Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Strength, Stability, Stretching and Steamers {{WOW}}

Wicka wicka word! It's HUUUMMMPP DAAAAY!

 This girl's got the day off too!!

I'm excited to spend the afternoon with my mom and dad!
Granted they only live about 25 minutes away our schedules never mesh up and I just never get to spend as much time with them as I want.

Its officially fall weather here in Kansas, 50's and 60's with chilly breeze's. I really like fall, so no complaining over here. If I had it my way there would be two seasons, fall and spring. But I don't see that happening anytime soon.


I put together a quick little workout for you today for Work Out Wednesday with Skinny Meg, it combines, stretching, stability/balance and core strength. 

I told ya I love crossfit!

I love working out to music so I set this workout along with Berzerk by Eminem. I demonstrate all of them moves, just repeat the cycle till the song is over. It'll be about 2 1/2 cycles to get through the song, depending on how fast you go. Take it slowly though because you will get a good burn going as long as you do the moves properly.

I hope you enjoy it, its a great little diddy that you can do anywhere!

I'm super duper excited because my new microwave steamer from Tupperware will be arriving today along with my 24 Day Challenge From Advocare.

I'm not starting the challenge til November first, but man oh man am I excited and anxious. I love little challenges because I feel like it really helps me focus and and get my mind in the best mind set and I always seem to push a little harder then too.

I also just really like getting mail...I'm a little kid at heart..

What are you excited about this hump day!?



  1. Can't wait to take a look at this workout after work!

  2. This is definitely going to be my workout tonight! I'm tired of the same ol' thing and your workout looks great!