Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Become a Kettle BALLER! -- Workout Wednesday Link Up

Today I'm going to Link up with Skinny Meg  again for Workout Wednesday!

Today I'm gonna share with you all my FAVORITE Kettle Ball workout.
Its a very basic one, so every level of fitness can handle it, no problem!

The kettle ball is one of my favorite around the house weights, when you use it, you are guaranteed to break a sweat and be feeling it. This work out does all that for you!! Even though it doesn't take very long to do!

Give this a shot and let me know what you think!

What are some of your favorite Kettle Ball workouts?

I'm still going steady on my Hello Shredded Summer project, day 5 of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, and loving it.

Although I have to admit, I lost my dvd of it, yeah I totes have the case for it but no bueno. 
BUT Luckily enough, I was able to find the whole dvd on youtube at :

So if anyone out there is wanting to join me or just do the shred for themselves and are a mess like me and lost the dvd, that link will help keep you workin it out!

I'm down 50lbs since January 1 2013 and I've noticed that I'm starting to hit some plateaus with just my normal running and workouts so I thought hell, why not throw this shred in on top of everything else and see what it does. I will post before and afters at the end of it.

The hubs and I had SOOOO MUCH fun at The Color Run in Kansas City, read about our AWESOME time here, that we decided we are going to do The Glow Run 5k in Wichita Kansas on August 3rd. My old college roommate is even going to meet up with us and run it too! Its going to be a blasty blast!!! Can't wait. 

I love how much the hub looks forward to his runs and 5K's he is making me so proud!!!!!

Thats my update for now,
 (check back late) 
I will be posting some of my new favorite clean recipes. I'm a non red meat eater and I eat all organic produce! (These meals are how I've kept the weight coming off) Also hit up the 'Om Nom Nom' Page for some more of my healthy recipe adaptations.

Work it out today!

- J

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  1. I love Kettlebells! I'll have to try this workout soon :)

    Awesome that you are doing 30 Day shred. I have that DVD somewhere but I never finished it. You can get Ripped in June with us, if you like! I'll find you on instragram!

    You're killing it girl!

    1. Thanks! I'll shred it and you rip it and maybe we can link up after we're done and share results!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Dropping in from W.o. W! I haven't done too much kettlebell workouts but I like doing the swings. I need to invest in one!! I did the 30 day shred before... fun times o_O lol. The color run is soooo fun! I did it in January and it's coming back in September and I am considering doing it AGAIN! I followed you on IG, my name is sincerelypresh :) - Congrats on the 50lbs as well!

    1. I plan on doing the color run again it was so much fun!! Thanks for stopping by and for the follow on ig!

  3. I really want to get into that how i say it? ahah. Just to try something new!

    1. Give it a try!! It's such a versatile workout tool and can be used with some many different exersices! I love mine! (:

  4. I loved the 30 day shred! If you like kettle balls try Shred it with weights after :)
    Thanks for linking up!

    1. I will have to do that! Thanks for that and for stopping by!

  5. It is really hard to read with the busy background. I have often thought about purchasing one of these and trying it. Maybe next month I'll do a kettle ball challenge!! :)

    1. Sorry about that! I tried to make sure it was readable :( but ooooohhh a kettle-challenge sounds like some good clean fun, I think I'll make that a goal of mine to makeup a challenge for myself next month! Thanks for stopping by and the great idea!