Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Workout Wednesday--Post Workout Munchies! & Giveaway Winner!!

Hello world!

It's Wednesday! So you know what that means!!! I'm linking up with Skinny Meg again! This week the subject is post work out snacks!

First off I wanted to announce that Nikki Williams is the winner of the Get Fit Gift Pack Giveaway! CONGRATULATIONS! Nikki, please get ahold of me via email.

It is so important to fuel your body after a workout! If you don't give it nutrients that it needs to fuel those muscles and burn fat, then it starts breaking down your muscles and slows your metabolism!

Oh haaaaaiiiiilllll naaaaah.


These are my favorites.

* Chobani Greek Yogurt bite Expresso with Dark Chocolate Chips - CAN YOU SAY FREAKING DELISH?!?!?!?! I may or may not be hoarding these by the case in my basement or knocking people over at the grocery store to get the last one... I really like it with my vanilla chex cereal instead of milk! So good.

*Planters NUT-rition Energy mix- as if peanut butter couldn't get any better. Packed with protein and healthy fats you can't go wrong with this! Either by the spoonful or smeared on toast or all over my body.

*Cottage Cheese - when in doubt have a bowl of cottage cheese. The protein in this is a super duper way to fuel those muscles with only a few bites! The hubs hates cottage cheese because its white (TWSS) and looks 'gross' and unnatural. Whats more natural than curdled milk?!?! No?!? Eh, whatevs

*Protein Bars- Kind or Think Thin. The proofs in the puddin' or this case the bar. But these babies were made just for the purpose of fueling your body and thats exactly what they do!

*True North Cashew Crunch- Warning, love affair in progress. DAMN these little bits must of fell straight from heaven and made a pit stop in paradise before arriving to my mouth.
Okay maybe i'm exaggerating but they are SOOOOO good. Like a healthy version of a pay day candy bar!
Cashew's are good for digestion and a the good kind of fat. So go ahead, have a second bite. I won't tell.

*Bolthouse Farms Mocha Cappuccino- Why hasn't any one told me about these before????? I picked one up the other day, took a sip and kinky music started playing in the back ground. It tasted just like Starbucks to me. I love me some Starbucks  unfortunately  the nearest StarBucks is 45 minutes a way,
womp womp waaahh.  I blended it with some ice and add some fat free cool whip and VIOLA! StartBucks ala Jessi.
I made one bottle into two blended drinks

I'm a really bad creature of habit. So once I find something I like I stick to my guns!

And for just a tid bit of fitness:

Yesterday I went on three runs.

I just felt like runnin'...
I may not be a smart man Jen-nay but I know what love is
Love me some Forest Gump

I'm totally loving my Garmin Forerunner10.

Do you use a gps watch or fitness watch?
What kind?

I'm totes open to new snack ideas, throw me some good recipes or ideas. I love Chobani and am willing to try new flavors, do you have a favorite flavor???

Ok, now do it how you do it, gone and walk it out, I said  do it how you do gone and walk it out!

Until next time!

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  1. We buy the non-fat, plain Greek yogurt at Costco and add to that. Stevia, cinnamon, whatever fruit I have. Or use it to make smoothies w/ stevia, almond milk, fruit, ice. If i need a boost of protein for the day I add vanilla protein powder as my sweetener. Yum.

    Otherwise it's nuts, pb on toasted pita bread, apple and pb, any of jamie eason's protein bars, cottage cheese. Keeping my snacks high protein is a lot harder than meals.

    1. How is pita bread??? I've never tried it before!

    2. I get whole wheat pita pockets at my local store. They are fabulous. We use them a lot for sandwiches rather than bread.

  2. Thanks for sharing your post work out snacks! Love, love, love what you do with the BoltHouse Farms!! Yum! Kudos on your 3 runs in a day! Go girl!