Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

With wedding season in full swing and my one year wedding anniversary right around the corner, I wanted to share about our wedding and some insights into wedding planning on a budget. Especially since I got married at age of 20 and my best friend and I planned my entire wedding and the now hubby and I paid for it all by ourselves.

* If something doesn't go how you want it the day of, none of the guests will notice. (best advice someone gave me)
*Its YOUR day, make the wedding what you want, not what you think others will like.
*Keep it cheap, and resell your left over decor.
*Make it personal, let it reflect who you are.
*Be different. No one likes cookie cutter.
*Have a plan and a budget.
*Have a dependable friend to help you plan.
*Don't sweat the small stuff.




Our colors were Pink, Pewter and Zebra, our "theme" was classy. We made it our own in any way possible. The outfits were simple, we each only had one person beside us, my maid of honor picked out her own dress, as did my candle lighter and pianist. That way they had a dress they like and they felt comfortable in. In the entrance way we had a sign that said "as two families become one, pick a seat not a side" this gave everyone the freedom to sit were they wanted and enjoy the ceremony with us. Our programs had mustaches on the back so guests could be entertained. Our guest book was a sign-able picture frame, which now hangs on our wall. We had a simple cake for the wedding party and cupcakes for guests, made the cake serving process fast and cupcakes were cheaper than a sheet cake! I made his groom cake myself, we both share a love for zombie games, shows, movies, etc so I made a zombie cake for him, we got a lot of compliments on it because guests said they loved how unique and personable it was. We left in a shower of confetti, party poppers of all sizes were up for grabs after the ceremony, it was so awesome! We had a memorial candle for those who couldn't be present. Our table decor I designed myself, I searched thrift stores with in a 100 mile radius and bought them up to have them set up with flowers and vintage brooches underneath with candles on top. They were elegant and sparkled. I loved it. We had m&m's on the tables for guests to pick at and we opt'd for a glow stick bar with a few hundred glow sticks and double the amount of connectors to keep the party fun. We also served McDonalds as the dinner, Burgers, fries, chips, beans veggies, punch, etc. White trash? Maybe, but let me explain! When I was in highschool I worked at the local McDonalds, Ty being the raging college kid he was, (he's 2 1/2 years older than me) would come through the drive thru, EVERY NIGHT. Of course he hit on me, always, eventually, right there in McDonalds, he asked me out. It was just kind of our thing. We met there and thats were our relationship started, it was fun for us, it was cheap and the guests loved it because of the story behind it. We also took an engagement picture in the drive thru under a M were we first met. We are just quirky people.

What I would change now is, I would have got into shape then, not worried about others and had more fun myself,focused less on the money part of the ceremony and fueled more money to the honeymoon fund. But I don't regret anything, that was the day I married my best friend and still can't help but smile at the sight of him every day.
With our one year coming up, stay tuned for me trying on my dress and the pound difference, a few anniversary photoshoot snapshots and the anniversary gambling trip snapshots! 
Also coming up at the end of the month is the end of my 30 Day Shred into Summer Challenge and I have had GREAT results so far and Im only a few days into level 3!

What would you change about your wedding?
What are you planning to make your wedding unique?

Have a great one!!

- J

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