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Yes, there was a distinct need for that to be bold and caps'd.

Any who.

So let me tell you all about this awesome little discovery I made (it could change your life).

So Birchbox is this sweet company that for a monthly subscription of ONLY $10! They send you samples of beauty products and hot new products in general that they love or are new to the market. They even have one for guys! The box auto ships to you every month and you can cancel at anytime. Who doesn't love a monthly surprise? All the stuff is usable  by you of course and if you really love one of the products you can buy it in a full size on their website! 

Its like going to the beauty counter and getting a take home sampler of a slew of products, then getting to buy what you like, when you like it! BUT you never have to leave your house!!!! (except to get the mail, of course!)

So I went and signed up for an invitation, got my invitation to join the site, signed up IMMEDIATELY and got my first box today! I have been waiting for this moment for a couple weeks now and its here!!!! (pretty sure angels are signing hallelujah in the background right now)

The picture at the beginning is what the box looks like, its pretty adorable, I think.

So heres a first glance into the box of goodies!
This month I received A face polish (scrubby face wash), A Body Gel, A skin enhancing illuminator, a perfume and an adorable emery board.

So heres a closer look at the products. 
And  a mini review on them:

(of course I had to try them out IMMEDIATELY) 

So Skin&Co Roma Sicilian Body Gel : It has a great smell to it, not to over powering but a nice earthy, flowery smell that could make you believe you were in Rome or Sicily. It makes your skin feel grrrrrrrr-eat!(said like tony the tiger) and doesn't leave a weird slimly residue but truly lets your skin feel fresh and soft!

Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator:  As a beauty professional, Im all over awesome face washes that, A- remove my makeup B- Smell good C- scrub my face so it feels refreshed and D- helps with breakouts. And this stuff meets all of my qualifications. Even better?? its Paraban Free! Thats the stuff that clogs your pores, avoid it- Seriously read your makeup and face cleansers and so on, if it says Paraban as an ingredient  you might want to begin looking for something else, unless your not having break outs then your probably safe. Im also a lover of Microdermabrasion, the soft rejuvenated feeling after a session is the best in the world and this lil tube right here, gives me the closest to that feeling next to the real thing! I have never found that in any other scrub.

Marcell BB Cream Golden Glow Illuminator Skin Enhancer for all skin types : LOVEEEE!!!
 New favorite product right here, I will by ordering the full size once my sample runs out!!!! It can be worn as a base for makeup of just on its own. (its paraben free, thumbs up Marcel!) So I gave this a shot in place of my normal foundation today. So I used it with a mineral powder. It went on super easily and smooth, it blended right in with my complexion and made my skin look beautiful and had a nice glow to it. It also did not make my face feel heavy with makeup or "caked on". Its a very airy wearable product.
Did I mention I love it????

Juicy Couture  Couture La La perfume: First off I have always loved Juicy Couture and I am now a huge fan of this scent! It is a very subtle yet "expensive" smell. I like it a lot, its just one of those smells that makes you feel confident and sexy. I will be getting a full size of this as well.

Madewell Emery Board : Im ALWAYS losing these suckers and mine are usually plane jane ones that are ugly, that I get from the salon supply store. So I gave this adorable floral print board the stylist's test, I shaped and smoothed my nails using the printed side and the solid colored side and went fast and hard. Good news! It stood up to the test, I HATEEE when the print or design rubs off the first time ou use it, this baby still looks brand new and I used it on every single one of my digits. LOVE! Im definitely going to keep my eye on this and NOT lose it! (well try not to )

So this is my verdict and its two thumbs up on everything! I recommend everyone goes to the site and signs up! They even make ones that are guy friendly!! You can also gift subscriptions of any length of times to your friends and family!! Who wouldn't love a gift that continued for 3 months, 6 months or a year!?!?!?!

Whats your thoughts on Birchbox?? Any questions comments or thoughts leave me a comment!

- J

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