Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

With wedding season in full swing and my one year wedding anniversary right around the corner, I wanted to share about our wedding and some insights into wedding planning on a budget. Especially since I got married at age of 20 and my best friend and I planned my entire wedding and the now hubby and I paid for it all by ourselves.

* If something doesn't go how you want it the day of, none of the guests will notice. (best advice someone gave me)
*Its YOUR day, make the wedding what you want, not what you think others will like.
*Keep it cheap, and resell your left over decor.
*Make it personal, let it reflect who you are.
*Be different. No one likes cookie cutter.
*Have a plan and a budget.
*Have a dependable friend to help you plan.
*Don't sweat the small stuff.




Our colors were Pink, Pewter and Zebra, our "theme" was classy. We made it our own in any way possible. The outfits were simple, we each only had one person beside us, my maid of honor picked out her own dress, as did my candle lighter and pianist. That way they had a dress they like and they felt comfortable in. In the entrance way we had a sign that said "as two families become one, pick a seat not a side" this gave everyone the freedom to sit were they wanted and enjoy the ceremony with us. Our programs had mustaches on the back so guests could be entertained. Our guest book was a sign-able picture frame, which now hangs on our wall. We had a simple cake for the wedding party and cupcakes for guests, made the cake serving process fast and cupcakes were cheaper than a sheet cake! I made his groom cake myself, we both share a love for zombie games, shows, movies, etc so I made a zombie cake for him, we got a lot of compliments on it because guests said they loved how unique and personable it was. We left in a shower of confetti, party poppers of all sizes were up for grabs after the ceremony, it was so awesome! We had a memorial candle for those who couldn't be present. Our table decor I designed myself, I searched thrift stores with in a 100 mile radius and bought them up to have them set up with flowers and vintage brooches underneath with candles on top. They were elegant and sparkled. I loved it. We had m&m's on the tables for guests to pick at and we opt'd for a glow stick bar with a few hundred glow sticks and double the amount of connectors to keep the party fun. We also served McDonalds as the dinner, Burgers, fries, chips, beans veggies, punch, etc. White trash? Maybe, but let me explain! When I was in highschool I worked at the local McDonalds, Ty being the raging college kid he was, (he's 2 1/2 years older than me) would come through the drive thru, EVERY NIGHT. Of course he hit on me, always, eventually, right there in McDonalds, he asked me out. It was just kind of our thing. We met there and thats were our relationship started, it was fun for us, it was cheap and the guests loved it because of the story behind it. We also took an engagement picture in the drive thru under a M were we first met. We are just quirky people.

What I would change now is, I would have got into shape then, not worried about others and had more fun myself,focused less on the money part of the ceremony and fueled more money to the honeymoon fund. But I don't regret anything, that was the day I married my best friend and still can't help but smile at the sight of him every day.
With our one year coming up, stay tuned for me trying on my dress and the pound difference, a few anniversary photoshoot snapshots and the anniversary gambling trip snapshots! 
Also coming up at the end of the month is the end of my 30 Day Shred into Summer Challenge and I have had GREAT results so far and Im only a few days into level 3!

What would you change about your wedding?
What are you planning to make your wedding unique?

Have a great one!!

- J

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shred it, Crossfit, Yoga and Food Babies -- Workout Wednesday!

I'm linking up with Skinny Meg again for Workout Wednesday!!

I'm halfway through my "shred into summer'' personal challenge of doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. She's kicking my ass. I took before's and will take afters to post but I've already noticed a big difference in the toning aspect of my body thanks to her!

If you follow me on instagram (ms_st4tus) then you already have seen a lot of what I'm going to be posting. But here is a 3 week difference in my legs. It really is important when working out to focus on total body and not over due just one. 
"Friends don't let Friends skip leg day" So true! 
I want my body to be toned and lean and mean all over not just huge biceps and chicken legs! I want to look great head to toe! This also goes to show, that taking pictures through out your journey will help keep you motivated. I personally hadn't noticed a big difference in my legs besides my pants fitting a little looser in that area, but after the picture, DAMN!

I'm currently down 52 lbs and am hoping praying working my ass off to drop 8 more pounds by July 7th, my 1 year wedding anniversary. That will make a weight loss of 60lbs since the first of the year and since I made my lifestyle changes. But it will make for a 70lb difference since my wedding day. I plan on trying on my dress and taking a picture for comparison then, so stay tuned. I wish I would of had my butt in gear back then!

These pictures show my progress form February 1st 2013 to June 16th 2013. I did start my journey on 1-1-13 but didn't take any pictures because I honestly didn't believe I would make it this far. I still cant believe how far I've come and I couldn't be more proud of myself. 
*pat on the back*

This month I'm doing the 30 day shred and next month I want to start more cross fit style stuff. I'm going to begin tire flipping and battle ropes, I'm in the works now to get my tire and my rope. 

Does anyone out there do either of those? Advice? Workout Ideas??
Hit me, I'm open!

I have begun Yoga as well.

Anyone a yoga buff? Favorite Moves? 

Im sticking with my girl Jillian and am following her videos.
Yoga is great for stretching out muscles, relaxing,lessening muscle pain, toning and burning fat. Who doesn't love that??

Check out this workout and give it a go.
I felt so awesome afterwards like just a relaxed state of mind.
And I always feel good after any type of workout.

I love food.
We haven't went grocery shopping for a while so slim pickings.
I needed some stuff to make it through two more days at work, lunches ya know.
So off to WalMart I went.

This is what I left with.

You are all probably like big deal. But it is to me. I'm proud of myself. A year ago or even 7 months ago I would have left with a case of pop, frozen pizza, candy bars and a pop and candy bar for the way home.

I left with nothing for the way home and only foods that will fuel my body. I smiled as I walked to the car. Notice the gum? I'm addicted I got Extra Dessert Delights Lemon Squares, Root Beer Float and Extra Watermelon Explosion! I've turned too chewing gum to keep my self from board eating.
Also I've read that chewing gum while exercising increases your reaction time!
I just really like the dessert flavors, it gives me something sweet, keeps my mouth busy and doesn't make me feel guilty!

Whats your go-to to keep from board eating?

Thanks for stopping by!!

Work It out today and sweat some lakes!!

- J

Keep your Hair, Thoughts and Standards HIGH

Hey everyone!
I apologize for being a little bit slack-y lately with the posting.
But I'm gonna make up for it, I swear!

The blog title, I'm sure you've heard the saying, "keep your head, heels and standards high'', well I'm altering it a bit to fit me and what this post is about better.

I love some big hair ya'll.
I'm a hairstylist for pete's sake.

Whose pete anyway??

It was Saturday evening and I used the last drop of my dry shampoo. *tears* The salon supply store wouldn't be open again til Tuesday and hell would have to freeze over before I went that long with out my hair products. So off to Wally World I went. I fingered through all the dry shampoos I found comparing ingredients and blah blah blah, finally settling on Tresemme FreshStart Volumizing Dry Shampoo.

 I love it.

I use dry shampoo for the days I don't wash my hair. No I don't wash my hair daily. Its bad for your hair.
A little hair lesson for you: When you wash your hair everyday your stripping the strands of your bodys natural nutrient oils so your body thinks that it isn't making enough and then it begins over producing. Thus greasy hair. Your hair is less greasy the less you wash it, because your body realizes its making plenty if not to much oil to support your amount of hair.
I wash it either every other day or every two days. But since I work out I get sweaty hair too, which is not attractive. Ha. So I use the dry shampoo to absorb sweat and excess oil in between washes. I also use it to help keep my teasing addiction in line. Teasing can break the hair and I try to be kind and rewind every now and then. Dry shampoo is GREAT for adding volume.


Here is day 3 three hair, after multiple workouts also. No grease, no oil, nothing. I just spray the dry shampoo in like the bottle says, small sections of hair, short bursts and massage in with fingers and VOLIA! 

Ima all for big hair even when working out. All volume was achieved with no teasing, back combing or anything. Just dry shampoo!

Do you rock multi day hair??

Speaking of hair, In my June BirchBox I got a product called Miss Jessie's Pillow soft curl lotion. I have naturally curly hair. I promised to try it and give a verdict.

Tis be some goooooood stuff! It left my curls soft but not frizzy and it freaking smells like fresh laundry!!!!
If you have curly locks or even if you just like to scrunch your hair, give this a go, it will give you non crunchy beach waves!!

As for thoughts and standards, you should always try your hardest to keep them positive and high.

When I began my lifestyle changes at the beginning of the year and changed my diet and exercise routines, I also vowed to try to become a better person. 
As cliche as that sounds its true.
I just try to have more positive thoughts, more positive things to say and look for the good in everyone and every situation. Its hard sometimes and yeah sometimes I can be bitchy, but I'm human. Its only natural. The important thing is I try. 
Also I just feel happier more of the time thanks to working out being my vice and I like to spread the cheer, to be a day maker, some one who can brighten someone else day.

Working out releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people just don't shoot their husbands!

I encourage everyone out their as your doing your summer squat challenge, bikini boot camp, xx day cleanse and so on to try and challenge your self to more and better thoughts. Share a smile, pay good fortune forward, lend a hand. You can alter your mood and someone else's in a matter of seconds. Who doesn't love being in a good mood???

Go forth and be a day maker!

Have a great one!!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

30 day Shred into Summer Update

As many of you know I'm doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day shred this month for my "shred into summer" personal challenge. Im on level two and daayyyyyuum its killer.
I took before pictures and will take afters when I'm finished and will post those all at the beginning of July. I'm trying to really kick ass in the workout department this month because July 7th will be our 1 year wedding anniversary and I want to look killer for our mini vaca to the casinos. Cha-Ching! (hopefully, ha!)

This was right after the cool down on level two today, shit. I was sweaty enough to start my own lake. 
Lake Crying Fat. 
 thats what I'm going to call it.

If you haven't tried her shred, 
I suggest you do its a great workout and only takes 27 minutes a day. 
It is designed to kick your ass and make you sweat lakes.

Along with shredding it this month I'm still doing all my normal workouts and eating right and I have been feeling really good about myself lately. I haven't felt this good for a long time. Losing all this weight and getting healthy has improved my overall mood, DRASTICALLY. Gosh I'm just a much happier person. :D

So back last fall before getting fit even crossed my mind and I was eating anything in sight, I bought a new Fox Racing hoodie. Problem being I grabbed the wrong size. Wah wah wahh. And I'm horrible at throwing out clothes so I kept it, tags still intact and all. Fast forward to today..I was feeling particularly good about myself so I thought hell, I'll try it on.
It fit.
It freaking fit.
I 'bout pissed myself.

I felt so good in it.

I like making side by sides to see how far I've really come.
The big picture is today, the top picture is a quote I stumbled upon and fell in love with. and the bottom is a 50lb comparison in the exact same outfit from when I started til recently. I can't believe the changes.
Dedication and hard work really does pay off. If you are on day 1, 7, 13 or whatever of your weight loss journey, don't give up, you will reap what you sow. Sow hard and reap big ones!!

- J

Under 300 Calorie Omelet!

For some strange reason, I've been craving omelets lately. After my run last night I made the best omelet of my life. AND it was freaking healthy!!

Heres the recipe for you:

2 egg whites
1 full egg
1/4 cup skim mozzarella
2 strips turkey bacon
Freshly chopped tomato,green pepper, 
green chile, jalapeno and spinach! 
Spray Butter

Cook your bacon.
 Spray a skillet with spray butter and saute the veggies.
When the veggies are done, put them aside in bowl.
Re-Spray the skillet and pour the mixed egg mixture into the skillet, let cook for about 1 minute, then push one side with a spatula and tilt the skillet so the runny egg hits the skillet to cook. After all the egg is cooked spoon on the veggie mixture, chopped up bacon and half of the cheese.
Fold the omelet in half and slide out of the skillet, 
top with remaining cheese and enjoy!

This was so freakin delish!! I actually made one again today because I couldn't resist.

Whats your favorite omelet stuffings?



BirchBox June!

I luuuhhhve my BirchBoxes! 

Here is June's!

To see past Boxes check these links out:

Birchbox May
Birchbox April
First Birchbox

First off lets start with the box itself, they changed it! Now with silver lettering and a chevron pattern on the inside, too freaking cute.

Now for the goodies.

Birchbox+Color Club's Wanderlust fingernail polish collection, the color I got is London Calling, they are neon pastels. Im so excited to polish my nails with this color and how cute will it be with my melon color I got at the beginning of summer!? Totes going to pair them together!

LAQA & Co Lil' Lip , mint scented-creamy-satin-finish lip pencil. Im a lover of pretty pink on the lips, I'm not a red light district girl nor can I pull off an intense red with my skin tone, psh. I'd look like a bleeding zombie.

Miss Jessie's Original Pillow Soft, Curl lotion!!! AHH! FYI I have naturally curly hair, actually it's more comparable to a lions mane...meh. It smells like clean and fresh laundry...ahhhhh I cannot wait to try this..like no joke. If you follow me on Instagram then you'll probably see me rocking curly hair here soon just to use this product.

Oscar de la Renta Something Blue, expensive perfume that smells so very sexy--BOOM. Nothing like smelly expensive when your feeling sexy and the hubs and I got a date this weekend. Ill be dressed to the nines and smelling like a million bucks.

suki Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser, YUM LEMONGRASS! Favorite morning smell right here! This is a two-in-one cleanser and exfoliate to make your skin look fab! I love exfoliating my face, its one of the best feelings ever. 

Twistband, a nautical themed hair tie, easy on the hair, great for style and makes a cute bracelet in the meantime.

and a cute collection of pop art postcards!

Birchbox seriously is the best $10 I spend every month.

Click back to old birchboxes to see what great goodies you are missing out on and then go sign up for yours....now!!!

You won't regret it :D

- J

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Quickies and Must Haves - W.O.W Link Up!

It's that time of the week again...you guessed it, 
Workout Wednesday with Skinny Meg!


not that kind, get yo mind outta the gutter!

I'm a workout FANATIC. Im addicted.
No if ands or buts.

I workout 2-3 times a day if not more and a lot of that is due to the fact that I hate downtime. You know when you have nothing to do so you end up watching hours of mindless tv...

So I try and fit in a few quick 100(minimum) calorie burning 
workouts through out my day.

These two are my favorite:

40 Jumping Jacks
30 Sit Ups
20 Squats
10 Push ups


50 Jumping Jacks
5 Push Ups
20 Sit Ups
20 Mountain Climbers
30 Sec Plank

They take just minutes to do and you can do them virtually anywhere. 
Yeah I'm guilty of doing these at rest stops on road trips...I just can't help myself..

Do I need rehab for being addicted to workouts? Endorphins make me happy happy happy JACK!

Along with quickies, there are certain things I think any fitness lover should have. Regardless of their fitness level!


A good pair of shoes.
I personally prefer Asics Gel Noosa Tri 8's. 
They have been the best supportive, cushioning and breathable shoes I've ever owned.


Gear for all types of climates and weather.
 I like underarmour's gear for cold and hot weather. They trap heat to keep you warm when needed, repel water and are light and breathable. 
The shorts are higher cut on the sides so its easy to drop down in a deep squat with out any restrictions!

The first head band is a no slip grip one, it really doesn't move--at all. The second headband is climate cool one, it wicks away the sweat to keep it out of your eyes, also can cover your ears in the cold and has a no slip grip in it! Last the socks are compression ones. They are padded and supportive on the bottoms and have ribbing up the leg to help improve circulation and relieve leg pain. I love them all because they work GREAT and well ,
I like bright colors!! 

You can't tell I like UnderArmour, can you???


KT Tape for small strains and pains. This stuff is magical. In the picture I'm wearing it for shin splints. I also wear it for knee pain ( I'm missing a tendon in one of my knees due to an injury I sustained in a car wreck in High school) and the hubs wears it for lower back pain. But it can be used for almost every injury under the sun. They have step by step videos to show the proper way to apply. Its water proof too!! If you have a small strain thats hindering your workout process try some KT Tape and ease back into your workouts and you'll be able to tell the difference!!


Sports Beans are a great thing by Jelly Belly, they provide you with electrolytes, energy and everything you need for a boost in you workout. Everyone takes them differently. I take a few with a glass of water about a half hour before my long runs, then, a few about half way through and the rest of them after my run as I cool down. I think they actually help keep my energy level the same through out the run vs lots at the beginning and then it tapering off. 
And well I like jelly beans. 
So what.


Pace calculator/Distance Measurements 

If your stingy with money like me, ( ''help me i'm poor''- name that movie! ) and can't/haven't gotten a sports watch that tracks your pace distance and so on, they do make apps for that. 
GeoMeasure (third from left) lets you tap points along a satellite map of what ever area you are in and will tell you the total distance!

MapMyRun (last on right) uses GPS to track you while you run, tell you your pace, your distance, your overall time, and splits. It will even talk over your music!! It also logs your runs and you can save certain routes you run multiple times and it will let you compare them and see your improvements!! (and its f-r-e-e )

Whats your favorite quickie or must have!?!

I love hearing about new workouts/products!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

- J

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday

I wish it were Sunday, 'cause that's my funday.

Come on, who doesn't love some Bangles?


How was ya'll's weekends??

I got my new over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder from Victoria's Secret -- Semi Annual Sale, Get there. 

Isn't it adorable? I also got a FREE pair of "cheeksters" panties and a plastic makeup bag with my purchase this weekend - BOOM!

I get asked why I drop $40+ on a bra, well I used to be a religious WalMart/Target bra wearer but I got damn tired of the underwire breaking and stabbing me or the bra just falling apart in general. I could go through 3 or 4 cheaper bra's in less then 6 months, no biggie. Then one day I found Dream Angels and Very Sexy Bra's and it was love at first sight. They are so comfortable and damn they last!!! My old one I had for 7 months before it even showed signs of wear. 

Do you have a favorite bra?

I also purchase a new pair of jean shorts in the size I was in HIGH SCHOOL, BOOM!
They are Miss Me's and all though they aren't as bling-y as I usually get but I just loved the wash on them and they spoke to me.

What do you think?

I was so excited because they fit great and I just knew they were "the ones".

We did our normal grocery gathering. I love fresh fruit. I really do I buy up fresh pineapple, watermelon, strawberries and grapes. Then I do all the prep work, put them in containers so they are easy access and for my snacks I make mixtures of what sounds good at that time and I got my healthy snack, no problem.

Im drooling over the picture as I type this.. mhmmmmm.

As I was wandering through the health isles at Dillon's I stumbled across my favorite chips - PopChips. They had a bunch of flavors that I hadn't tried yet so I grabbed the Kettle Corn kind, OHH EMM GEE, they are freakin delish.

They're called Katy's Kettle Corn because they are Katy Perry's signature flavor for the brand. 

What's your healthy food addiction?

As for the rest of the weekend the hubs and I watched Identity Thief --Hilarious, I recommend you watch it, NOW, Ha. And my hubs is totes a sweetie

I got these for "no reason". Gah I love him. Nothing is better then being married to your best friend.

Last but not least I got us all signed up for The Glow Run 5K in Wichita Kansas. Check the link out and see if its coming near you and the video about it, it looks like a riot!

C'mon honey lets go make some noise
Time it goes so fast
When you're having fun.

Just another manic Monday!

- J

Friday, June 7, 2013

Cheers To The Freakin' Weekend -- 5 on Friday Link Up


I love fridays! 


Fridays are my one and only day of the week that the hubs and I both have the day off. We usually make a day out of it and do something. Today we will be grocery shopping and clothes shopping! This girl right here has lost so much weight ( 50lbs to be exact :D ) that hardly any of her clothes fit!! Wah Wah Waahh.

But any who I'm doing the Link Up with The Good Life Blog inspired by Skinny Meg.

Here we goooooo!

ONE- I love me some yogurtini, some house plain tart, almonds and fruit, I'm in heaven! I will be treating myself to a dish of the deliciousness today!!
How many fans of frozen yogurt are out there?? Cherry Berry or Yogurtini??

TWO - Nail polish, I may or may not be addicted to Essie's Summer 2013 Colors. I love that they are bright and vibrant but still have a cool pastel tone to them! Essie is so well priced, only a few dollars a bottle, so well worth it!

THREE - I need a new bra. Damn it chesticles, always costing my money and getting in the way. So off to Victoria's today to pick up another Dream Angels Bra. Pink and sparkles are my favorite ;) THANK BABY JESUS that the Semi Annual Sale is still going on. I can't pass up a deal. Like I really can't, I might have a disorder? Eh, who cares!

FOUR - Shorts. I need denim in my life. None of my shorts fit me so I'm gonna have to invest in some new ones. Miss Me's shorts have the cutest pockets, they are great quality and I like the longer cut and flattering leg cuff's!
What brand of jean shorts do you love and why??

FIVE - I'm still on a color run high. Here's one of our proofs, right after we got done at the color after party and right before we attempted any clean up. It was such a blasty blast, I can't wait to do it again!!!!
Don't we look pretty darn rad?!?!

Cheers to the freakin' weekend!!
What are you guys going to do this fabulous Friday?!

Be sure to link up at The Good Life Blog!



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