Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Fangled App-a-ma-jigger! {{WOW Link Up}}

Wait for it.

Waaaaiiit, for it...

You knew that was coming.

You know what else today is?

Pump day! Cause You should be pumped for Workout Wednesday with The one and only Skinny Meg!

So, I'm sure many of you know Elise over at 9tofit, well I kinda blog stalk  creep follow her for workouts. 

Well there is this great app out there called "Cody" its totes free to download. When I heard new free fitness app, I was all in.

I downloaded that baby, and its pretty damn cool!!
You can subscribe to trainers and get workouts that you can do in all kinds of places! 
Some are free, some you pay for but its all your choice. It has a news feed to that shows you when new workouts come out from those your subscribed too! The workouts have videos with them too so it just doesn't get any better...right??

It does! it tracks you own personal progress, miles, lifts, workouts, when you workout, how long between days of working out etc! Its pretty fancy.

I suggest you go check it out.

What are some other great fitness apps? 
I love keeping apps on my phone cause then I never have an excuse not to workout!


Be sure to come back tomorrow for an awesome guest post about the Paleo Lifestyle and how that diet can be helpful to weight loss!

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  1. Was creeping on your Cody page and I noticed someone tried one of my ab workouts! thanks!! :)