Friday, March 1, 2013


So as I've said in an earlier post, I'm all about saving money, and when I go to Walmart to get groceries, I ad match as many things as I possibly can even if it just means saving 5 cents..hey a nickel is nickel!! ;)

So I wanted to show you what I really am able to get by ad matching!

 I sat out the other night, made my list, and then started scanning online and paper ads for deals and copying them down into my handy dandy notebook and filing the ads or taking pictures of the online ads to throw into said notebook.

Now fast forward to today, off to Walmart the hubby and I go! An hour and a half later we return home with all of this...

I had budgeted $200 for groceries, and I was able to get all of these items for $170.20 before sales tax (184.33 with tax) Under budget either way!

If I would have paid full price for every item I would of paid a grand total of $215.34 before tax!! 

The Items that I ad matched actual retail value was (before tax) $106.12
I paid $60.98 (before tax)

So just by ad matching items I was able to save
 $45.14 this trip!

I bought a total of 92 items and 40 of those items were ad matched (43.5% of my groceries I saved on!)

Not necessarily a whole lot of money, but that left $26 left over in the budget that now gets to be transfered over to the fun money pile! Maybe the hubby and I will go out for dinner or get a new game or movie to enjoy together. I NEVER EVER spend more then $200 every 2 weeks on groceries. We spend approx. $400 a month on groceries. By saving so much money each grocery trip (incase you were wondering if I saved this much each trip, in a year I would have an extra $1083.36! ) I allow my husband or myself to splurge on a more expensive treat, his treat this time was Fruit Gushers and ice cream, I how ever was able to get all "treats" I wanted, ad matched. A lot of our groceries go towards lunch friendly items, because the hubby works 10 hour shifts at a farm equipment manufacturer 30 minutes over in the next town, so he is away from home for a little over 11 hours 5 days a week :( 

Hopefully you will be inspired to try this and save a few dolla dolla bills ya'll! :D

- J

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