Thursday, June 6, 2013

Eat Clean, Train Mean

As promised in the link up post, heres  one about food.

Mhmmm, food.

I ALWAYS start the day with breakfast ( I didn't used to, but I forced myself and now its a normal habit). I try to keep breakfast simple as I'm usually in a bit of a rush.

The main things I eat are either:

2 slices whole wheat toast with spray butter and strawberry preserves. ( 150 calories )

2 Ego Whole Grain Light Waffles with spray butter and Kroger Brand Light Syrup (170 calories, 140 calories if I have Walden Farm 0 calorie Syrup )

My regular meals I try to incorporate as much fresh produce as possible and I always splurge on organic produce. I don't eat red meat so Its always turkey or chicken for me. And I get organic/free range in those as well.

Here are some examples, Im always posting food to instagram! (Follow me at ms_st4tus )

A lot of my meals are just veggies ranch and a mix of fresh fruit.
I eat a meal like this at least 8 times a week. I love fresh stuff.

Here was some leftover fajitas, grilled chicken,green peppers, onions, jalapenos, corn, and green onions over whole grain rice and topped with hot sauce. I paired it with All natural chili lime pop chips.

On Sundays I cut up all my fresh fruit and separate it out for the week. Watermelon, pineapple and strawberries are my 3 favorite fruits and I always have them on hand. Occasionally I mix in bananas and pomegranate.

Walden Farms is a brand (they have a website or are found at Dillons/Kroger Stores) that is all 0 calories. Yeah ZEROOO. They make everything. Currently I have these 7 things on hand: Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce, Alfredo Sauce, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter, Chipotle Mayo, Ranch and Chocolate Syrup.

 I drink GALLONS of water a day and I was getting ridiculously tired of refilling jugs at the store or buying cases of water and having plastic bottles all through out my house. For around $7 I invested in a Brita Water Bottle that has a filter in the spout, so you fill it with tap water and it filters it into purified water as you drink. I effing love this thing. I carry it around with me ALWAYS. It has saved me a ton of money so far!

So heres all that for you, if you have any questions, comments or thoughts about my daily diet, comment away!

Have a great day!

- J

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