Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Traditions! {Link up with Holly&Amy}

I super puffy heart with glitter Christmas.

I am and forever will be a child at heart.

I was so horrible at Christmas parents never knew this but I'm HORRIBLE with surprises, they killed me. I couldn't wait to open the gifts. Most kids shook them to see what they were. 


I was the like ninja of Christmas snooping. I would carefully cut the tape and peek inside the wrapping. Then to seal the deal, I would cut a piece of tape the exact same length and place directly over the old to re-seal the package.

I was horrible! Sorry Mom!

When I was little Christmas traditions were simply the best part. We have a lot of recipes for goodies that have been past down and made for years. Peanut butter balls, my great grandmothers fruitcake (a delicious one not those greasy hockey pucks you see at the store) fudge, chex mix and all things deliciousness.

We would make TONS and TONS of these goodies. Then we would bag them up and go take them out to neighbors. That right there was the best feeling, passing on something that was made from the heart. 

We decorated the tree which consisted of my dad giving my mom a hard time and some good ole fashion bickering while trying to untangle the lights. And the EXACT same light when on top the tree each year, it flashed multi colors. It was my FAVORITE. I loved that star.

A Christmas Story played, and plays every year for 24 hours in the Walker and now the Solt household. My dad still hates it and my mom and I look forward to it every year. My dad i'm pretty sure can't stand it because hes been watching it for 24 hours straight for over 30 years...But my mom and I love it! The hubs loves it too! Now at least! Until he met me, he'd never seen it!!!! 

Now that I have my husband we have developed our own traditions that started our first Christmas together.

* Every year we take a Christmas Card picture.
This was last years and a totes fave.

* We always build a gingerbread house on Christmas eve while we watch A Christmas Story.

2010                                        2011                                  2012

They sure aren't the pretties but we have a blast doing it!

* We each get $100 and go to the store and buy lots of little sweet and silly gifts for each other and all of those are the first things we open on Christmas morning.

* We choose a couple big gifts and pick them out for each other together.

* We play the Yule Log DVD while we go to sleep 

* We go sledding (when we can)

* ABC Family Christmas Movies are a must.

* We decorate the tree together and make sure we both love it and like to change the theme each year.

* The star on top of the tree is the star that was always on my tree when I was a kid!!

* Christmas music is a must.

* We go to Christmas Eve service as long as we both are off work on time.

* I make up lots of goodies and go pass them out to friends

* I have to make my great grandmothers fruitcake.

*Christmas Eve is with my parents and Christmas Day is with his family.


Whats your favorite traditions?!



  1. Ralphieeeee!!! You'll shoot your eye out!! I love watching that movie on Christmas Eve!

  2. I used to unwrap entire presents when my parents were gone and then rewrap them! I was so naughty! Love your tree, I can't wait to get a bigger place so I can have a white fake one to decorate myself and then a real one for the family ornaments!

    - Lauren @

  3. I would snoop too... and still do! LOL