Monday, October 28, 2013

RIP Weekend

And Monday rears its ugly head, again.


All though I'm not particularly happy about the mundane Monday ahead of me, I've got enough left over happiness from the weekend and enough excitement about this coming week to make it through.

We live in po-dunk kansas, yeehaw...and the town 45 minutes from us just got a Dicks Sporting Goods store, thats a big deal here. Ever since I got back from Iowa, I've had the runny nose from hell. So feeling under the weather just kills my normal happy go lucky-ness, the hubs obviously had noticed, so as we were off for our normal grocery shopping adventure; He surprised me! With none other than a mini shopping spree to Dick's. He knows my true weakness is athletic gear. I picked up a new sweat shirt, head band and running shorts. I was very happy, happy happy, to say the least! We shopped, we came home we curled up under the blankets near a heater and watched Tanked and Undercover Boss on Netflix. I keep telling you we live such wild lives, this should prove it!

I really don't like to draw attention to myself or anything...psh!

I've been dosing up on the Mucinex and sweating it up as much as I can and I've just about eliminated that nasty little bug I brought back from I-yi-yi-a-wah. (iowa)

Now for the week looking up, Tuesday is my day off WHOOT and I have nothing planned and those are usually the best days for me. I like not having a schedule for once, and not having to wear pants...
Then Thursday is HALLOWEEN, I have to work, but I get to wear a costume! I got it all picked out, what do you think I'll be?
There could be a prize for the first person to guess correctly! :) 

Are you dressing up for Halloween? What are you going to be?

Then Friday, November 1st, I'm starting my 24 day Challenge with co-workers and I CANT WAIT!!! I'm so excited I love challenges and stuff like that, they really pick my spirits up and get my head back 100% into the game.

While I'm gearing up the challenge, I'll have some great new recipes for you guys this week, hopefully I'll get them up tomorrow for ya!

While I have all you new comers out there, I want you to know, your in put is welcome! What do you wanna see on here, what do you want to know?

With the challenge starting on Friday, I'm debating if i'm going to let my self dip into the trick-or-treaters bucket and indulge a little on some delicious processed nonsense!

Do you indulge a little on halloween? Whats your candy coated weakness?

These are my favorite! And its going to take every ounce of my self control to keep my sausage link fingers from snatching bags of discounted candy from the store this coming weekend. Thank gosh for that challenge starting!

How was your weekend!?



  1. So sad the weekend is over, it goes by so damn fast! But I was excited because I finished filming the ab training video that's going to be on the fitness app cody!

    1. I read about that on your page, Im going to look up the app and the video today actually!

  2. There's some sort of Secret-Santa Halloween thing going on at my office. Left on my desk this morning were: 2 full size Kit kats, 2 full size Reese PB Cups, Laffy Taffy (prob my biggest weakness), and a few other mini candy bars. How in the hells am I supposed to NOT eat it?!? I can't put it in the break room b/c then I'll feel ungrateful. Hmmmph.

    1. Thats just a dirty trick! Be rude or eat the weakness! Gah! The madnesss!!! Lol!

  3. Hmmm, I think you're going to dress as Mamaw Kay =D I'm excited to see what you dress as!
    I'm thinking if I had some cute workout clothes I might want to do it more often. Could you have your husband call mine and tell him to take me to Dick's Sporting Goods?! haha!

    1. I was just blessed with a husband that knows me to well and I didn't have to much! LOL

  4. The weekends always go by so fast and I hate it! I like the new look.