Saturday, March 2, 2013

What is love, love, love, baby don't hurt me..

I feel that before I share my thoughts I need to let you know the schedule I'm on..
My hubby works night shift (430pm -3am) and well still in the newlywed stage, we try to stay as much on the same schedule as possible, thus I stay up with him and we go to bed between 6 and 7 in the AM and we wake up any where from 1-3 PM depending on our day ahead of us (yes at work I get to set my own hours so my job doesn't suffer in the least bit). So a daily schedule for us is 

3pm wake up
5:30 "breakfast"
10 "lunch"
3am "dinner"
6:30 am Bed time

Which translates for us as

So we have made sure to keep timings on our activities as if it was normal times.

But back to what I was getting at... So its 3 am and I am getting ready to do my HIIT workout before I have my turkey and broccoli, and from the game room out wanders the hubby in search of the C word... (CAKE) shhhh, don't say it out loud.
He asks if we have C*** because he would just LOVE a piece right now and I break it to him gently that no we don't and he gets a sad, whipped puppy look on his face, and BAM my heart breaks. Before I know it, Im in the kitchen in my work out gear, whipping up a halved batch of sheet cake and whipped vanilla frosting allllllll made from scratch, mind you, just for the sad puppy man.

An hour later VIOLA! He had already helped himself the second I got done frosting it..

Why am I telling you this?

Well simply because in todays day and age divorce and loveless relationships are just all to common. Be it that I am only 21 years old, I love my husband dearly and would go to the depths of world for him.  It was 3 am and I was baking a cake from SCRATH for this guy, because honestly I believe that is what love is. Its putting your loved ones needs, wants, desires, and dreams before yours, HELL I don't even like cake! But I still stopped what I was doing to make one. I promise though this action didn't go unnoticed by the hubby, he truly appreciates me and I know it. He constantly tells me how happy I make him and how lucky he feels to have me (such a great self confidence booster!) and he always does sweet things for me as well.

For starters, I hadn't seen the movie UP yet and I have been wanting to for a few years, so we rented it sat down and watched it, and the hubby held me while I cried like a baby a few different times through the movie (its just so touching!!).

(brings tears my eyes just posting this)

And the hubby buys me flowers randomly all the time "just because" and fresh fragrant flowers of any kind will put me in the best mood EVVVERRR.

Bottom line is, when you find the person you want to share your life adventure with, never lose sight of what brought you together in the first place, a relationship is a lot of work and sometimes its not all cotton candy and butterflies, there will be arguments and silence, but there will also be laughter and long embraces and those moments will always out weigh the bad. Remember to remind your hubby how much you love him and how special he is to you, he'll never admit it but he likes hearing it just as much as you do. Do things that make him happy and brighten his day, even if that means baking a cake just for him. One day long in the future you might just find yourself all alone baking a cake at 3 am and just letting it sit there because your special guy is no longer there, and you'll miss it when you were begged to bake the cake the first time.

"In life I always knew I would look back and laugh at the times I'd cry, but I never knew I'd look back and cry at the times I'd laughed"

(love this quote, wish I knew who deserved the credit)

Well enough rambling for now, Im going to crawl in bed and snuggle the hubby, made myself sad just typing this!


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