Monday, December 23, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

 It's everyone's favorite day of the week again : Monday.

Hopefully it's really a favorite this week as Christmas Eve is tomorrow! 


It freaking snowed all Saturday evening and made a big pile of stupid white fluff. Don't get me wrong I love snow, but since it no longer gets me out of school or work and I have to clear off my car and then drive in it, I am no longer amused.

And its snowing, yet again.



See in my perfect world snow would only fall on grass and trees not on concrete. But unless I'm elected to Mother Nature anytime soon I don't see that happening.

Whomp whomp whomp

My favorite kind of snow is the light fluffy stuff that falls on Christmas Eve. Not blizzard whirlwinds and freezing rain. No thanks!!

That's when I really start to wonder where the heatmiser is.

But it could always be worse so ill stop complaining. 

This weekend the hubs and I finished up our Christmas shopping and Saturday night we made our purchase for our Christmas gifts to each other. Why yes we did it last minute and paid extra shipping so we could each have our present Christmas morning. We are horrible procrastinators. 

The hubs got a flatbill hat and an authentic Richard Sherman jersey. I got a 4th Gen Ipad, EEEK! and a Marshawn Lynch Tee. BEAST MODE! Great Christmas if you ask me!

As for shopping and getting around town on Friday it was a totes nightmare, the holiday crazies were out in full swing that day. We saw traffic accidents, people fighting over the last (insert child's toy here), and confused boyfriends and husbands in Victorias Secret embarrassed as hell.

What are they embarrassed about? 

It's an underwear store, c'mom. 

My dad who is six foot something 200 and some and is the spitting image of dog the bounty hunter goes in there and buys gift cards. 

If he can do it any one should be able to.

  I picked up new wrapping paper in order to finish wrapping the rest of my presents after the fiasco I had with this devilish glitter paper.

This is what he does while I pick out wrapping paper...he doesn't know I'm posting this so SHHHHHHHH. Haha isn't he adorable!?

I assumed it was a printed image, boy was I wrong! It was like glitter fabric and it required special stick me tape that stuck better to my hands then to the paper it's self. Regular tape just wiped right off like it never stood a chance. I was furious after I wrapped one gift and myself and my living room looked like some one busted a glitter Piñata open.

Needless to say, never again devil wrap, never again!

We both work today and then are off Christmas Eve and Christmas, I will be doing some after Christmas shopping at 6am on the 26th. 

That is for real the best, all the gift sets are SUPER cheap and I like to stock up on em! 

I'm most excited to build our gingerbread house and watch Christmas movies all evening tomorrow!!

Gah I can't believe it's only two days til Christmas!! Holy wow!

Are you ready for Christmas? 
What are you most looking forward to?!

As always


  1. Friday at the mall here I too noticed the confused men In Victoria Secrets buying giftcards LOL!

  2. Texas could use a dose of the heatmister as well