Monday, March 31, 2014

Carb Cycling and Bikini Challenge {Week 1}

Happy Monday!

I can't believe tomorrow is already April 1st. This year is going by fast, or at least it seems that way to me. The hub and I went grocery shopping, went to dinner, watched a movie, and popped over to my parents this weekend, so the normal. Oh the weather, Sunday it was in the 70's and it was just beautiful! Maybe we can finally shake the winter blues away.

Sunday was also my weigh in/ progress pic's day. I had to take pictures to send to my trainer. I was so excited to see the little bit of progress I posted them on Instagram, but here they are for those that aren't on Instagram:

I've lost about 4 pounds according to the scale, but I'm going more for toning that actual weight loss, if that makes sense.

I've also been asked what my meal plans look like. Well my meal plan is designated by my trainer and she does it based on my macro's that work for my body, my weight, my goals and my activity and training levels. Currently I'm eating 1,721 calories a day. My program involves low fat, high protein. I have 59.6 cals of fat, 154.1 of carbs, 49.9 of fiber, 32.92 of sugar and 169.92 of proteins. Again this is for my body. If you want to find out your macros, a good starting point is If It Fits Your Macros.

I know this is the time when people are hitting plateaus. If you are, ITS OKAY! Everyone hits one if not more. Your body has just adjusted to it's routine and needs a refresh. Simple as that. The last one I hit, I introduced myself to Carb Cycling. Read about it HERE and HERE. I didn't have a lot of material on it, so I relied solely on what I found online. 

The author of this book recently contacted me after stumbling upon my posts on carb cycling, he provided me a copy of the book which I wish I would of had back when I was cycling! This book is basically an instruction manual. It breaks down lifestyles and the basics of carb cycling. It gives you grocery lists, meal plans, recipes and even has a journal that lets you keep track of your eating, your progress and thoughts along the way. I really just love the simplicity of this book. It doesn't over complicate it, it just breaks it down and shows you how.

You can get the book HERE.

The author was also kind enough to offer free copies to the first group of readers of mine that are interested in it! So if you can wait to read it, comment your email address and I can get you the info to get the copy. If you can't wait go to Amazon and snatch it up! And don't worry if you don't have a Kindle- theres an app for that.

I'm gearing up for week two of keeping it in check and being as dedicated as I can to make progress with my training program. 
How's your challenges coming? 
How was your weekend?


Friday, March 28, 2014

Influenster UniVoxBox

TGIF Ladies!!

Yesterday I received my UniVoxBox in the mail from Influenster. Influenster is a super neat site that lets you review products that you use daily and then periodically they email out a survey link to the users and if you meet the criteria that the next box is aiming for, they mail you a box of complimentary products to test and review! 

I did receive all items at no cost, but the opinions are all my own, no sugar coating here:)

This box included:

Broadway Nails imPress Press on Manicure
I was very, very skeptical about these. The first thing I thought about was the press on nails I had when I was little that popped off and could take out an eye. But I sat down, sized out my nails, prepped the nail with the cleanse pad, then peeled and stuck 'em down. That was Wednesday night. They survived an eight hour work shift, which I deal with my hands all day, lifting weights at the gym, doing dishes, laundry and other household duties a long with everyday wear and tear. Not a single one has even came close to popping off. I'm very impressed with them actually and I know I will buy them. It gave me a fast, pretty and lasting manicure in under 10 minutes. They come in array of colors and patterns. Ideally I would say these would be great for events, dates, or any time you  need fancy nails in under 10 minutes for under 10 dollars.

Expert Last Lip Color in Forever Fuchsia
I'm not a lipstick gal, never have been, it just always looks out of place on this face of mine. But I strongly believe in good reviews and the reviews are only good if the product gets tested, so I put lipstick on the pig. It went on very smoothly, where I did get it on my skin, it removed easily but not so easily from the lips - in the good way. It didn't smear all over my cup badly, a little residue but nothing intense. The color was vibrant and fun. It lasted through out the evening with no issues and when I kissed my husband it didn't leave terrible stamp marks on him. If you are on a budget and are a lipstick lover, then you are going to hit the jackpot with this one.

Pilot Acroball PureWhite
The picture says it all. I write all day and I absolutely hate the pens that gunk up, indent the paper instead of writing and come out rough. The Acroball is a fine point that writes smoothly with a dark color that doesn't alter throughout your words.

Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

I like a nice light foundation when it comes to my skin, I typically use BB creams, but I wore this one three days, three different ways. First day with primer, second with no primer and the third mixed with my BB cream. With the Matte Mousse, a little goes a long way. It covers blemishes and imperfections perfectly but it is a heavier foundation. Not so heavy that it felt caked on but heavy that I felt like I had more on and my husband asked why I had extra foundation on also. My BB creams don't really cover blemishes but they give me the light airy finish I like. So when I mixed half BB Cream and half Matte Mousse. I really like the outcome. Days 1 & 2 I wasn't a big fan of how it wore, because it seemed to rub off a little too easily. But on Day 3 when I mixed them I loved the finish. It was heavy enough to cover blemishes but doesn't weigh down my skin or make me feel overdone. My husband felt I looked "back to normal" and it didn't rub off in streaks so easily either.

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance

Okay ladies, let's be real. When it's that time of the month, the last thing you want is any odor. I've always used Playtex brand. The Sport ones I really like when I'm running or at the gym or even at work because they seem to move with your body more. I've never had leaks when using Playtex. You can only say so many things about tampons, but if you haven't tried Playtex Sport and you are active all month long- I recommend you do try them and I'm sure you'll be pleased.

Red Rose REAL TEA Premium Water Enhancer

It's no secret that I love tea. This to me is like the heavens opening up and dropping it into my hands. Tea any time, any where- I'm all for it. The downside for me, was I got a "lightly sweetened" one. I do not do sweet teas. I like my tea like I like opinions- no sugar. I didn't realize this, made a glass and took a big swig. The actual taste of the tea itself was good, but I couldn't do the sweet part. If they had the unsweetened version in a water enhancer squeeze then I'd be stockpiling my house with it!

Again these are all my opinions, but I received the items complimentary.

Do you use influenster?


We are going out for dinner and coming home for a movie, what are your plans this weekend?


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Please Don't Feed The Husband

My husband is a free food magnet. He is one of the luckiest people when it comes to free food. He goes to McDonalds, they happened to make an extra shake thats not needed- he gets it. At work he's behind the guy at the vending machine, machine malfunctions, drops multiple items the guy gives him some. He goes to lunch, someone orders a large pizza, can't eat much gives it to everyone around him including my husband. It just happens, it's like a disease or a 6th Sense or something like that. He always takes it and then later that night I hear " I shouldn't of ate that". It never fails, NEVER. 

Ty is not by any means on a diet, when I started to lose weight, he simply asked If I would improve his meals too. So I did and he's been able to lose almost thirty pounds over the last year by just cleaning up his diet. I'm beyond proud of him. I want us to be healthy for the future when we have kids. I want us to be able to run, play and keep up with them at the playgrounds, not the parents sitting on the bench or in the cars. We want to make their life better by being active with them and setting good examples.

It was definitely not a secret that after we got married, we both packed on the pounds like a bear preparing for hibernation. We were both in pretty good shape when we first met. 

We became comfortable with all the food and lots of couch time. But as you all well know, we've managed to 360 that.

I do get asked a lot about meal idea's for families that are healthy but still enjoyable so here are some of my favorite things to make my husband and I (when not following a meal plan by my trainer):

Taco Popcorn (This is something I used to make with my parents when I lived at home)
Skinny Burger Wraps with Sweet Potato Fries

Or the go to when I don't know what to make is brown rice, turkey summer sausage links, and vegetables, or chicken, veggies and rice. 

I also buy the whole wheat hamburger helper and make it with a half a pound (instead of a pound) of ground lean turkey.

Ty also really enjoys salads so we'll do a lot of taco/fajita bars and have them with salads or he'll have one tortilla taco.

Removing pop from our house and replacing it with tea was also something that we did that was a huge lifesaver. we drink unsweetened tea and water like nobody's business!! 

Whats your favorite healthy/skinny-fied recipes that everyone in the family loves??


Monday, March 24, 2014

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Happy Monday!

This is going to be a great week! Why? Because I'm determined to be in a good mood everyday and not let the little things in life get me down for no reason. So here's to a great week! We went to my parents house Friday for a nice evening of catching up and some grub. I'm truly blessed to have my parents still in my life, I'm really quite thankful to have them and I enjoy all the time with them I can. The weekend started off pretty nice with some wind, but was still "spring", I even bought a kite to fly. I took the warmth for granted. Saturday was high winds, cloudy and cold and then that night it snowed. By afternoon Sunday all traces of snow were gone, but I was definitely not impressed with the weather mood swing. Blah!

So as many many of you know some of my favorite blog/IG follows, Val and Jess are spearing a 90 day bikini challenge.

Tatum and I have taken on this challenge but modified it and are going to team attack it. We both have online trainers, Tatum has Erica from Erica Nicole Fitness and I have Michelle from Mshell Fitness. With each of our workout routines, we have meal plans. Our outlines of the challenge are just to follow our workouts to a T, give 110% each time, no skipping days and follow our meal plans perfectly, no cheats- except that weekly cheat meal (hello fro-yo or fajitas). We are going for 60 days first to see how were doing (the length of our plans). Our goals are to look and feel better in a bikini, tone up and gain muscle like its our jobs. And now for the main attraction, my befores.

What are your goals for summer? 

Advisory: please shield your eyes as the glare from my pastiness may cause temporary blindness and please try not to gag.

There it is now for the whole world to see. 

Are you doing the challenge? 
Lets kill it!!!

I have all this pent up determination. I spent all Sunday Spring cleaning my house to lower my stress. I'm a closet clean freak, so clean house- happy life. Then I food prepped for the week and cleaned out the cabinets of any temptations, by cleaned out I mean put them in with the hubs meals for the week. His metabolism is waaay better than mine- lucky.  

Also I know what it's like to not have access to the gym so I put together some workout ideas that can all be done at home for any beginners out there that want to start a new lifestyle. 

Good mood Monday begins...NOW!

Friday, March 21, 2014

The C Word and Giveaway Winner

Happy dance time- it's friday!

First things first, the winner of the Filthy Farmgirl Soap Giveaway is.....


Congrat girl!! I've sent you an email, but if you haven't received it please email me with your shipping information!

I wanted to first say Thank you so much to the encouraging and supportive things you all said about my decision to push back my half. You ladies are awesome and made me feel more at ease about my decision. :)

Are you enjoying the spring-ish weather that is starting to come around like I am?! The hubs and I are going to play football, maybe fly a kite, cruise with the windows down and have din din with my parents. Then of course no weekend is complete without stopping at Walmart to pick up some groceries needs and people watching.

What are you doing this weekend?

So now the C word.


 A girl I went to school with mother, Tami is a breast cancer survivor. She is truly awesome, not only is she a survivor, she is on her own weight loss journey- and she's killing it!

But as the sweet sweet lady she is, she wants to help others who are dealing with the diagnosis of breast cancer. She is one of the biggest advocates I know for it around my area. She has put together SOS Bags (Support of a Survivor) that have comforts she found helpful during her battle. I'll let her explain more...

Hey everyone! I'm Tami Jarrell and I'm a Breast Cancer Survivor and this is my story..
On Monday, July 9, 2012 I found a walnut sized lump in my right breast. My breast itched, I scratched it, and there it was. Honestly, I didn't think much of it, I had a breast reduction done in May 2005 and we have fibrocystic breast disease in the family. My husband, daughter and I were watching television. I causally said "Thats odd, there's a lump in there."  John looked at me and told me that I probably need to have it checked out so I made an appointment to see the nurse practitioner the next morning (Tuesday, 10th) when I went to work. She felt it as we'll and wanted for me to get a mammogram to be in the safe side. On Thursday (12th) I had a mammogram and it didn't show up so they got me in to have a sonogram. I'm afraid that if I would have had a normal yearly mammogram, without an exam, I might not be here today to tell you my story. Once the sonogram was performed the nurse went to show the results to the radiologist. Not long after, the radiologist came into the room and told me that it looked suspicious and wanted to do a biopsy, he said that he could do it now and he could have the results first thing in the morning or I could reschedule for next week. I told him to go ahead and do it now so I wouldn't have to take another day off work. I'm not going to lie I was nervous, but I had prayed about it since I found the lump on Monday and knew God was in control no matter the outcome. I worked at the clinic with my doctor so I had told the pathologist to go ahead and call my cell and I would let the doctor know...I knew it wouldn't be major, right? I kept checking my phone to see if I had missed any calls. At 12:30 my doctor came into my office and I just knew it wasn't good. He started to sit down and I said "It's not good, is it?" He said, "No, it's not." then he went on to tell me more, more than I can even remember. The only thing I remember was that I had to have surgery and I asked why, wasn't there some other option and he said no. About an hour later his nurse met me in the hall and handed me a piece of paper with the date, time and surgeons name. It didn't register when I read the date out loud...Monday the 16th...ok my goodness, that was this coming up Monday!  John and I met with the general surgeon and it was another appointment in which I didn't hear much. He gave us three options: a lumpectomy, a mastectomy or a double mastectomy and I could have reconstructive surgery as well. We left to go out to dinner after the appointment and I told he that he would have to make the decision because I just couldn't, his only words to me were "Shock and Awe baby! I would rather have you than them any day!" The following Friday (20th) the general surgeon scheduled me for a breast MRI to see if it had spread anywhere else and the results would be back on Monday (23rd). Monday we also met with the plastic surgeon who would be doing the reconstruction. Then on the following Thursday, July 26th I had a double mastectomy with expanders put in.I only knew for 13 days that I had cancer...13 days which was more like a roller coaster ride Than I would ever care to admit.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I was given a bag of goodies. It contained the following: a blanket, pillow, travel cup, a baseball cap (pink BC awareness), a BC air freshener for my car, a gift card for fuel to get me back and forth to my appointments and a few other things. 

You should know that awareness and giving to others is an important and strong passion of mine. I want to put goodie bags together for newly diagnosed BC patients and give them to Dr. Hendricks office so they can give them out to ladies that will have reconstruction from breast cancer. In addition to the items listed from my bag I will include a drain holder for their showers (something my friend made me to make showering a little more bearable), and a journal and pen. I will also put a small card in there with a little about my journey and my contact information for if/when they would like to have support, ask questions, etc.

Here's what I did, I put together a bag and take a picture of the contents and posted it at where people are able to order them, whether they are patients, caregivers, friends, etc. or just donate money to make more bags. With the funds that are left over from the sales I will make more bags and donate them.


When I saw her start posting about this, not only did I want to donate, but I wanted to help her spread the word and help get the bags to ladies who can use them. So I asked her if it would be okay to post and spread this. My hope is that with the hundreds and hundreds of followers I have here and on instagram that someone will know someone who needs this and It will help them out with their journey or at least raise awareness and help Tami on her path to help others.

This is what the bags(unfilled) look like:

and they contain:

Tie-Blankets made out of warm and cozy fleece and are the perfect size for traveling. 
A soft,comfortable travel pillow and pillowcase
Cute personal journal and pen 
The drain holder is specially made to hold up to four drains after surgery. Has adjustable cotton cord for easy wear during your shower.
Pink Magnetic Ribbon
Cozy socks
A 28 oz. "Fight Like a Girl" bottle has a tapered base designed to fit an auto cup holder. 
Bag of mints.

If you would like to donate or purchase a bag go HERE.

Cheer's to saving the ta-ta's!

Have an amazing weekend ladies!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Change of heart and Sweatleaf Review

Good morning!

I don't know about your neck of the woods, but yesterday was a full blown stereotypical Kansas day. It was 52 degrees, warm, mild wind and sunny when I went to work. Eight hours later when I left work, it was 34 degrees, 22mph winds and worst of all it was sleet/rain/snowing. Today it's a high of 57 and sunny, what the heck weather!? Please make up your mind, m'kay thanks.

Now for some real talk. I'm open on here, I don't lie or sugar coat anything. I'm just an average person who talks about my life and weight loss journey publicly. I'm a runner. I love running, it's freeing and I just flat out enjoy it. But I've come to learn that I don't love or enjoy running long distances. Three, four and five miles are still enjoyable, but it seems anything after that I find myself wanting to sit on the side of the road, go to work  or even get a cavity filled instead. Okay maybe not the filling, but you understand now how I'm feeling. I honestly think it is the time frame that I set this half marathon for. Yes I have time to do the training plan but along with working full time, keeping up with my blog, maintaining adequate family time and working getting thing everything set for us to move has begun to really take a tole on me. I do still want to run a half marathon, but I want to take more time to get to those distances. I want to fully enjoy every last bit of the race not feel miserable. So with this all being said, I've decided to just push back my half. Instead of May it will probably be this fall. I'm going to keep up with running and will still workout daily, but now I can enjoy my workouts and not dread forcing myself to run all these miles or trying to find an excuse to get out of it. I've talked it out with my dear Tatum and my wonderfully supportive hub and I got the same conclusion from them both. It's not giving up by pushing it back and realizing my heart just isn't in it right now and I'm by no means a failure. Failure is giving up and I'm not giving up just adjusting the time frame. So I'm sorry if I've disappointed anyone. Sadly I feel worse for disappointing any of you guys vs changing my goal date.

On a happier note, I have an awesome product review for today!!

So last week I was contacted by the lovely people at SweetLeaf to see about doing a product review on their Stevia Water Enhancers. I love flavored water, even better when its good for you, so I was sure in.  

First let me tell you a bit about their product lines:

"SweetLeaf® is the only chemical-free, zero-calorie, zero-carb, zero-glycemic index, natural sweetener there is.
Great tasting and all natural, its uses are endless – add a delicious sweetness to all your favorite foods and beverages!
It’s made by taking the highest quality leaves of the stevia plant and extracting their naturally sweet taste with only cool, purified water. No chemicals. No alcohols. No additives that cover up the great taste nature created."

I received all four flavors in samples sizes to try.

At first I assumed these would completely change my water, color and flavor. Like Dasani Drops or Crystal Light does. But it doesn't. The water says clear, doesn't get sticky and doesn't stain. It alters the water like it says "enhances". It was similar to have fruit in my water! After I got over that it wasn't a water changer, I really enjoyed them. You can mix the flavors together to get different tastes! My favorite combination is Raspberry Lemonade and Lemon Lime in regular water. Its delicious. I actually found myself drink double the amount of water I normally do yesterday. The Sweet Drops were very refreshing, they had that fresh appeal that fruit in the water gives you with the convenience to take it with you wherever. 

I also like to get pretty creative with healthy things, so I didn't limit them just to water. I tried the Strawberry Kiwi in my strawberry oatmeal; delicious!!! I tried the Lemon Lime in my unsweet tea; winner! I tried Peach Mango in my vanilla yogurt, again it was perfect! I'm going to add them to my fruit smoothie today and I know it will be fabulous! I'm going to have to buy the full sizes as I've already used half of the Raspberry Lemonade and the Lemon Lime flavor up. I even was letting the girls at work try them out and they really enjoyed the refreshing taste as well. They pointed out the fact that no matter how many drops you put in, the flavor never gets over powering like other liquid flavorings. I have these samples in my lunch box and they aren't leaving anytime soon. I want to try adding them to more and more things along with other flavor combinations. 

To get these Sweet Drops or any of their other awesome products go HERE.

(I did receive theses samples at no charge in exchange for my review, however the opinions expressed here are none but my own, and I won't lie about my like or dislike of a product)

Have you tried any of these sweeteners?

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

And Somedays Your Pants are Just Backwards

Are you wearing green?

You bet your pinching soul I am. I really love holidays in general so I do something for each one. I'll always be a kid at heart.

My work week typically starts on Sunday. So yesterday was my Monday and it was a full blown Monday at that. I worked, basically a double. I worked all morning, went home got a nap in and went back in. No big deal right? PSH. About two hours before I went home for the second time, I realized my pants were on backwards. Yup when I got dressed for the second shift I'd managed to put my pants on backwards. They're yoga pants so no one, not even my self could tell. Until I went to the bathroom for the umpteenth time that day and happened to see the tag. I could do nothing but laugh it off.

I then came home to take my "bikini" pictures for my coach so she can see my progress and get my updated meal plan in the works. I looked a hot mess. Sluggish and bloated powered by 5ish hours of sleep. Go me! 
But no matter how much I'm pleased or displeased with my bikini body, I have to keep moving forward. I must keep training, keep trying and staying on track because my goals are there for me and to help me stay motivated. I'll get there, eventually. Things are just starting to get more hectic it seems as the closer we get our moving time. Then once we move and I hit my goal of a half marathon I can move on to other resolutions. I'm still excited to get moved and begin my Personal Training certification I talked about back in January, after I do that I hope to apprentice with my coach for awhile. I just need to slow down, take a breath and relax sometimes. I tend to take on a lot and then feel like I'm falling behind, but even if I put my pants on backwards, I'm still moving forward.

Learn from my overexertion, slow down, take a breath and get back on track. If you have a bad day, you get swamped with life and miss a workout or have a bad meal. Life will go on, you can and will come back, just make sure you're giving yourself a break. Rest days are good for you body and for your mind. Just remember to put your pants on right and you'll be golden :)

Sorry if this is kinda rambly, I'm still in a bit of a sleepy daze. Also be sure to bump back to Friday's post to get in on a giveaway!

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Do you get the Monday's?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Vacation Souvenirs and Giveaway

TGIF Lovelies! 

I'm so so SO thankful for this warm weather, I can run outside, play football with the hub and roll the windows down. Ahh spring time, how I've missed you. We are off for the normal, some grocery shopping, mall gawking, and a long stop at gamestop so the hubs can pick up Titanfall and stare at the bajillion other games they have. I play the demo games while I wait for him, it works!

What are your weekend plans?

Spring break is upon us or almost for most. I've got vacation brain. I swear I must be part gypsy, I love to travel! I loved going on harvest with my dad because I got to go to soooo many places, it was work but totally worth it.
 My parents just got back from Hawaii.
 Which is my motivation to be budget-wise and a hard worker. With them back I had to give back the puppies I was dog sitting, whomp whomp. But also souvenirs! I love me some souvenirs, from any where!! So today even though I cannot link up with the lovely Darci at The Good Life Blog , I'm still gonna share with you my top 5 favorite souvenirs!


Novelty/local fun foods.

I love Mauna Loa Macadamia nuts and Chocolate covered Kona coffee beans. My friend Gabby brought me back "Moose Poop" from the Grand canyon, they are chocolate covered peanuts. They make fun little gifts :)


Shot glasses.

I know I'm not the only one in the world that collects shot glasses. I had a small collection before I met Ty, and he had a small one too then when we moved in together we had a pretty decent collection that continues to grow.



Yes yes, as cliche as it is, I'm the weirdo with a thousand and ten tees from all over. I also just love tee's so that just fuels the fire. Woody's Longboards is my dad's favorite place to get t-shirts. The hub has a few too.



I'm also the weirdo that collects postcards. Not the generic one, the unique ones that cost more than 50 cents. I like to keep them, frame them, or put them in an album.


Fun novelty items.

If this offends you, I'm sorry, but If my mother can find this humorous than anyone can! My brought back these HILARIOUS soaps from Filthy Farmgirl. They are also 100% natural and vegan friendly (my moms a vegan). The filthy Beaver is the one I got and my sister got the filthy Pussy.

Despite the names, these soaps smell AMAZING!!

Because I'm so in love with these bad boys already, I'm giving away The Naughty Pack, which includes 6 fun named smelly good bars!

Whats your favorite souvenirs to get/give?

Have a great weekend!!!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Minimal Equipment Full Body Workouts

Happy hump day!

Yay for a day off, minus a friend whose hair I'm doing anyways. It's supposed to warm back up today after the freak wind and rain storm we had yesterday. I'm really hoping to get in an outdoor run today. Fingers crossed.  I'm also excited to see my parents tomorrow! They will be coming home Thursday night and I've missed them. Yeah I like to hang out with parents, so what.

I have had some questions lately about gym workouts for more of the beginners. So I put together two full body workouts that use minimal equipment, they can even be done at home!

This first one you just need a kettlebell, it is set to Katy Perry's Dark Horse:

This one is to Sage The Gemini's Gas Pedal:
just repeat  this over throughout the whole song

I'm a lover of the kettlebell :)

I've also been asked about my leg day routine so here it is for you aswell!

What's some of your favorite workouts?
Have a great day!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Forward & March Birchbox

Ugh. It's Monday again. I dragged ass this weekend and the time change just made everything off for me. I hate when I get derailed. BUT life moves on. Unfortunately it moved on to a Monday.

So this weekend the hubs and I had a date night at home and watched Catching Fire, the second Hunger Games movie. Ohhh emmm geee, it was fantastic!! I read the trilogy in like 2 1/2 days and the movies actually match up to the books really well so automatic win. I love Katniss and Peeta.

The time always makes me think about how it will affect life. Like how much sleep will I get/miss, what do I need to do to adjust my schedule to get normal. But if you really think about it time change is kinda how you have to look at life or your lifestyle change. I fall back occasionally, slip up on eating, miss a workout, or just get off track in general. But then all it takes is just one simple moment and you spring yourself forward.
Yeah, I get it, it sounds corny. But just think about it, it's true. When you make a change for the better, it is never just a straight, easy, non stop journey. It's a cycle of setbacks and moving forward. You don't ever stop trying to move forward or you can get stuck. I forget that too easily. I forget that I can't just stop eating right and working out. Yeah I can enjoy myself and take a rest day- no problem. But I can't. Stopping everything will do nothing for me but undo my hard work and thats never worth it. We have to keep going forward, every little setback, mess up or anything just is a chance for us to prove how strong we are. So next time you're faced with a setback, take it as a challenge. Flip it into the solution.

Now for some March Birchbox action.

To see past Birchboxes go HERE.

This month I received:

Beauty Protector: Its a heat protector and a detangler spray. It works similar to my It's a Ten. I use a flat iron almost every day, so a heat protectant is a MUST have for me. It also smells really good, and someone told me my hair smelled really good after I used it so BOOM.

Coola Tinted Moisturizer: I've gotten quite a few of the Coola products through out my Birchboxes and I have to say they are really great. They are organic and smell good. I'm big on good smells. It also goes on smooth and naturally looking.

Gilchrist & Soames: Body lotion, goodness gracious this made my dry chapped skin, relieved and super smooth. Winner! I'm also a lotion addict.

Harvey Prince: I love smelly goodness, so perfume also wins almost every time with me. I hate the "old lady" smells but I don't like anything to french whore style either. Sexy yet elegant basically and this was right on key.

Tea Forte: These are mints, I love mints. They smell and taste similar to Altoids. They are infused with green tea and herbs and are supposed to promote wellness. Well I'm not for sure if they do but they are yummy and they have a cute container.

Ghirardelli Cherry Tango: Uhm you can never go wrong with chocolate. It also has pieces of cherry and almonds in it, making it a trifecta of deliciousness,

These opinions are my own and I am in no way paid to review these items, I do it for myself and for anyone who might be interested in trying these products.

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