Friday, October 4, 2013

Birthday Weekend: The Beginning {{5onFriday}}

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!

Its official.

I'm old balls now.



So finally after working through my birthday, I'm off for Friday and Saturday and the hubs and I are are taking a super duper mini vacation. Sometimes its just nice to get out of town, your house and just getaway for the weekend. Even if its just one night.

I'm linking up with the always awesome Darci over at The Good Life Blog!


My mom posted these cute snapshots of me to Facebook for my birthday. I love them. Not to pat myself on the back but darn i'm adorable. Well I guess I'd actually have to pat my parents on the back for my cuteness...


I just finished reading It Starts With Food. It was super informative and helped re-open my eyes to why I choose to eat the way I do. They offered a few new ideas in their book that I'm currently trying and adapting to my diet. My girl Kaslin over at Kaslin Tells All is rocking it on the Whole 30 Program. Maybe I'll be able to get her to share some insight with us soon?!


Today marked my final day in the Alpha Stage of Focus T25. That's 5 weeks with this program. For those of you that don't know, this is quite the accomplishment for me. When I was at my largest and before I actually committed to my lifestyle change. One of my many MANY MAAANNNYYY failed attempts at diet and exercise was Insanity. I started that bitch like 5 times and never made it through the first week. So I feel extremely proud already to have made it through 5 weeks of this Shaun T program!!! I will have some progress snapshots up on Monday ;) Not going to lie Beta Stage scares me AHHHH the humanity!

Anyone else doing T25?


my FABULOUS hubby, knows me all to well. For my birthday he ordered me a Diamond Candle. It was supposed to be here by my birthday but theres some obvious errors with the postal system currently and it seems to be delayed. I'm hoping it arrives today. I can't wait to see what scent he got and to find my ring -- big money big money no whammy no whammy STAAAHP!. He had to break down and tell me he ordered the candle so I would know he got me something and didn't forget me! He's too sweet. But he refused to let me know the scent. SO I'm super pumped!! I may or may not be obsessed with candles, scentsy and all things smelly good.

Have you had a Diamond Candle before?


For my pre race meal and as a little birthday treat I'm going to actually eat Hong Kong Chinese food with the hubs tonight. I usually just have a salad. But tonight I'm going to have some meat and veggies! Watch out world I'm getting CRAY CRAY on the buffet! -- Well pretty out of the box for me...

Whats your weekend plans??

Live it up ladies!!



  1. Great job on making it 5 weeks with T25. It sounds like you will have a blast this weekend. Enjoy your weekend away and that buffet ;)

  2. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Hope you get a cute ring in your Diamond Candle. I'm putting one on my Christmas list.