Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Full Body Burner Crossfit Style {{WOW link up}}

Today rocks.

Not only is it HUMP day.
 It's my Thursday. 

Better yet

It's my birthday eve.


I can't wait for our mini weekend getaway/shopping extravaganza!

Speaking of birthday...did you enter my give away on instagram??? I'll draw a winner tomorrow! Come on, who doesn't want a starbucks giftcard?

I'm getting so INCREDIBLY nervous for my race Saturday. It's my first official timed 5K. I haven't ran a 30 minutes for months, I've been staying well under, but I'm paranoid I'm going to fail and run like a 45 minute race...ugh.

As for training this week, I'm trying to KILL it diet wise. Stay perfectly on track and get in all my water CHUGTOBER BABY! My workouts I've backed off a teensy bit so I don't over train but am doing extra stretching/yoga routines to keep me limber.

As you aaaalllllllll probably know. I love me some crossfit. It's the perfect blend of exercises to create and over all tone.

I have the AWESOME workout for you today as I link up with the always inspiring Skinny Meg for Workout Wednesday.

Give this baby a go...

When I added in crossfit instead of just running or ab workouts, I began to tone up quite a bit, I began losing inches and gaining muscle mass.

I love transformation pictures. They definitely keep me going when I'm ready to quit.
Here I am in the middle end of March when I was down 30lbs and now almost 40 more pounds later here I am again. 
I can't believe it. 

Do you have some awesome transformation pictures? I'd love to see em!

Do you do crossfit? 

What's your favorite workout?



  1. Happy Birthday eve! Thanks for the continued inspiration with the transformation pictures!

  2. Yay! Happy Birthday Eve! (October B-Day Peeps are the awesomest, holla!). Work-out looks killa in a good way!