, I'll run the miles then finish with either the elliptical, stepmill or bike for ten minutes just to change up the muscles being used. Thursdays I have a X mile run + Strength, I again follow one of my lifting schedules after I run. I love Saturday's, they are my Cross training day, so I'll hit treadmill, elliptical, bike, step mill and then hit some abs and agility moves with light weights.

Thursday's and Sunday's are my longest gym days and I do take the rest day on Friday. 

Now while I've taken up a gym membership, I've noticed a lot of different types of people at the gym and learned a few things. Then I read this article the other day via Pinterest:

So many of them are true, but there's one that they left off: THAT girl.

These are the girls that come to the gym in full makeup, there hair perfectly done and down. How do you workout with your hair down? They are wearing a sports bra and the matching yoga pants, or if you're really lucky: too tiny spandex. You also notice that the shoes look brand new, contain a form of animal print and coordinate with the outfit as well. BONUS- if the headband came with the set!

I just try to match so I don't look like I got dressed in the dark.

I'm like a sweaty ox at the gym. When I finish a workout I've manage to smear whatever makeup I have on because I use my shirt to wipe my face. My hair is a sweaty mess and quite honestly I've started to stink a bit because my deodorant is wearing down and I skipped the perfume bath in the locker room. 

Ladies, like Tatum said Monday: "So let’s stop being scared of lifting heavy weights, or looking and feeling strong.  We are, after all, just as capable and full of potential as anyone else."

This is why I'm sweaty. I don't let anyone intimidate me of make me feel less worthy. I have just as much right to be there as they do.

If you're new to the gym, don't let anyone scare you out. Come into the place like you own it and do your thing!  Most gyms have people there that will help you learn how to use machines or proper technique. 

The most important thing I've learned is time management. When I'm following a DVD at home, there's a constant flow of instructions and what to do next. When I'm at the gym, I have to be my own motivation. I'm the one that has to tell myself to push harder and what to do next. That is why it is oh so important to bring/plan your workout before hand. Know what machines you're going to use, know the time you want to do or how many reps/sets.

And for those worried about people "watching" you. They really aren't. This was one of my biggest fears. I was constantly watching others out of the corner of my eye or in the mirror to see if others were watching me. Guess what? They aren't. I've noticed that they really don't care, others will acknowledge you and continue on with their workouts. The most communication I really have with other members are things like:
"You can change the music if you want."
"Are you using this bench?"
"Lookin' Good"
"Is it okay if I turn the Olympics on?"
And then I just get and give some head nods.

But no ones judging me. They are there with their similar goal and as long as you're not being rude to others and just do your thing, everything will be fine. I promise.

I'm also on day 6 of my current Advocare cleanse and its been nice. I needed to be strict and get my crap back together and eat better. When I do a cleanse the hubs is always keeping me in check, because he wants me to succeed, and when I'm not so lax with my diet he says he eats better. So I have to eat good so he will, or at least that's what he tells me. He's just a solid supporter and I'm thankful for that.

What intimidated you at the gym at first?
How do you keep yourself on track when you start to stray?

Happy Wednesday!


Monday, February 24, 2014

Tatum Takes Over

Goooood Morning Everyone!

Monday has reared its ugly head again.


I've been a little busy with work lately, 2 weeks working 50+ hours, working out, housework, hubby time and well I have to bathe. Let's just say it was starting to take a toll on me. So I took a itsy bitsy vacation, one day basically, to just get caught up on everything else in life and get back to my normal balance. But I didn't want to let a day slip on the blog. 

Then it hit me.


Back in December, Tatum contacted me because she was coming back to Kansas for Christmas and wanted to meet up with me - uh heck yes!
I love meeting people.

I'm like the dog on UP, I just like people.

So Tatum, her boyfriend, me and the hubs all met up. We hit it off right away, they are so awesome. I've never spent over three hours just sitting and talking in Starbucks before, especially on Christmas Eve. But ever since we've stayed in touch, like every day. Tatum has come so far already in her journey of weight loss, while being a full time student and working! She's pretty awesome and inspiring, and it would just be selficious if I didn't share her pure awesomeness with everyone. 

So enjoy as Tatum takes over... 

Doesn't she look fantastic!?!

Hey y’all! I’m Tatum and I blog over at
When Jess asked me to do a guest post I felt both honored and terrified at the same time. I mean, I don’t even come close to filling this lady’s shoes; however, getting to write for all of you is just an awesome and special experience in itself. 

What I want to talk about today is something that has been on my mind the past few weeks: helping women feel empowered. 

Growing up I remember being constantly told things like “Women just aren’t as strong as men, it’s a fact” or “Men have more muscle then women.” While I am not going to argue against the exact validity of these statements I would like to make a few points: 

1) Not all men are stronger than every single woman.  There are women who can beat men at strength and endurance competitions. 

2) The average man has only 15% more muscle mass than the average woman.  (15% isn’t very much…)

3) I’m sick and tired of being told that half of this world’s population is weaker than the other half.  (That just isn't true.)

Women as a whole are not weaker than all men. There are many strong women out there.  Women who kick ass, lift heavy weights, and finish running marathons before the majority of men in the race cross the finish line. 

Ladies, we are only as weak as we choose to be.

I realize that I might be over here in my little corner of the gym using 15 pound dumbbells while the five guys closest to me are arm curling with 50 pounders.  Yes, this technically makes me less strong than them.  However, there I am in the gym, with the same dedication to working out and the same determination to improve myself. 

To me that means there isn't much of a difference between them and me. 

The more we tell ourselves that we just can’t be as strong as men the more we actually make that statement true.  As we repeat that line to our daughters, nieces, girlfriends, etc, we are perpetuating and supporting the idea that women have no right nor place to stand tall, strong and proud next to men as equals. 

My favorite example is the Spartan women.  They would train along said the male warriors and even compete in athletic competitions.  It was believed that strong women produce strong heirs.  So they were encouraged to be resilient and capable.  A woman could even be a Spartan Queen without having to be married.  It was a Spartan who was the first woman to win at the Olympic games (Cynisca, a Spartan Princess, won in 396 and 392 BC).  

So let’s stop being scared of lifting heavy weights, or looking and feeling strong.  We are, after all, just as capable and full of potential as anyone else. 

So don't be afraid to get out there ladies.  Let’s find and test our own limits, without believing in ones that others have predetermined for us. 

Thanks for having me!



See, I told you she's awesome!

Have a great Monday everyone!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Road Trip, Randomness & Giveaway Winner!!


I've really been counting down the days this week.
 Not because of work, but because after three weeks of waiting, a few mishaps and a pile of stress- our car has arrived. 

But more on that in a minute...

Monday was my Blogaversary of One solid year of blogging, holy moly it's flown by and to celebrate I'm giving away $70 via pay pal to a lucky winner. $1 for every pound I've lost and to celebrate my readers, because now my mom isn't my only reader(HI MOM!).

Drumroll please...

The winner is..



 I sent you an email, you want to check your spam folder. If you don't get one, comment below or send me one, so I can get you your moolah!

Thank you for all of you that follow me and read my blog(:

Now back to the car. 
Holy wow.
 Its been a journey getting this. The hubs and I had a specific look picked out that we wanted. We knew every last detail we wanted. We wanted a 2014 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Sport Hatchback Premium in Satin White Pearl with dark grey interior. Pretty simple right? We thought so. It takes a lot to give me anxiety and this last week I had my first bout of an anxiety attack. I'm working a minimum of 50 hours each week for the next few weeks, the hubs is working 60 hours and we each get Friday off. This was our one shot to get the car. (dealership is a little over 2 hours away) We told the dealer what day of the week worked best for us, and they insured us it'd be no issue at all. So okay we send the down payment, they have to go pick the car up from Dallas because they don't have that particular one on the lot, but its no big deal, they had three cars to get from there anyways. Okay, we thought, this wont be to bad just a weekish of waiting...
First mother nature reared her ugly head and created a blizzard. That slowed transit down. Next, they had problems getting the certifications to get the car out of Texas. Then the day came, it arrived on the lot, we were stoked. Then we got the pictures, it was the wrong car. We called and asked about it, incase we got the wrong pictures....nope. Our car was still sitting in Dallas. The transit papers got mixed up and they picked up a car identical to the one they dropped off. We were disappointed. Then the first thing the salesman tells us is that we can just get some nice seat covers and we'd never notice the difference......Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
No thanks.
Next option is they get the right car for us.
Yes, yes please.
It became a clock game, they found one closer in Joplin Missouri, and they ordered it up Tuesday Night and the car arrived in Wichita last night.
Thank freaking goodness.

We are just so ready to have two vehicles again and to get the car we put up money for at the beginning of the month.

This may not be a big deal for some, but we'd gotten so worked up and excited that the wrong car showing up and possibly having to wait longer was like a sucker punch in the gut.

BUT That all comes to an end today.

We are leaving in a little bit for the great city of Wichita Kansas.

After we get the car, were going to kill sometime, and go visit my brother and sister in law. Then all of us are going out to a place called El Agave?

It's supposed to have some awesome mexican food. So we'll see :D

Speaking of food.. 
I've been growing a not so cute food baby.

I've been eating lots of gluten lately and my little pudgy pooch is starting to come back. So that means I've become a little relaxed with my diet, not bad just more carbs than needed. 

On an impulse I picked up the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse from my gym (they sell them so when I have crazy impulses, I can fulfil them) and started that yesterday. I've done the cleanse and the 24 day challenge before. I'm always out to try new things and I bounce around between Advocare, Cellucor, GNC, Complete Nutrition ect all the time. I like them all. So I'm hoping to kick the food baby to the curb and get back on track. To see my results from the first cleanse go HERE.

Now to end this on a happy note, I found this on Facebook and for some reason I laughed way to hard and way too much at this. I hope you enjoy it just as much!

What are your weekend plans??

Have a Fabulous Friday!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

#WCW - Resolution Revolution Check In

Good morning sunshines!

As most of you might remember, one of my resolutions this year was to help more people with healthy lifestyles. So I started a group called Resolution Revolution for ladies all over to connect with each other and get support from those with similar goals. I provide them with samples and products of items that helped me get on track and they all provided each other with support.

They are all doing so awesome! I think its so great when people get on track to meet their goal and it makes them happy! Their happiness makes me happy, even as corny as it sounds. So I asked in the group if anyone was interested in sharing about their thoughts, the process and all about the lifestyle changes. 

All these ladies are my #WCW and here's what they have to say...


What are your goals for 2014?
To reach my goal weight of 154 lbs. To continue running and finish two half-marathons. I will be strong and healthy!
Tell me about your progress.
I'm 33 and have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. In my teens and early twenties I fought the battle hard and stayed at at an okay weight. I did it almost completely with limiting food intake. At times almost starving myself. Then for about 5-6 years I just kind of gave up and the weight just kept going up and up. During this time I tried a lot of "miracle quick fixes" which didn't last and didn't work.
In January 2013, I decided I will make small changes, and stick with them. I started walking. In February I started couch to 5k. I completed my first 5k in April and walked most of it. I did not loose a single pound from January through April and decided I needed to add in watching what I eat. Slow steps here. I joined Weight Watchers on May 2, 2013 (it works for me).
May through December I kept running, and tracking my points plus and lost just over 50 lbs. During this time I tried the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred multiple times and just never did complete it. I restarted that program on January 5, 2014, and finished it! I'm so proud of that accomplishment. I celebrate small victories with non food rewards.

What was one of your old vices?

Being too hard on myself. I had unreasonable expectations from myself. When I didn't meet those expectations, I would beat myself up and then give up. Don't get me wrong, goals and accountability are a must, but it's not okay to expect to never slip up. I'm not perfect and that's okay.
What's your new healthy vice?
I am kind to myself. Being healthy is for the rest of my life. I believe this with my whole heart. I hit a plateau in regards to losing pounds since around Christmas. I feel stronger than ever, but the scale has not really moved in a while. I am still positive about it. I am changing up some routines and will keep going and I know I will break through this plateau soon. Once I do, I will be unstoppable!

Favorite way to work out?
Running. A good run is the best feeling ever!

What's a healthy food everyone should try?
I like variety. I try not to eat the same thing week after week. My go to is a good stir fry. Lots of ways to switch it up. I also like to stick with fresh food when possible. Just another reason I'm looking forward to spring and summer, going to the local farmers market.

Your best advice for getting started to beginners?
I would say make goals, but make sure they are reasonable. Ask yourself what steps you will take to reach your goals? Realize that there will be slip-ups. Celebrate small successes. Find something that inspires and motivates you and think of it when you are struggling. Be kind to yourself.


2014 has been great thus far! 
I HAVE had quite a few bumps in the road already but I'm back at it and stronger than ever! 
For 2014 my main goals, resolutions if you will, was to lose weight and gain back my confidence. At first I thought I could easily lose 100+ pounds this year but I soon found out that was going to take a lot of work and dedication. It's been overwhelming, to say the least, trying to change everything thing all at once, so I've been taking it one day at a time one change at a time. So far by just changing my diet and working out at home I've lost a total of 15 pounds. I took a 3 week hiatus and gained about 5 back but since my hiatus, I've again lost the pounds. 

And old vise I used to have would be filling my plate up with half carb 's and half meat, then eating a full dessert just to go to bed 30 minutes later. As anyone knows the only place that gets you is a spot on the sumo wrestling team. Since January 1st and my lifestyle change I simply stopped eating such heavy meals. I now eat 5oz of protein and 2 cups of veggies with 1/3 cup carbs. If I get hungry I reach for a small salad with Pico (vs dressing ) or some special k cracker chips (if I am looking for salt). 

A new healthy vise I have is to be more aware of my schedule, I never go to sleep on an extremely full stomach and grab my exercise ball to work out if I'm feeling bored, instead of eating my boredom. 

My favorite at home workout would either be using the exercise ball or kick boxing, but when it gets warmer I fully intend on rollerblading and bike riding!

 EVERYONE needs to try cauliflower pizza! With fresh mozzarella! It's simple, delicious and feels fattening when it's not!

 My advice: don't try changing everything at once. It gets overwhelming and you can easily be discouraged.What has worked for me is changing one thing, making it a habit and moving on.


 My Goals for 2014 (fitness wise) as I put out there "publicly" on my blog on 12/31 {progress listed in these} I already quit smoking around Thanksgiving, so I want to include continuing to be smoke free. {Still smoke free to this day! Almost 12 weeks now!} 
Reach a goal weight of 195 by my birthday, July 26. That's about 30 pounds in 7 months. #30by30 {I am currently down 9.2# as of Wednesday the 12th, with no gain or loss this last weigh in}
 Reach a Goal weight of 175 by the end of the year. That's 50! pounds in twelve months. A pound a week... {see above, I use the LoseIt! app on my phone, and it says I should be able to reach my goal by mid-July. If that's the case, I'd like to drop this number to 160) 

Meal Plan & Food Prep (because failure to plan, is a plan to fail) {doing pretty good and I've found that when I do fail to plan, I do fail. I've got to make this a better habit} 

Eat Clean 5 Times a week. No everyday, but most. {doing well during the work week, I feel like I need to do more of it during the weekend too, though} 

Do Yoga 5 times a week. I don't care what day it is, or how many times I do it a day, I just want to do it. {I've fallen off this bandwagon numerous times, got back on, and back off again}

My old vice would have to be sweets. 
I have a craving daily at 3, then again immediately after dinner, and I'm also a boredom eater. Instead of eating a box cookies or a bowl of ice cream, I now reach for a half of a Quest bar (Thank you for introducing them to us!) or my favorite low cal sweet... a half or quarter of a frozen, chopped banana, 4T of fat free Cool Whip, and 1T (about 6) Dark Chocolate chips. It satisfies and is so yummy. (and makes me feel like I'm eating ice cream.) to fight boredom eating, I try to move. I've started climbing stairs at work to get in shape for my annual Vegas trip in April. I've also started trying to drink flavored water any time I "think" I want a snack. I don't want to starve myself or anything, I just want to be sure I REALLY want it.

My favorite workouts would def have to be yoga. While it's relaxing and that's why I originally started, I also love the trimming benefits I've seen from it. My take on it, you're using your own body weight in some of those poses, so it's almost like weight lifting... right? lol That's my thought anyway, since I don't have weights or a gym close. I would love to be a runner, and I know it's great cardio, but with my weight and the problems I' have with my knees and hip, it's very hard. Plus, I think my weight keeps me from doing it too because it's so rough on me. As soon as the weather gets decent, I've decided I'd like to start walking again. A little is better than nothing, and I want to do something. ONE day, I'll run.

I honestly haven't tried anything of the wall since changing my eating habits.
I have tried Quest bars as something new... I love them. Sent my boyfriend to get me more flavors, and I was lucky enough that he bought me tons more for Valentines Day. I also posted a recipe for chicken fajitas on here awhile back. They're very yummy, and def good for you. I think those are some of my favorite things to make/eat/prepare for lunches and dinners since they're so easy and yummy. I also tried PB2 for the first time. I LOVE IT! I was truly amazed at how much it actually tastes like PB. I did buy the chocolate one as well, but was disappointed that it didn't taste more like Nutella. lol I 
now add both of these to my morning protein shakes at least a couple times a week.

My advice on getting started... Thats a tough question. For me, it was just setting my mind to it. My honey is def supportive, but not one of those that is constantly on me. And I think I need that! lol I come from a large family (both weight and number wise) and my 81 year old grandmother just had gastric bypass surgery, my aunt just had gastric bypass surgery, and my mother has all of a sudden lost a LOT of weight. While I know that gastric bypass is NOT the healthiest way to lose weight, and that I know I don't qualify, my aunt has taken some of my high school clothes that I don't fit in to, my mother is getting noticed at how much she has lost, and my grandmother has dropped to a smaller pant size than me AND offered me some of her clothes. THAT right there blew my mind and disgusted me all at the same time. I'm really happy for all of these ladies, don't get me wrong. But to now be the ONLY large person on that side of my family totally broke me down. I needed a breaking point for it to MAKE me want it so much more. I've always had those times that I wanted to lose weight, "I'll do it this time" blah, blah... but this time its so much more cut and dry. I HAVE to do it. I don't just want it anymore. I need it. Call me selfish, call me spiteful, call me jealous. But I will not be the bigger person anymore. Find your NEED for being healthy and go from there. Find what works for you (for me right now is yoga) and make a plan. Find that person that will hold you accountable and give you that tough love. If I had someone to text every morsel of food I put in my mouth, I'd do it. If I had someone riding my ass about whether or not I did my yoga, I'd move more. Find your NEED, not your want.


Goals for 2014: 
My main goal is to just be a healthier person so I can enjoy life and not be ashamed to try adventurous things. I love to travel and reluctantly tried paddle boarding and zip lining. I was so embarrassed by my weight that I did not fully enjoy the experience. I hope to lose at least 70 lbs this year.

 Progress so far:
I joined a gym in December and January 1 I started eating clean and preparing meals. I am down about 13 lbs since January 1. It is slow but I can already feel a difference in my clothes and energy levels. I can also tell I'm getting stronger as I can make it through workouts I never before thought possible. 

Old vices: 
my biggest vice is coffee drinks! They can be loaded with sugar and calories so I've switched to green tea and been trying to switch up the flavors. I also used to love McDonald's breakfast sandwiches. I now make my own with whole wheat English muffins a poached egg and slice of avocado. Very filling and satisfying! 

Favorite way to workout:
 I love Zumba but no longer belong to a gym that offers it. I get bored easily so I am always mixing it up. My current fave is kettlebells and the Jillian michaels kettlebell workout is my new fave. 

Healthy food everyone should try: 
 I recently tried quinoa but still working on finding a recipe my whole family loves. I do love hummus!

the best advice I've been given is to just move! There will be slip ups and we will have bad days but you have to pick yourself up and keep going!


 What are your goals for 2014? 
My goals for 2014 include eating clean as much as possible, getting a consistent workout going again, dropping the rest of my baby weight and start lifting weights. I hope to get back on the running train again and run a half marathon.

I had lost 30 lbs in 2012 by counting calories using MyFitnessPal and working out. Shortly after I hit that milestone, I got pregnant with Baby #2! My second pregnancy was much healthier but I still gained quite a bit of weight. I am now 9 months post partum and about 12 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. In January 2014, my husband and I challenged ourselves to a paleo diet and I lost 12 lbs just from cleaning up my diet! It gave me insight into what I was putting in my mouth and the encouragement to try new clean recipes! 

What are your old vices? 
Soda, dessert, and greasy food when I am having a bad day! 

What is your new healthier vice? 
I have given up soda for Advocare Spark - the perfect afternoon pick me up but more natural! 

Favorite way to workout? 
I love a good run by the lake with the sun shining and the music blaring. With the weather we have been having, that has not been possible unfortunately. It has been a challenge to keep moving this winter but when I do, I hit the treadmill or circuit training at the gym! 

What's a healthy food everyone should try?
I have discovered so many amazing recipes since going more paleo - honestly it is hard to pick just one! One of our new favorites (that is not 100% paleo but is clean!) is this Loaded Cauliflower Buffalo Chicken Casserole: 

Best advice to beginners: 
Take one step at a time so as not to overwhelm yourself. If you make a small change, it is a start! I would also recommend trying to log your food and workouts in MyFitnessPal. It is eye opening to see what you are consuming and then you can work to find ways to clean up your diet. I also recommend finding a buddy to workout with or who is on the same journey - that support system is so important and one of the keys to my success! Good luck!


My goals for 2014 include overcoming the power the bathroom scale has over me and no longer allowing that number to define me; another goal is to be physically active consistently. So far I have kept my promise to myself to only weigh in on the first of every month. In fact, Feb 1st was the first time I had weighed myself since before Christmas. Not relying on my scale to dictate my progress has been freeing! I am even considering not weighing myself again until the beginning of the summer. My plan is to take measurements and progress pictures to detail my journey. (After all, that scale is a dirty little liar.) 

As for being fit I have been using my school's gym 3 days a week, and I just joined 24 Hour Fitness so I can workout at a location close to my house on the days I'm not at school. I'm becoming a gym rat, and I love it! 

One of my old vices was ice-cream. Ben and Jerry's to be exact. As I'm writing this I am totally craving me some Half Baked... Alas that stuff is not stocked in my freezer (for a reason) so I'll just continue day dreaming... Instead of indulging in sweats that are full of sugar like ice-cream I have found a new love affair with Quest Bars. They're amaze balls. You can bake all sorts of yummy "clean cheats" with them, from peanut butter brownies to cinnamon rolls. (Chocolate flavored protein powder has also been my saving grace. Considering it gives me a way to have chocolate. every. single. day.) If you are a pizza lover like me - try cauliflower pizza. It sounds weird, but it is so delicious it will change your life. Trust me on this. 

My advice to a fitness/healthy lifestyle newbie: Surround yourself with healthy resources like Jess's blog, other fitness bloggers and people on Instagram. (I follow lots of women who lift weights and are great examples of living strong/healthy lifestyles.) Then set some small, incremental goals for yourself and meet them! You got this!

Give it up for these beautiful hard working ladies!!!

How's your resolutions going?


Also one of my favorite blog reads, Lora @ Raising Steppe Sisters 's young son Harper, went to be with the Lord sooner than expected. There is a donation page HERE to help the family out in this time of need.

Such a tragic loss. Although I have no children yet, I can't imagine the pain nor would I want anyone to have to experience it.