Monday, October 21, 2013

Motivation Monday & Weekend Recap

This is gonna be a totes craze week for me.

My schedule is going to be 7 gallons of screwed up in a 2 gallon bucket....

Today is like a Friday/Monday for I work today, have tomorrow off to leave town for  Council Bluffs Iowa, for a continuing education class. The class is Wednesday, so obvi I'm off then too but get paid for the class, win win in my book.... then Thursday its back to work here in Kansas with Friday off with the hubs.


I'm going to be bonkers at some point I'm sure.

I don't think I've ever been to Council Bluffs before, actually...whats all there??

Any one? Any one??

So this weekend was fabulous.

The hubs and I had a nice relaxing drive through the country side while we drank some nice warm coffee's/lattes and just had a nice time talking about anything and everything.

I wore a new Old Navy light weight sweater and my new jeans this weekend and I don't know why but no one recognized me.

We stopped at Walmart to pick up some lettuce and as we were browsing multiple people looked awkwardly at me, then looked at Ty and did a double take at me and exclaimed "OH MY!" " I didn't recognize you!!!" Helloooooo confidence boost!

The hubs told me he likes having a hott wife...pft. Suck Up.

But after we got home and I posted an #ootd (outfit of the day) picture and got some super sweet comments, I decided to throw together a side by side, and I saw why some people didn't have a clue who I was...

I guess I have lost some

While we were at Wally World we picked us up some SWEET Duck Dynasty Cups....Were addicted to that show..I'm so sad that the season finale is Wednesday.. Sad quack.

Any one else addicted?!

Were kinda old before our time..we really don't do much. When we came home we did casual house work and watched tv together..WOW we might need to calm down...TOOO much excitement going down in the Solt Home...

Its been chilly around Kansas the last few days, some places even got Snow. 

Yeah, Snow.

In October.


Welcome to Kansas, home of flying houses, tornados, Toto, and one of the few places you can experience all four seasons and some made up ones as well in a matter of hours.

So awesome.


But along with chilly weather comes, Chili...

Mhmmmmm yummm.

I love me some dang chili goodness and so does my BBF Kaslin over at Kaslin Tell's All, she's an Okie not from Muskogee so she feels me on this cray cray weather. She's rocking the Paleo lifestyle and she was texting me last night tell me about this delish chili she made and well I was jealous and asked her to post up that recipe today, so you best go check it out and give it a taste, cause I sure as hell am.

White Lightening is still the biggest thrill of is still the roughest thing on campus....A place where even squares can have a ball...Oh Merle Haggard you and your ole time charm gots me tangled up...

Whats your favorite Chili recipe?! 
EMail the recipe and your name/blog name and I'll do a Chili recipe extravaganza for fall!

Have a great day!!



  1. First of all your side by side picture is amazing! Amazing transformation.

    But I'm so excited another blogger LOVES Duck Dynasty! My boyfriend and I watch it every week. He even brought home a duck dynasty door mat one day ha

    -Elise @

  2. My husband and I loooove Duck Dynasty too! Si is my favorite!!

  3. Your transformation picture....AMAZING!!!!

  4. Hi -- I just found you today from Big Holly's link on IG. I noticed your Coronado Height's t-shirt!! I work in Little River & we had snow most of the day on Friday. Glad to be back in tshirt & shorts yesterday though! Your hard work over the year has paid off! Your before/after pictures are great! Keep up the good work :)