Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My fastest mile, So Far.

I had kinda pulled back on my running, not as far, fast or as hard as I usually go for, but I woke up Monday and decided that I was just going to go out for a leisure run. I'd been killing it with Jillian Michaels  for my 30 day Shred into summer personal challenge (Results to come on W.O.W linkup!!) so I wasn't worried about my physicalness missing out on anything.

So I get up grab my gear, and out the door I go.

Away, I went.
I felt like a snail. I knew I hadn't really timed myself lately so I wasn't expecting much. I figured my normal 10:20 or longer would be my pace..as I'm snail trailing away over top of my music I hear, "this mile's pace, 9 minutes, 47 seconds" And I was SHOCKED. I had NEVER broke 10 minutes before. I couldn't believe it, I did a happy dance as I kept running, and yes, people stared. But I didn't care. I was ecstatic!!

Sweaty, thirsty and happy!

With that high now boosting my confidence, I woke up today with the same goal, get out and run. I was just hoping to hit 9:47 again or be under 10 in general. So away I go and as I'm rounding my first turn, here come three snooty, skinny twig high school girls running. They are just feet behind me and I saw the look they gave me and the snickers. I wanted to get away from them. I kicked it up, while going up hill. Away I went....they disappeared behind me to never be seen again, by me of course, and the pace of escaping their judgement, stuck. Still not expecting a good time at all, then my music quiets down and the voice comes on " this mile's pace 9 minutes and TWENTY SEVEN seconds" I smiled and a tear ran down my cheek. I was so proud of myself. I knew I had only made progress this year and I was proud of the gal I had become. 6 months, 8 months, a year ago, I wouldn't run for the fun of it, let alone run a mile or three with out stopping and curling up to die in the ditch. The girl I used to be wouldn't place such importance on a good daily workout or the time she ran a mile in. But this girl, this girl right here does. This girl gives herself pep talks and encourages her while she runs. This girl doesn't give up.

I was so thrilled, I just sat in the driveway staring at my time.
Confidence and feeling of a job well done washed over me.

This girl got to have a s'more after supper tonight. I earned it.
I watched the serving size though! So I got two s'mores in the serving size and it was only 390 calories! I enjoyed EVERY SINGLE BITE! It was delicious. and worth it.

Whats your fastest mile so far??

- J

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