Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween & Kaslin Tells All {{Guest Post}}

Happy Halloween!!!

Today your gonna get to enjoy an awesome post from my girl Kaslin (Case-Lynn) Ya gotta be able to say it right if your gonna blog stalk her :) 

But first a little Halloween Blip from me...

I love halloween. Maybe its cause my birthday is in October too, so I just have a special love for this month, but I will never, and I quote never be too old to dress up.

Speaking of dressing up, 
I'm dressing up for work today! 
If any one would like a chance to win a $10 Starbucks gift card, you can try to guess my costume! 

Entries will be taken on this blog post and on a post I will put up on instagram! 
Clues: It is work appropriate, it's something common that everyone know.
 I'll take guesses up until 3pm and I'll reveal my costume and a winner via Instagram this evening. (Winner will be notified personally).

Sadly enough though, the hubs isn't a big Halloween junkie, like my self. I don't give a shit about the candy in all reality, I just like dressing up. I swear to gravy I'm not a totes weirdo that dresses up around the house, but I enjoy the yearly costume fun! And I gets totally joy out of handing candy out to children, getting to see all their costumes and the fun they are having melts my heart. Not to trash my bad girl rep, but I'm a big mushy mush at heart.

With all that said and done, I wish you all a happy and safe Halloween!!

Now I'll hand it over to Kaslin...

Hello, Hello, Hello, Jess Solt fans! I’m Kaslin, and I blog over at “Kaslin Tells All.” about dealing with fitness while working my way through college and breaking my addiction to Dr. Pepper and sweets! Come visit!

So now that we have been introduced, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself! I am a college student out of Oklahoma, pursing a degree in nursing with a minor in business. My overall goal it to become a nurse practitioner, so I will be going all the way for my masters degree. I am about 3 classes shy of an associates, and I am just trucking along! I live with my boyfriend of 3 years, and spend my days wondering about fitness, crafts, half marathon training, school, and how to deal with not stopping at a gas station for a big gulp Dr. Pepper. Don’t we all?
As far back as I can remember, I was always the “fluffy” girl. I think that’s the word the blog world is using for fat right now, right? Well I was. I remember weighing myself around 12-13 years old, and thinking “Jesus, how can I be this big”? Which was odd, because I never thought I looked that big. I let the scale determine my happiness for most of my teenage years, and I’m still doing it, but now I’m busting out! I’m DONE. I want to be happy and healthy, and that’s what my blog is all about. However, I do gripe about school some, just forewarning ya!

Recently, I took on the task of The Whole 30. If you don’t know, that is a hard core paleo diet. When you think of paleo, the kind of food you should think of is honestly what a cave man would have access to. Could a cave man whip up that highly processed in a factory bag of chips? Probably not. But he sure could enjoy a nice cucumber and a slap of meat! Anyways, I have only a couple of days left on this diet, and I am very pleased with my results. I will say that I have lost around 7 pounds throughout the 30 days, but for more on my results, you’ll have to visit me for workoutWednesday sometime! J All around, it is a great way to change how you look at food, and shows you have certain foods affect your body. One day on the diet, I had an item that had a little bit of dairy in it. BIG NO NO. My stomach was wrecked the next 2-3 days. I was bloated, and all other kinds of things that you don’t want to know about!
During the course of the diet, I did cheat a couple times, which I do regret. But hey, I’m only human, and college sucks sometimes! As far as workouts go, I have been hanging out with my favorite girl, Jillian Michaels. It’s so nice to have a “personal trainer” (a.k.a. DVD trainer) yell out you for 30 minutes out of your day. I have also been doing the Couch to 5K plan, and I am REALLY seeing results with that. It helps me keep up my endurance through my workouts with Jillian, and has helped me start to see changes in my legs. Which is a miracle, for me.
After the diet is “over”, I will continue to eat paleo, but if I stop in for a, oh I don’t know Frappe from Starbucks, it won’t be the end of the world. Just the end of a pleasant stomach for a few days! My next fitness goal is to run a half marathon. Jess thinks I’m crazy, but only half crazy. Get it? Get it? No, okay.
So come train with me for my half, and watch me melt off this weight!
I have already seen a major difference in just 10 days! 

 and cant wait to see what else my body can do!

I am also hosting my very first giveaway today, so make sure and stop by and get the details for that!
It is a great prize!
Thanks for having me, and hope to see you over at my little neck of the woods.
Follow me on instagram: Kaslinlea


Did you dress up today?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Fangled App-a-ma-jigger! {{WOW Link Up}}

Wait for it.

Waaaaiiit, for it...

You knew that was coming.

You know what else today is?

Pump day! Cause You should be pumped for Workout Wednesday with The one and only Skinny Meg!

So, I'm sure many of you know Elise over at 9tofit, well I kinda blog stalk  creep follow her for workouts. 

Well there is this great app out there called "Cody" its totes free to download. When I heard new free fitness app, I was all in.

I downloaded that baby, and its pretty damn cool!!
You can subscribe to trainers and get workouts that you can do in all kinds of places! 
Some are free, some you pay for but its all your choice. It has a news feed to that shows you when new workouts come out from those your subscribed too! The workouts have videos with them too so it just doesn't get any better...right??

It does! it tracks you own personal progress, miles, lifts, workouts, when you workout, how long between days of working out etc! Its pretty fancy.

I suggest you go check it out.

What are some other great fitness apps? 
I love keeping apps on my phone cause then I never have an excuse not to workout!


Be sure to come back tomorrow for an awesome guest post about the Paleo Lifestyle and how that diet can be helpful to weight loss!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday's for the Tummy

Hey hey hey!

I'm in a FABULOUS mood today because it's my day off and I have no plans! So i'm going to be flying by the seat of my yoga pants today and see where I end up!

Like I said yesterday I'm gearing up for the 24 Day Challenge, I did the 10 Day cleanse,Read about that HERE. Through out the cleanse, I explored some recipes but I felt I repeated a lot. Now I have a full 24 days to go through and I really wanted to try some new things each week. I plan on posting each week about new recipes I find and try and how I like them, they will all be 100% cleanse approved. I like to follow the rules to the T, I mean I dished out 200 doll hairs on this bad boy, I ain't wasting that cash for nothing. --Side note: speaking of money, has anyone else seen the new 100 dollar bills, like EW they just look straight up like monopoly money. I took one yesterday and I felt like I should of just passed go or was buying a railroad... -- Here are two awesome recipes for ya today.

Happy Steamers

1/2 large sweet potato, peeled and chopped.
2 cups chopped boccoli 
2 cups chopped cauliflower 
1/4 medium red onion
1 3/4 cup snap peas
6 asparagus spears
12 string beans

This is 255 calories right here, I made up a few ziplock baggies of these and threw them in the fridge/freezer. Then I just throw them in my steamer ( I have this one from Tupperware ). I like to put some spray butter, garlic, sea salt and mrs dash lemon pepper seasonings on them and of course add some Chulula hot sauce, YUM! Goes great with a chicken breast.

Spicy Tuna Cakes

10 oz tuna
2 egg whites
1/4 cup bread crumbs
Chopped Onion
Chopped Green Pepper
1 Small can chopped Green Chili 

In a bowl combine all ingredients. Spray a skillet with non stick and place over medium heat, shape tuna patties a cook like a burger, browning each side lightly. I made  7 of these and they come out to 64 calories each.

Now while my fatty mcpatty mind is in food mode and thinking about eating. 

My girl Abigail over at According to Abigail, just finished the 10 day cleanse. As I was reading her post today and throughout the cleanse, she has some stellar food ideas, I stole this from her:

Steel cut oats with natural peanut butter & sauteed apples with cinnamon

I think this looks freaking delicious, she also had a bunch of other food ideas as well that I guarantee I will be stealing.

Any good recipes I should be trying?!

Happy Tuesday!!


Monday, October 28, 2013

RIP Weekend

And Monday rears its ugly head, again.


All though I'm not particularly happy about the mundane Monday ahead of me, I've got enough left over happiness from the weekend and enough excitement about this coming week to make it through.

We live in po-dunk kansas, yeehaw...and the town 45 minutes from us just got a Dicks Sporting Goods store, thats a big deal here. Ever since I got back from Iowa, I've had the runny nose from hell. So feeling under the weather just kills my normal happy go lucky-ness, the hubs obviously had noticed, so as we were off for our normal grocery shopping adventure; He surprised me! With none other than a mini shopping spree to Dick's. He knows my true weakness is athletic gear. I picked up a new sweat shirt, head band and running shorts. I was very happy, happy happy, to say the least! We shopped, we came home we curled up under the blankets near a heater and watched Tanked and Undercover Boss on Netflix. I keep telling you we live such wild lives, this should prove it!

I really don't like to draw attention to myself or anything...psh!

I've been dosing up on the Mucinex and sweating it up as much as I can and I've just about eliminated that nasty little bug I brought back from I-yi-yi-a-wah. (iowa)

Now for the week looking up, Tuesday is my day off WHOOT and I have nothing planned and those are usually the best days for me. I like not having a schedule for once, and not having to wear pants...
Then Thursday is HALLOWEEN, I have to work, but I get to wear a costume! I got it all picked out, what do you think I'll be?
There could be a prize for the first person to guess correctly! :) 

Are you dressing up for Halloween? What are you going to be?

Then Friday, November 1st, I'm starting my 24 day Challenge with co-workers and I CANT WAIT!!! I'm so excited I love challenges and stuff like that, they really pick my spirits up and get my head back 100% into the game.

While I'm gearing up the challenge, I'll have some great new recipes for you guys this week, hopefully I'll get them up tomorrow for ya!

While I have all you new comers out there, I want you to know, your in put is welcome! What do you wanna see on here, what do you want to know?

With the challenge starting on Friday, I'm debating if i'm going to let my self dip into the trick-or-treaters bucket and indulge a little on some delicious processed nonsense!

Do you indulge a little on halloween? Whats your candy coated weakness?

These are my favorite! And its going to take every ounce of my self control to keep my sausage link fingers from snatching bags of discounted candy from the store this coming weekend. Thank gosh for that challenge starting!

How was your weekend!?


Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Movies (5onFriday)

Happy Friday!!!

It's the last Friday before Halloween and I don't know about you but I'm a sucker for Disney Channel Original Movies! ( I will ALWAYS watch them) But around holidays they play all of their (insert that holiday) classics. No holiday is complete without having a mini movie marathon of some kind at some point. Forget trick-or-treating just give me a glass of tea and a snuggie and park me in front of Disney Channel and I'm golden. ( I feel this is how I will spend my elderly years of life...hmmm)



Hands down this is my freaking favorite and there are like 5 different ones with all the sequels they made. I love them all. Like super duper puffy heart with glitter.


Hocus Pocus

Now you find me someone who doesn't love this one!!!


Under Wraps

This is a super oldie but defiantly a classic. I love harold the mummy!



This is a newer one but I really enjoyed it. It may just be that I like Tia and Tamara as actresses in general or that its still Disney..


Okay okay this isn't disney but what childhood would be complete with out Charlie Brown, c'mon!!!!

The Great Pumpkin!!


Okay now this isn't exactly Halloween but it is my hands down favorite scary movie of all time. Super cheesy, horrible effects and ridiculous plot and all....

drum roll please....


HI I'm Chucky, wanna play?!

Every single last one of them I've watched. When I was younger it gave me nightmares and I'd lock my dolls and stuffed animals in the closet. As I got older I found humor in the fact of how cheesy it was. I just really enjoy it. It's one of those childhood tradition kinda things that just stick with you for life! I am guilty of owning a Chucky doll though....I'm that obsessed-- Don't judge me!

The always amazing Darci at The Good Life Blog has a bajillion cute things for Halloween from food to decor, so if you are stuck with either hurdle check her out! She's just the darling lady that helps host the 5 on Friday link up that I look forward to each week!

Whats your favorite Scary/Halloween Movie?!?

The hubby and I are off for our usual slow day of taking it easy and grocery shopping. I'm trying to beat this dang stuffy nose. It's like snot river up in this house.
Not a river I like to be on either.

What are your weekend plans?


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Food Diaries and Before and Afters


A lot of you are here because of the now infamous picture that had everyone learning about me on Instagram:

I started my Journey on 1-1-13 and the right is to date. Left is roughly 228-238lbs, when I officially began keeping track it was 228. Currently I'm fluxing at 159-161lbs. About 69lbs down. I'm 22 years old and roughly 5 foot 8 and I have been lucky enough to lose a lot of inches as well so far. No I'm not done with my journey as this is a lifestyle change. I'm justing doing my best to be better than I was yesterday and hopefully inspire others along the way. 

So I've recently gained some new followers/friends that are new to my blog and I have been flooded with questions that you all have that some of my longer term followers are more familiar with. But just to be fair, I'm going to kinda do a quick little refresher here so everyone can begin to know me better and my journey.

So fat and miserable as 2012 came to a close, I decided after many many long cries and days I didn't want to leave the house, that enough was enough. I had created this ridiculous carb-tastic monster of a franken-fatty and I was the only one to blame and the only one who could do something about it. So I researched like crazy and decided on a plan of how to get my life in gear. I threw away shit food. Literally I walked through my kitchen with a trash bag and just started throwing stuff away. I began buying healthy food and learning about how many calories I should be eating and what foods are going to benefit my body the best. I use Livestrong My Plate app on my phone to track calories I also began with exercise. I started the Couch 2 5K program and I did that three times a week and went on regular walks the other four days. 

I also did/do at home ab and free weight work outs in my living room. Yes thats true I don't have a gym and I haven't been a member to one.

 I did the C25K program twice through and ran my first 5K, The color run. After that I was addicted I have a new found love of running. I have also done Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (twice).

I am currently am in my second stage of Shaun T's Focus T25. I also have done Advocare's 10 Day cleanse and I am now gearing up for the full 24 day challenge beginning on November 1st, if any one wants to join they are more than welcome, we could definitely have a contest/giveaway if enough of you want to participate in the challenge with me! I recently read "It Starts With Food" Its a GREAT GREAT BOOK!!! It really breaks down healthy eating and expalin why certain foods are good and why shit food is bad and why its hard to kick it. I didn't follow the program it came with but I took ideas from it, its super great though if any of you out there need help jumpstarting a healthy eating plan, they include recipes, meal guides and shopping lists!!

That's a quick little background on me and here are some previous post's that my new friends might enjoy:

You've also been asking about some daily examples of what I eat so here are some just regular old days in my life..nope sorry not a soap opera! Haha!

Sample Day One

Advocare Meal Replacement Shake made with water and Ice. 
1 Banana

2.5 hours later- Snack-
100 Calorie pack of Vanilla Almonds
1 Granny Smith Apple
Advocare Spark!

3 hours later- Lunch-
1 piece of grilled chicken
Steamed Broccoli, Cauliflower, Green Peppers, Snap Peas and Red Onion
1 Banana

2.5 hours later - Pre workout snack
Box of Raisins and 1/4 cup sunflower seed kernels

2/3 hours later- Dinner-
1/4 cup Egg Whites + 1 yolk Omelet with spinach, onions, pepper, jalapenos 
2 pieces Butterball Turkey Bacon
1 cup of melon

Sample Day Two

Bowl of Chocolate Fiber One Cereal with 1/4 cup skim milk
1 cup Sliced strawberries and Raspberries

2.5 hours later- Snack-
Hummus and Mini Peppers/Carrots 
Advocare Spark!

3 hours later- Lunch-
Spagehetti Squash with Organic Marinara Sauce and Three Turkey Meatball ''muffins'' with fresh chopped green pepper and red onion
2.5 cups of mixed fresh fruit (pineapple,strawberries,green grapes and red grapes)

2.5 hours later - Pre workout snack
Bowl of watermelon

2/3 hours later- Dinner-
Sweet Apple and Bacon Potato Hash 
Small Leafy Salad

Sample Day One

3 Ingredient Banana Blueberry Pancakes with Light Syrup or Watered down PB2

2.5 hours later- Snack-
4 Tangerines
Advocare Spark!

3 hours later- Lunch-
Sweet Potato Fries, Green Bean Fries 
1 Piece Grilled Chicken Breast

2.5 hours later - Pre workout snack
Fiber one 90 Calorie Bar

2/3 hours later- Dinner-
Broccoli Slaw Stir Fry with Grilled Chicken and String Beans

When Eating Out:

Double Meat Turkey Breast Chopped Salad with American Cheese, Lettuce and Spinach mix with Green Peppers, Onions, Tomatoes, Pickles, Jalapenos and Banana Peppers with Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

Then the hubs and I spilt one cookie.

Hong Kong Buffet:
I get broccoli, green pepper, onions, jalapenos, string beans and have the grill master, saute them with water and a light dressing of Teriyaki, sometimes I add Chicken Breast

 Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte over Ice

Mexican Restaurants:
  Chicken Fajitas, no tortillas, extra veggies with a half serving of rice.

Chilis/Olive Garden/Applebee's
Something off the Weight Watchers/Light Options Menu

I don't drink alcohol ( personal choice, the hubs and I just aren't drinkers) I drink tons and tons of water and un-sweet tea. I like Sobe Life Water, Powerade Zero, Vitamin Water Zero, Propel and Dasani Splash if I want a zero calorie drink with flavor.

I hope this really helps all my newbies out with the questions about me they had and anyone else who was just curious about me.

I'm really open to questions, I have nothing to hide so I'll answer basically any question and I do my best to email/comment back to everyone with in a day or two tops.

Feel free to ask anything!

I'm back to Kansas. I crashed hard after the trip and really enjoyed my own bed again. Back to work today and then off with hubs Friday for some fun filled grocery shopping and good old fashion lolly gagging..
..Am I the only one under the age of 50 that uses that phrase?!?!?!


Have a great Thursday!!!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hotel Shhmotel! {{WOW Linkup}}

My humps, my humps my lovely lady lumps. BOOM ITS HUMP DAAAAY!


I'm in good ole' Council Bluffs IA today...Whoo!

So obviously I just spent the night in a hotel, and traveling for work is NOT an excuse to not work out!

Hotels almost always have a gym of some sort and you can always pack your own free weights like I do... Don't judge me because I have hand weights in the bottom of my suitcase....

Annnd just cause I'm not at home I'm still going to link up with the always fabulous Skinny Meg for Workout Wednesday! 

Today is gonna be a little short and sweet, but here are some GREAAAAT!!! workouts that you can do away from home.

How do you workout away from home?

Whats your favorite workouts?!

Stay classy my hump day lovelies! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Birchbox and Cold Weather beauty tips and tricks!

Happy Happy Happy Tuesday Ya'll

( I'm sad sad sad its the season finale of Duck Dynasty tonight Wednesday, got ahead of myself there ..)

I have got to give a huge THANK YOU to Holly she is all too fabulous, she gave me a shout out yesterday on Instagram that brought a whole lot of new friends my direction!

Today I'm getting myself alll prepared to leave this afternoon for Iowa for a class tomorrow. Whoo hooo.. Hey I won't complain, works paying for everything and I get paid to attend it! So boom!

4 hours in a car...I fail at car rides I either get bored or fall poor boss! At least shes driving! 

So I'm still on the waiting list for an Ipsy Glam I'm still getting my Birchbox, to see past Birchboxes go HERE

This months box included:

Beauty Protector Shampoo & Conditioner - Oh lawdy this smells sooooo good and its sulfate free so its PERFECT for color treated hair!!

Evologie Stay Clear Cream- This is supposed to be a moisturizer that protects skin and balances oil levels etc, HOWEVER I did not care for this one bit, instead of preventing breakouts this caused me to grow four zits overnight. Not impressed at all. 

theBalm Cosmetics Stainiac in Beauty Queen- I super dooper puffy heart with glitter theBalm Cosmetics. Stainiac is a two in one product so its perfect to keep in your purse/desk/car etc! It is a lip stain and cheek stain in one! And it works great as either one!!! I totally recommend you try it, and I also HIGHLY recommend you look into any and all of their products!!

Last But Not least,

Chapstick Hydration Lock - I love me some chapstick (WHEREEEES THE CHAAAPSTICK?!?) Haha. This stuff is great and the Vanilla Creme flavor/scent is amazing! I've been carrying this around since the day I got it!!!

Now along with the theme of beauty today, I thought I'd do my job as beauty professional to inform you about some great cold weather tips and we gooo....

The cold weather sucks a lot of moisture out of your body, from head to toe, so the important thing is to keep it moisturized all over! We'll start with the hair. If your hair seems a lil lack luster and dry- try an at home reconditioning treatment(salons -$20+)
1. Shampoo as normal, then ring the majority of the water out and then out of shower, apply conditioner generously.
2. Wrap Hair in Cellophane, what ever kinds in your kitchen works great!
3. Take a towel fresh from the dryer so its warm and wrap over the cellophane.
4. Wait 10-15 minutes, then rinse with cool water and Viola! Your hair will thank you!
5. Repeat as necessary.

The heat from the towel will open up the hair cuticle and let the conditioner penetrate each strand and the cool water will close the hair cuticle to seal in the moisture!

*Give the blow dryer a break and let your hair dry natural, save a little of the heat damage!

Chapped lips? Not a problem Sugar!
Mix equal portions of sugar and honey to make a sugar scrub. Then 'buff' your lips with the mixture. Then rinse with warm water and apply a good chap-stick, (no lip glosses or lip sticks) The sugar will help knock off the dead skin that we all are tempted to chew on and the honey provides a natural nutrient moisture.

Dry Hands or Feet? 
Take a small microwavable bowl and fill half way with your favorite lotion, add in a few tablespoons of baby oil or cuticle oil and microwave for 30 seconds. Take out of microwave, carefully, it will be hot, and stir together. Let it cool to a temperature that is comfortable ( Few minutes tops) and dip your hands or feet in or both! and then rub excess mixture in up arms and legs. You can store the extra for next time, you'll just have to reheat!

*Your body will absorb lotions better if they are warm vs cool lotion. So before applying your nighttime lotions run the bottle under hot water!

All over Dry skin? 


Yeah It really is that simple!!! 

Bring 2 cups water to boil, add 12oz. of cranberries, reduce heat. Simmer 10 minutes and allow to cool. Strain out berries and add as much liquid to a bath as desired and soak!
Cranberries are good for skin because:
Vitamin C- helps to build collagen, the good stuff to keep or skin looking tight and healthy! As well as a good antioxidant.
Vitamin B3- has been shown to effectively treat acne
Vitamin B5- increase moisture content in skin.
*Save those cranberries and make a great lip balm out of them!
Combine, 1 tablespoon almond oil,10 cranberries, 1 teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon Vaseline (opt out for less shine) in a microwavable bowl. Heat in microwave till it begins to boil (1-2 minutes). Stir well and mash the berries, let sit for 5 minutes. Strain mixture through a fine strainer to remove all cranberry pieces. Stir and allow to cool. Spread Small amount on lips when necessary!

Give some of these a try and let me know how they workout for you!!

What are some of your favorite cold weather beauty tips?


Monday, October 21, 2013

Motivation Monday & Weekend Recap

This is gonna be a totes craze week for me.

My schedule is going to be 7 gallons of screwed up in a 2 gallon bucket....

Today is like a Friday/Monday for I work today, have tomorrow off to leave town for  Council Bluffs Iowa, for a continuing education class. The class is Wednesday, so obvi I'm off then too but get paid for the class, win win in my book.... then Thursday its back to work here in Kansas with Friday off with the hubs.


I'm going to be bonkers at some point I'm sure.

I don't think I've ever been to Council Bluffs before, actually...whats all there??

Any one? Any one??

So this weekend was fabulous.

The hubs and I had a nice relaxing drive through the country side while we drank some nice warm coffee's/lattes and just had a nice time talking about anything and everything.

I wore a new Old Navy light weight sweater and my new jeans this weekend and I don't know why but no one recognized me.

We stopped at Walmart to pick up some lettuce and as we were browsing multiple people looked awkwardly at me, then looked at Ty and did a double take at me and exclaimed "OH MY!" " I didn't recognize you!!!" Helloooooo confidence boost!

The hubs told me he likes having a hott wife...pft. Suck Up.

But after we got home and I posted an #ootd (outfit of the day) picture and got some super sweet comments, I decided to throw together a side by side, and I saw why some people didn't have a clue who I was...

I guess I have lost some

While we were at Wally World we picked us up some SWEET Duck Dynasty Cups....Were addicted to that show..I'm so sad that the season finale is Wednesday.. Sad quack.

Any one else addicted?!

Were kinda old before our time..we really don't do much. When we came home we did casual house work and watched tv together..WOW we might need to calm down...TOOO much excitement going down in the Solt Home...

Its been chilly around Kansas the last few days, some places even got Snow. 

Yeah, Snow.

In October.


Welcome to Kansas, home of flying houses, tornados, Toto, and one of the few places you can experience all four seasons and some made up ones as well in a matter of hours.

So awesome.


But along with chilly weather comes, Chili...

Mhmmmmm yummm.

I love me some dang chili goodness and so does my BBF Kaslin over at Kaslin Tell's All, she's an Okie not from Muskogee so she feels me on this cray cray weather. She's rocking the Paleo lifestyle and she was texting me last night tell me about this delish chili she made and well I was jealous and asked her to post up that recipe today, so you best go check it out and give it a taste, cause I sure as hell am.

White Lightening is still the biggest thrill of is still the roughest thing on campus....A place where even squares can have a ball...Oh Merle Haggard you and your ole time charm gots me tangled up...

Whats your favorite Chili recipe?! 
EMail the recipe and your name/blog name and I'll do a Chili recipe extravaganza for fall!

Have a great day!!