Sunday, March 31, 2013

30 and Thriving!


I've been working my arse off since January 1st and  finally, FINALLY I have hit the 30lbs gone benchmark!

I feel great!!!!!
 I know the before picture is in February but I just slacked in January and never got a before shot. But still the difference is AHHMMAAZZZING! Or at least I think so. I seriously didn't notice a difference until I compared those pictures!

I had said early I had hit a plateau and was taking a break from my normal supplements, and I have! Easter I will start back up on my normal stuff after having the last week off from it. And I believe it has totes helped. I lost another 2lbs this week after 2 weeks with only losing an ounce of two so that was definitely a welcome change!

I've lost the majority of my tummy and now it is all in my lower tum and love handles I want gone not to mention my thighs! I have to say though I have always, ALWAYS had bigger thighs, mostly due to muscles from all the lifting I did in high school (I was a beast). But over my weight gain period I gained some extra flab down there, I'm working on the muscles still down there and they are making a re-appearance  but the flab is taking its sweet ass time leaving. So now a long with my normal routines I'm trying to add in some serious focus to my inner things!

To find some help I headed over to Pinterest and browed the Fitness section and I have come across 5 new fast and fabulous workouts I'm now using and loving!
(I didn't make up these workouts and am not taking credit for them, I am just sharing them!)

When I'm working out I'm either in Nike Running Shorts (I LOVE THEM) or Victoria Secrets Yoga Pants. The yoga's are my newest obsession. We have a fabulous relationship, they are comfortable, perfect length, cute, and the make my arse look FAB BOO! Haha! I've tried tons of yogas and there usually see through, to heavy, to short, not cute or just awkward. Not Victoria's...what ever her secret is, she's dang good and making cute and comfy shiiiit.

But seriously, get some. 
Try them you'll love them, you'll be addicted.
You're welcome. 

(Sparkly cheeta print! These are my newest bad boys)


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