Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How I Stay Prepped & Carb Cycling Week 1

Happy Tuesday my friends!

It's my day off, FINALLY so this is setting up to be a FABULOUS day.


I cleaned my house after work last night so I can spend this day kickin' back maxin' relaxin' all cool shootin' some bball outside the school.....

Nah, but relaxing - yes. working out like a nut - of course!

So I get asked a lot how I stay so on track, how I handle prep, how I get my workouts in and still stay on schedule,well lets just break it down baby!


30-45 minutes before bed I make my hub's and I's lunches for the next day, pack them and put them in the fridge. I make my breakfast and put it in the microwave.

We sleep. Duh.

I get up an hour and 15 minutes before we have to leave the house. I do a 20-30 minute workout, eat breakfast and get lunches out of the fridge.

I then do my hair, makeup and freshen up. This takes me about 30 minutes, then I wake up the hub, he showers while I get dressed. While he gets dressed I make his breakfast to go and my to go drink, usually Spark. Then we grab all our stuff and we head out the door.

We do the work thaaaang. 

I get home and I have about 5 hours of "free time" from when I get home till we go to bed.

In that time I do another 30 minute workout or two. Wash/Fold Laundry, do dishes, write a blog post, watch some TV, write out tomorrows meal plan, then punch it into My Fitness Pal.  I make my supper and the hubs supper after I shower I come to the point of making and packing all of our lunches.

Thats it right there I have 8+ hours of work and I still get 6.5-8 hours of sleep a night too. It's not because I'm magical...all though I am pretty awesome, bahaha! I just am utterly organized.

I do food prep either once a week or once every two weeks. I bake allll of my chicken and asparagus up, measure it out and freeze it. I make up about a dozen hard boiled eggs and I portion out other vegetables and label them in baggies and put them back in the fridge. I use a weekly pill keeper to set out all my supplements for the week so I don't have to think about it each day, I just open it up and throw em back.

The only time I don't make up our lunches the night before is the nights that I don't work the next day.

While we are talking food, yesterday marked my seventh day of trying out Carb Cycling. I've went 2 low carb days, 2 high carb days, 2 low carb days and the my seventh day is a cheat day. The low days I aim to hit 1200 calories, high carb days I aim for 1500 calories and on the seventh day I'm supposed to go for 1,000 bonus calories. 2200-2500 calories was super hard for me to hit yesterday.

The first few days I was tired and didn't think this was going to work, by day 4 my energy was through the roof! I seriously couldn't believe how much easier all my workouts were to get through and the fact that I was able to go harder and faster with out a second thought. I was pretty doubtful of this helping with weight loss, but I thought I'd give it a go, I will try ALMOST anything once.

Heres the thing, In this week of cycling and even eating over 2000 calories on the seventh day that included 2 sugar cookies and a 3 Musketeers, See I don't lie to you, I really did eat those things, I broke them up and spread them through the day and that accounted for 660 of my calories right there. 

Get this....

I lost 1.5lbs from the morning of day 1 til today (morning of day 8)...
I'm amazed. I mean yeah, just a pound and a half, but still after getting those treats and feeling so much more energized, I'm a believer now. 

Here's to hoping week two goes just as good if not better!!

Now okay, I'm stoked and I have some AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!

No mom I'm not pregnant.

Remember that 24 Day challenge of Michelle Davis's I took part in? Yeah I'm one of the three winners that get free enrollment to Mshell Fitness!!!!! I get a personalized diet plan, workouts and support. Now I'm in the running to be the ultimate winner and win some swag (tank tops and headbands) so fingers crossed!! I'm so excited to be a Mshell Bombshell!!!! YAY!!!!!


While I was cleaning I heard this song come across Pandora, I'd heard it before but didn't realize whose song it was. Any who, if you haven't heard this song, you best go check it out!! I love it!!! It's now on my workout playlist and all time fave listening playlist.

Whats your newest playlist add?

Stay classy my friends!

Have a great day!!!

PS- The Seahawks Won 34-7 YAY


  1. Congrats!!!! I hope you are the ultimate winner! :) Have a fabulous day off!


    1. Im just glad to have made it this far!!

  2. What's your MyFitnessPal name? Do you accept friends on there or just log? Congrats on your win!

    1. Thanks and its jsolt7712, feel free to add me away!

  3. Holy holy holy shit I am so jealous of you... for real. I want to be an mshellll bombshelll so bad... my wallet thinks otherwise. I'm soo excited for you I can barely find words!! CONGRATS

  4. I just started following you on IG. I just want to know where and how you started?

    1. You can click the links at the top of my blog and get my full story :)

  5. It would be nice to see what a day/week of eating on this carb cycling looks like. A sample meal plan would be awesome!!!

    1. The menus differ for each person you just follow the guidelines above, but I'll do my best to get some sample days up:)