Friday, July 26, 2013

Gonna get down on Friday


For this Friday post, I'm going to be linking up with The Good Life Blog for Five on Friday!

My Five today are going to be Hair Do's and Don'ts! Being a stylist I always love sharing with people and my clients ways to help their hair, not only do I beautify, I educate!

Here we go
 1, 2  Step.

1. Don't brush wet hair. Do comb wet hair, preferably a wide tooth comb. Brushing wet hair causes more breakage because when your hair is wet it's the most vulnerable!

2. Don't comb hair starting at the roots. Do comb hair starting at your ends and working your way up.

3. Don't Wash Your hair every day. Do use a dry shampoo between washes. Washing your hair everyday strips the hair of its natural oil, so your body assumes its not producing enough so it begins to over compensate, thus greasy hair. The less you wash it, the less oil it produces. Using a dry shampoo in between washes is great for volume, sweat absorption and smell.

4. Don't apply product to the front of your head. Do use product, especially a thermal protectant. 80% of your hair is in the back of your head, 20% in the front. When you apply product starting at the front your depositing 80% of the product on 20% of the hair, making a greasy look. Start at the back and it will be more evenly distributed and work better for your hair!

5. Don't apply conditioner starting at your roots. Do deep condition one a month if not every two weeks. When you apply conditioner at the top of your head and work down, your giving all the hair thats not very old the nutrients of the conditioner  Start at your ends that hair is years old and needs the moisture the most. Always rinse your conditioner with cool water to lock in the moisture!

Here's to peace, love and hair grease!

I will be working all weekend, 

womp womp waaah.

But come Monday, this girl right here is going to be getting her own hair cut and colored!!! WHOOT.

I can totally color my hair myself, but I prefer to pay to go to a friend since I do it all the time it's nice to be on the other end of pampering!!

I love getting my hair washed, whose with me???

Need hair help?
Ask away!

Have a fabulous friday my friends!!



  1. Really good tips --- so glad you linked up today!!! {and woohoo for dry shampoo.... I'd be a mess without it}!

    Happy weekend!

  2. i love it when someone else washes my hair! it feels really good. best thing about getting your hair done, imho.

  3. Wow!!! I needed this. Great tips. I have a question, what would you recommend as a serm after your hair is dry for dry/frizzy ends? I'm currently use BLO.

    1. It's a Ten! Brand makes a serum and its fabulous! I swear by Its a Ten products they are just amazing for your hair!! Use sparingly though a little goes a long way! Hope that this helps!(:

  4. Any recommendations for dry shampoo brands for fine, thin hair?

    1. Try tigi rockaholic or Its a 10! Dry shampoo! (: