Friday, October 11, 2013

Attempting The American Dream {{5onFriday}}

Happy Friday!!!

In our world, it's errand day basically. It's our day off together so we will be taking the car for an oil change, going after groceries and the normal adult activities we must partake in. But I want to keep this whole lot of real life going down action in good spirits so 5 on Friday with the amazing Darci at the Good Life Blog it is!!!!


Nahh, I actually really like grocery shopping!

Speaking of groceries, I made this sweet little pre workout treat and I might be addicted. 

Cinnamon Walnuts.

I took a few walnuts, sprayed them with spray butter and sprinkled (covered) in cinnamon and microwaved them for 45 seconds. OOHH baby they were good, just a little sweetness and warm like any fall snack should be :D

The hubs and I have an "American Dream". 
Who doesn't? 
Currently we live in BFE Kansas. 

I'm originally from the great Show Me State, Missouri. (GO MIZZOU!!) And I've lived in a few different towns here in Kansas and overall I'm just not impressed. The hubs has lived in the same town his entire life and hasn't traveled much. Me I have traveled through many a states and seen the variety there is out there. We both really enjoy outdoors and love rainy weather, so it was a no brainer that we choose Washington (am I the only hick out there that says worsh-ing-ton??). Theres an beautiful town just outside of Seattle called North Bend. The hubs has a friend that lives there and we just fell in love after a few pictures of the town.

Gosh its just so beautiful...

Anyone from around that area?!?


Moving is expensive.
Especially moving from the midwest to the West Coast.... BLAHH. But were trying, were working towards. Its hard and somedays it seems like we won't ever get there. But we HAVE to keep pushing forward. We won't get anywhere with a shitty attitude thats for sure. We are very lucky in the way that we don't have student loans or such. Our only "debt" is pretty minimal. And we are extremely close to paying it all off. In fact, we have three forms of "debt" and we just paid one off!! WHOO HOOO!!! 
We are pretty damn excited.

We are saving each month for the move and such and we are going to dedicate our tax return to it. We have every last hope to be there before summer or 2014, within the next 6 months. 

We want to start our "life" there basically. Just a nice fresh start. Job wise we are just watching the classifieds that way to see if anything opens up, for the hubs if he finds something and can Skype interview for it (getting more and more common these days, weird.) he'll be on a plane up there and will crash with his buddy while he apartment shops.

We are trying to keep our hopes high and a positive attitude about it all but being an adult sucks somedays, emergencies happen and the unexpected can ruin your plans and kick you into high gear to get the hell out of places sooner. But we aren't going in blindly, we are doing our best to be fully prepared.

I think of it just like my weight loss situations. Some days are good, some are bad, but there is an end in sight. 
Goals set, mind focused and willingness to work hard and you can accomplish anything you want!!

Any long distance moving tips?!

{2 1/2}
I will miss my parents a lot, but when there in the Islands they will be close to visit and well thats a good enough excuse to visit Hawaii for me!! ( who really needs an excuse?)
It saddens me a little writing this, as I'm so close to my parents now...I was a hell child so the relationship we have now is the best! So I'm listening to a little George Jones cause some of his songs remind me of some good trips with my parents listening to him.

So I FINALLY got my Diamond Candle for my birthday from the hubs, he got me Island Getaway. DAMN it smells so nice, like it makes you want to relax!!! It was fun too getting the ring out...I'm guilty I "helped" the candle out and dug a little, ONLY A LITTLE, I just couldn't wait. I suck with surprises! The ring is really pretty!! 

I have ordered my Advocare 24 day challenge pack to start on November first, and I am so SO SOOOOO EXCITED! EEEEK. I'm a bit of a fitness freak any more so stuff like this just excites me!! I've done the 10 day cleanse before but this time I'm in it to win it. 

Any great recipes?!?


So I was up at #33 on Up and Coming Fitness blogs on Bloglovin, and my followers there have been increasing as well. And I just wanted to take a second and Thank all of you who support me and my journey and who actually care what I have to say. When I started this blog my primary goal was accountability, then inspirations, and friends. I have met (internet wise) some amazing ladies along this journey, I have created and received inspiration and had an amazing support group! You guys rock!!!!! Maybe a giveaway sometime?!? hehe!

Now to make a grocery list. Excited for my "treat" meal today in the bigger town :D

Whats your weekend plans?

Where do you want to move too? Why?

- J


  1. im not from Washington, but from the Willamette Valley in ORegon, were just a few hours from North Bend. Its a beautiful up here and no it does NOT rain everyday, we had an awesome hot summer,and last winter was beautiful, cold but sunny!!!! afraid to say we have had a lot of rain this fall, but its worth it. Good Luck on your move and welcome to the Northwest when you get here!

  2. I am from Washington and my family actually lives in Snoqualmie, right next to North Bend. We love it there, close enough to the city and mountains! You will love it!! Our weather will surprise you. I lived out in RI for 6 years and our weather is amazing compared to the weather out there!! PS-I am getting some inspiration from your transformation...THANKS!!

  3. I just got my 10-day advocare cleanse! How was it? If all goes well, I will do the 24 day challenge November 1st as well!!

    And THANK YOU for you inspirations, I look forward to reading your blogs, they are always good and make me laugh! ;-)

  4. Just found your blog! Such an inspiration! I'm a Kansas girl!