Saturday, July 20, 2013

My WorkOut Routine

Good morning Sunshines!!!

Rise and shine!!

Why are you so damn perky right now, don't talk to me until I have had my second cup of coffee..

Oh, I'm just in a good mood, don't you ever wake up just happy to be alive and with a sense of overall well being? Well today I'm feeling good without the help of any illegal narcotics. 

So I get asked a lot what my personal workout plan is, and it changes. Over the last week a lot of you have been really inquiring about my routine. 
Well my pretty's I'm going to share my most current workout with you today.

Thats the overall schedule, and here are the individual workouts

As for yoga on Saturday's I just follow along to Tara Stiles on you tune at The Yoga Solution on the LiveStrongWoman Channel, she has TONS to choose from and they are all very easy to follow along too!

I like to get a good stretch in and yoga gives me that with out a doubt.

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Also my BBF (Best Blog Friend) Kaslin is getting all prepared to start her fitness journey and go Paleo! She blogs about that and life with some sarcastic humor thrown in, she is just getting started but her blog offers a good read! Go see her HERE.

Any questions about these workouts, my routines or any thing else you feel like asking, email or comment!
I'm more than happy to answer all questions of all shapes and forms!

thaa, thaa, thaaats, alllll folks!

- J

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  1. Looking through your list of exercise routines, one might think that it's too much for one person to perform. But variety pushes people in achieving their dream weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So for me, what you're doing is truly great. Just make sure that you do warm-up and cool down exercises before and after to avoid injuries. Good going!
    Jessica @ She\'s Fit!

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