As a licensed cosmetologist and just a lover of all things beauty, I have discovered tons of tips and tricks to make yourself look as awesome as possible!


Hair Today Goon Tomorrow

So we've all had awesome hair one day went to bed, woke up and our hair just doesn't want to do anything besides some weird David Bowie spike-y mullet thing from the set of The Labyrinth, UGH! All though I love me some David Bowie, thats not the look I was going for. I have naturally curly hair, my mood a long with the weather determines if my hair will be straight or curly. So I have two examples of quick hair styles that are still super cute but don't take too long to do and can conceal unruly hair!

First is  my fishtail braid, so simple, no mirror required! My hair was currently in curly mode so I put it all back in a headband (neon lace headbands are currently my fave!) and pulled all the hair to one side, whipped out a fishtail and pinned the few short pieces and VIOLA! (for step by step directions or a tutorial, leave a comment and I'll be sure to get one up!)

Below that is my "sock"/"ballerina" Bun, my hair was straight I pulled my hair up and smoothed it into a high ponytail and on the last pull through I didn't pull the tail all the way through, I then spread the newly created loop out and around and pinned it down and BAM! Sealed with my favorite headband. Seal with a lil Hairspray, BedHead is my favorite!!!! (for step by step directions or a tutorial, leave a comment and I'll be sure to get one up!)

Where Oh Where Have My Bobby Pins Gone?

I did a quick paint job, then added some rhinestones to a Altoid's Smalls Tin and VIOLA! A solution to the missing bobby pins and other small hair accessories that run away in my house and purse! 
It's small, compact and the PERFECT size for regular sized bobby pins!

After Work Out Sweat and Smell be GONE

This is Paris Amour, Scented Shimmer Powder by Bath and Body Works.

Yes its great for everyday makeup wear, personally  I LOVE it right after a workout when I need to get some where but dont have time for a full face redo. Its a shimmer powder so there is no color to it and its SCENTED, I think it smells sexy!! I take this and brush it across my face post-workout and it helps absorb up my sweat, give me fresh face smell, and adds a lil shimmer as it helps brush around my pre-existing face powder.

Prime Time for Eyes

Who all has tons of bright shimmery powder eyeshadows that look FABULOUS in the pallet but once you smear it on your eyes it doesn't have any were near the same Wow factor?

Problem Solved.

This is Hard Candy's Eyeshadow Primer, It's a sister to the full face primer below.
Simply apply a small dot and rub it in on your eyelid before you apply your favorite shadow and BAM, its bright and beautiful!
Primer also helps majorly prolong how well your eyeshadow stays on! Long live all day make up!!

Left is no primer, Right is primer

This is after rubbing with my hand, a towel and taking a wet Q-Tip through it.

As you can see Primer really does help prolong! I believe that this is a necessity in every girls makeup collection!

(yes hard candy is my favorite brand of drug store makeup)

 Faux Airbrush Look

Want flawless foundation, but don't want to spend a ton of money? Well heres how to get an airbrush finish with out breaking the bank!

I like to use CoverGirl TruBlend ($8) as my liquid foundation paired with Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer ($8) 

First shake each component to insure its mixed will and nothing has settled. Pump one shot of your liquid foundation into clean hands, and add an equal sized squeeze of your primer. Mix two together with finger, apply to face, starting at the base of your neck and work upwards( gravity already pulls down on your skin, so why help it?) Rub in well, should feel very light and airy and provide great coverage, for spots that require extra coverage lightly dab straight foundation on to spot a blend. Seal this foundation with a light face powder, I prefer Physicians Formula Mineral Make up, as it doesn't clog my pores and also feels very light but wears amazingly!


  1. Sock bun tutorial, PLEASE ma'am :)

    1. I will get one up once my hair's layers are long enough for it or I can find a demo model!