Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Feed Big Bertha

At my local mall's arcade, there is this game called "Feed Big Bertha". After you put in the quarters this weird looking circus style woman's dress inflates and goes "BERTHA HUNGRY!" and you throw plastic balls into her mouth. The more you feed her the more tokens she gets etc.  Any who, so every time Im feeling like a super fatty and I start searching cabinets for food, "BERTHA HUNGRY" pops in my head and I imagine my self as the side show freak that Big Bertha portrayed.  

I do NOT like that image.

So I do my best to keep healthy snack foods on hand that are tasty and not cardboard flavored. 

Here are some examples of my favorites that are very tasty!

Fiber One Bars are my WEAKNESS, they taste like little debby snack cakes!!! Only 90 calories and tons of fiber!! 

Then lunch meat packs and 2 LIGHT cheese sticks 190 calores for everything and quite a portion!

They make these cute little snack packs and have them at the Walmart produce section, 370 calores for EVERYTHING and it is SO SO FILLING!! 

Mmmm Pretzel Chips 110 calories per serving, these puppies are sooo good I have to hide them from the hubby or he'll eat the WHOLE DAMN BAG!

Yup Fiber ONe again! So this cereal tastes like Coco Pebbles but a lot better for you!!! Its great as a breakfast with skim milk or just as a handful to knock down that sweet tooth!

Cashews! YUMMMMMMM!!! Dr Oz (I believe or some other tv Dr.) said that eating a handful of cashews before every meal will help you feel fuller faster and the oils from cashews help your digestive track!! They hit my salty spot! And yes I keep them in a jar on the counter cause me and the hubby grab a few every so often.

Not a snack but if you have ever tried MIO this stuff is a bajillion times better, and O calories still, Yum!! great to spice up boring old water and add some flavor!

- J

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