Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We Survived Year One

On Sunday the 7th it will be our one year wedding anniversary!
We've been together for a little over three years, March was our dating anniversary. Time sure does fly. I can't believe our wedding was a year ago. Although planning a anniversary photos and a small get away is a bajillion and ten times easier then the wedding was. (and i'm less irritable)

We got some new outfits to wear in pictures and to wear on our mini getaway. 
I had to have pictures because, well I hated our engagement and wedding pictures...not the memories just the fact that I didn't have a handle on my weight back then. For the first time EVER, we got our pictures back and I liked every SINGLE LAST one of them. They made me happy, like they should.

Heres a few of our engagement and wedding pictures that made me the most sad, when looking back:

None of those clothes fit, I don't ever remember feeling like I let myself go, but a pictures worth a thousand words, and when I saw these I cried a little. Because I was disappointed in myself, I was still happy I married my best friend but I was not happy with my appearance. As for the McDonalds picture, long story short, when the old mcdonalds store was in that location, and I worked there in highschool the drive thru window that we met at was there. They built a new store and put an M there instead, so we had to take a picture in the spot where our journey began.

Where did you meet your love?? 
Don't be shy, I mean I got picked up in the drive thru of McDonalds. Haha.

Now heres the pictures we took yesterday, my best friend took, them she is just gifted at photography and she always takes our pictures, then we take her out to dinner. Its always a fun evening!

(Outfits: Me- Top, Old Navy, Im in a large but definitely could of done a medium. Shorts - Miss Me's and Shoes Walmart. Hubby - Top, Sears. Bottoms, Old Navy and shoes from American Eagle) I love me some bright colors and right now i'm stuck on teals/aguas and melon and mint!!

Gosh I love these so much.

We had a blast and it literally was like 30 minutes or less of shooting cause each pictures just turned out great the first try. These pictures were just ment to happen.

As for our anniversary we are leaving this weekend to go to Topeka for two nights, go to dinner, go gambling at a casino (I've never been)(hopefully we win, pshhh) and then do as we feel and do some shopping. This girl is getting a new pair of running shoes! (much needed)

While I was on my photo high, I pulled out the wedding dress, and DAMN. I expected it to be loose, but I didn't expect it to be cinched as tight as possible and still fall off...Good feeling though.

I'm still shocked!

What happened to your wedding dress?
I will hold onto mine, sentimental value. 


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  1. aww we met at cicis pizza!!! had our rehersal dinner there too LOL! adorable pics, you look awesome girl!!