Friday, December 6, 2013

Must Have Gear for Winter {{5onFriday}}

Hello, hello, good morning.....
how you doing with the move here, welcome to the future I'm the captain of the cool kids

What no Diddy fans out there?



So TGIF to those that have the weekend off, this girl will be slaving away- as always.

But thats how those paychecks flow in.

Being an adult is vastly overrated.

It's freaking cold here in the middle of Kansas.

I don't like it, I don't like it one bit. 

Heatmiser, where ya at??

Well so if you can't beat mother nature, you can beat the cold.

Here are my five must haves for active winter worker-outers.
And why yes that is the technical term.


A sweat shirt that is moisture wickening and thermo tech'ed to help hold in your body heat and not be overly heavy. I've had the Storm Hoodie by UnderArmour and I have this Nike one. I like the Nike one for the Thumb slits to help keep my hands warm. Either hoodie is also made of water repelling material.
Get it HERE


A good ear warming head band. I have a few of these from UnderArmour, they are moisture wicking, non slip and super cozy. I like the U shape because it warms my hair but doesn't attack my face.
Get it HERE


Compression socks. They will keep your legs warm, but will also help with blood flow and preventing sore muscles. These are good just to keep year round. Get em HERE


A foam roller. Get one. Its great for keeping blood flowing and preventing injuries and working out knots. Find it HERE


Epsom salt. I like Dr Teals brand for the scents as well. Nothing feels better than a nice warm soak in epsom salt after a run in 10 degree weather. Hell a nice warm bath always feels good.

Whats your must have for winter workouts!?

Well I guess I should get into that work flow mode.

Enjoy your weekends loves!

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  1. Boo for having to work the weekend! That just means you need to come home every day and soak in that hot bath lol!