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My current statistics include:
Blog Followers- 565
Instagram Followers - 1961
Daily Page Views - 980 - 2234
Page Views to date -118,774

I've been #5, #3, #2 and am currently at #1 since 10/26/13 in Up & Coming Blogs.
(Updated 10/27/13)

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With a photography and photoshop background, my 'about me' image and Kaslin's image under 'have you met' are my personal work.


I am not a professional trainer, dietician nor doctor and I do not claim to be. I post about what has worked for me and my opinions on the world. These thoughts are my own.  If you want to be a negative nancy and leave disrespectful comments on this blog, I suggest you find a new place to dwell. Negativity is not welcome. This is a site for inspiration, sharing about life and making new connections. Leave all the comments you want, email me all you want, if you have something you are displeased with email me and we can discuss it. Other than that, enjoy this site, explore  contact me so I can get to know you and let's live and let live!

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