Thursday, March 14, 2013

Skinny Cheese Burgers

Oh yeah, you read the title right!

So on my journey of eating better and making the hubby eat better as well, I have missed the taste of good down home cheese burger. You know the kind fresh from the grill, full of flavor? Mhmmmmmmmmmmm

my mouth is watering all over my keyboard right now...


I have found the cure!!! ATLAST!!! 

So heres how to whip these babies up.

PS- The hubby LOVES these and even asked for them the next night!!

Skinny Cheese Burgers

Jennie-O Turkey Patties
Low Sodium Ketchup
Frenchs Honey Mustard Dippin Sauce
Lawrys Seasoned Salt
Onion Salt
Worcestershire Sauce
 LowCarb/Whole Wheat/Fat Free Tortilla's
Low Fat Mozzarella Cheese (Shredded)
Spray Butter (ZERO calories ;) )

(Feel free to make substitutions to fit what you have and your tastes!!)

So first off throw the patties in the skillet, add a dash of Seasoned Salt to each patties, cook till done.
To the warm skillet with patties in it add Ketchup, Mustard, Worcestershire Sauce, and Onion Salt, add enough just to make a slightly thick sauce. I cover the bottom of the skillet with the worcestershire sauce then add a good squirt of ketchup and a small squirt of mustard to each patty per side and then sprinkle generously with onion salt, but adjust to your tastes! 
Sprinkle shredded cheese in a row on each tortilla, chop each patty in half and place in a row on top of cheese, spoon on a little sauce, and fold burrito style.
Have either a grill pan, heating up or a counter top griddle warmed up, spray each side of "burrito" with the butter, plop it in the pan and toast each side! VIOLA!

Make your own adaptions add what you like and so on!

Any good add on ideas??

Try it, love it, share it!

- J

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