Thursday, July 25, 2013

Get In My Belly!

Lately I've had a fair amount of people ask for a post about what I eat during a typical day, and what I choose off menu's when I go out to eat. 
This post is all about that!
Ask and you shall receive!

If you follow me on instagram, then you probably seen some of these pictures before, so sorry for the repeats.

* 2 Whole grain waffles with Walden Farms Syrup and Cinnamon and topped with either fresh berries and almonds or almonds and sugar free chocolate chips.
* 3 egg white omelet with a slice of fat free swiss cheese and salsa and 2 slices of whole wheat toast with spray butter.
*2 slices of cinnamon raison swirl toast topped with Walden Farm Syrup and strawberries.
* A serving of Chex Vanilla cereal mixed with one Chobani Bite Expresso and Dark Chocolate Greek Yogurt.

*Kind Bar
*Think Thin Bar
*Fiber One 90 calorie bar
*Fit&Active snack pack
*Banana and Peanut Butter

*Turkey Meatball Muffins with mustard and Cheesy broccoli with a mixture of fresh fruit.
*Carrots, Green Pepper, Celery and Ranch with a mixture of fresh fruit.
*Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad with Salsa and a Banana 
*Tuna Salad with Cheddar PopChips 100 calorie bag and a mixture of fresh fruit.
* 3 egg white pizza omelet with turkey pepperoni, fat free swiss cheese and marinara sauce and an apple.

*Turkey Sausage on whole grain rice with corn, black beans, jalapenos, green onion, green pepper, red onion and a sprinkle of cheese and hot sauce.
*Green pepper stuffed with turkey burger, rice,black beans corn, green onions and red onion with a slice of fat free cheese with sea salt and garlic sweet potato fries.
*Luau grilled chicken burger with sea salt and garlic sweet potato fries
*Sweet Potato Chip nachos
*Green apple, Sweet potato, green onion and turkey bacon hash, either by itself or with grilled chicken.
*Turkey meatball muffin sub on a 60 calorie tortilla and cottage cheese.
*Single pizza on a 60 calorie tortilla with pizza sauce, skim milk mozzarella  turkey pepperoni, green pepper, green onion, and red onion. 

*Skinny Cow Ice Cream
*Sliced banana, strawberries and pineapple with Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup
*Skinny Pie
*Kind Bar
*Fiber One 90 Calorie Bar

Eating Out
*Mexican Restaurants- fajitas with out the tortilla's, chicken taco salad with out the shell, vegetarian enchilada's. 
*Subway - 6inch Veggie delight with pepper jack cheese and southwest chipotle sauce on wheat bread with baked chips OR English muffin with egg whites,bacon, green peppers and american cheese for breakfast.
*IHOP- Garden Omelet with turkey bacon and fresh fruit or whole wheat crepes.
*Chili's - Something off of the fit menu
*Chinese Restaurants- Vegetarian Egg rolls, general tso's chicken, sweet and sour chicken and Crab rangoon.
McDonalds- Kid's 4 piece chicken nugget meal with no sauce.

These are just some of the examples of things I eat. I try to make smart choices that are going to be filling for me and full of good clean nutrients.

When we go out to eat if the nutritional facts aren't available at the restaurant  I look them up online on my phone.  

I don't have a set "cheat" day, but if I'm really, really craving something, I let myself have it in moderation. Like the other day I really wanted some peanut butter M&M's (my favorite!!!) So I had some. Because I did it in moderation and listened to my body, I avoided a binge later on. The hubby and I also share small shakes or root beer floats every now and then. (he eats pretty healthy himself)

I'm also cautious not to eat to late into the evening and to eat with in 30 minutes of waking up.

As for drinks I drink lots of water, unsweet tea, flavored water, skim milk, Bolthouse Farm drinks and vitamin water zero.

For recipes or more idea's feel free to send me an email or leave a comment!

I'm always up for new meal idea's, 
what are some of your favorites???

Bon app├ętit!!



  1. thanks for posting this?? do you stick within a certain calorie zone?

    1. I loosely aim between 1200 & 1700, but I don't count fruits and vegetables as calories. Those are my "freebies" because they are filled with things that are good for your body, so why limit then?!?

  2. Chickken salad- chicken breats chopped and mixed with non-fat plain greek yogurt, chopped onions and celery, garlic salt. Eat in a tortilla or pita or with crackers. I sometimes add avocado and/or tomatoes on top. Hubby and the kids often steal my bowl full out of the fridge!

    1. Sounds delish! I'm going to have to make some tonight, thanks for the idea!!!

  3. Thank you for posting this!! GREAT ideas for dinner, that's my hardest meal!!!

    Just getting back on track with my eating and exercise, I lost 30 pounds last year really just counting calories and have gained 10-15 back :/

    Love your blog though!

    1. You're welcome!! And thanks! Glad this was helpful to you!!(:

  4. Awesome!! This sure helps! You may have posted on your blog already, so I should do a search, but the Turkey meatball muffins sound good....wait made in a muffin tin??? :)
    Your pics of your fruit mixtures look so goooood!
    Do you eat a certain brand of the bread products you eat?
    One last thing ;) ........ when you can, besides the turkey muffins, can you share the recipes for your Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad & Luau grilled chicken burger?

    1. Thanks! Yes in a muffin tin! And as for bread no certain brand just whole wheat or whole grain bread and the tortillas I eat are a special brand I find at dillons and they only have 60 calories in them! I will get all those recipes posted in the next few days!