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My parents (amazing people) worked hard their entire life and lived very frugal now at age 46 & 54 they own a condo over in Kona Hawaii (its on the big island of Hawaii). They take a month long vacation over their every year, and rent the place out the rest of the time. So jealous as always I made the comment this year when they were over there about how I wished I could come over for the weekend, my mothers response?

"save up for the tickets and you can stay with us next year for aslong as you'd like and you will mainly have to pay for tickets and food, house and car on us"

My jaw dropped.

My husband who has been to maybe 4 other states in his 24 years on this Earth was ecstatic!

So I began brain storming on how to save up for the estimated $2,000 set of round trip airfare tickets plus a little spending moooolaaaaaah...

I came across this:

( I didn't develop this, nor do I know who to give credit to, If its yours, say so and I'll give you credit, but in the mean time, THANKS to whomever did develop this!

And I discussed it with the hubby and it seemed so realistic and easy to stick too. I mean you only put money in once a week, and the ABSOLUTE most money you ever have to deposit is $52!! 

So off to the bank I went, opened up another savings accounts, that draws intrest and have it on a plan that when the account hits $1,000 the type of account will switch and it will draw more intrest then it was. Who can beat free money? No one thats who!

Now I've seen plenty of people that have this plan taped to a manilla envelope or in a jar and just stash the cash in it in their home. For us however that would NEVER work, both of our checks are auto deposited into our checking account so I just do all the transfers via internet banking(those of you who don't use it, seriously look into it, such a handy dandy thing, I even have access to accounts and transfers on my iphone!!!). So each Friday I transfer the amount over, we started on the first week of January so we will hit our total the last week of December.

We plan on pairing this money, with our regular savings, ( I like to transfer a few $100s from each of our checks straight into savings right away, outta sight outta mind, right?!?!) and also with a portion of our tax returns and loosely figuring, BAM there is our Hawaii trip, paid for plus plenty of extra for spending on sweet island adventures and souvenirs! 

What do you do for saving extra money?

Give this plan a shot, I mean what do you got to loose?? 

- J

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