Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Whats Up Buttercup

(This is my lockscreen on my phone, I like to keep positive/motivation quotes on it so every time I check the time I give myself a little personal self confidence boost)

I've been busy lately and my computer time has been slacking majorly. 
My bad.
So heres an update on everrrrything.

Well the hubby and I tagged along to KC this weekend to see my seester ('sister' thats just how I like to say it, haha) and my adorable niece. See they live like 3.5 hours away and even though thats not far, our schedules never mash up so we hardly ever get to see each other, which is a total bummer, but point being shes only met the hubby, "uncle ty" a few times. She still is quite shy around him, it's actually adorable. My parents, took her to Build A Bear for an early Easter present, so we were following her through the store and she tells my seester that "that man makes her nervous" in the most serious voice ever. It was so freakin cute. By the time we got to dinner, she was warmed up to him completely! "that man" just kills me.
 We ate, we swam, I crashed and slept my ass off.
Car rides make me tired as shiiiiiiit. It's really not fair, I'd probably be the worst road trip buddy in the history of road trips.

Even though I didn't eat the GREEAATEST, not bad  but not my normal par. I didn't gain a single ounce this weekend.

But unfortunately I've hit a plateau,

So I'm going to take a break from my supplements,( for what I take go HERE )
and cut down on my skim milk and V8 and go back to strictly water and change up my workout plan to throw my body off for a week and then come back to normal so basically a system reset.

But I've managed to keep every pound I've lost off. New muscles are forming, definition in carving out, so I can't say I'm unhappy with myself. Progress is progress whether its a number or just in how i feel about myself.
Here I am:

I'm feeling so much better about myself and stronger. 
Can't no one ruin my mood.

Between sweating my arse off and needing showers, soaking soar muscles and doing my hurrrr and makeup, I spend plenty of time in my bathroom. 
One wall was just to boring, but I had no effing clue with what to do with it. 
With some staring, $8, walmart and the thriftstore (down the road, haha) problem solved.

I got this shelf at the thiftstore (down the road, haha, gets me every time, damn song.) It was a lame baby pink so I hit it with some black spray paint and a silver-y texture spray and BAM. I liked it even more.
Also got that adorable teal-y blue glass decanter style jar and the thriftstore ( I wont do it, I wont say it, damn-- down the road. whoops.) :D 
Then went to walmart picked up a scented oil I liked (beach waves..mhmmm summer), bamboo skewers, and that candle votive.
Dumped the oil into the decanter, cut some skewers down and BA BAMMM, Oil defuser. Im a genius I know. It was like $3 to make the entire thing.
 The votive I just freaking loved it, It went great with my animal print shower curtain, grrrooowl! Haha.   
I love candles in the bathroom for soaking, and this votive emits an awesome flicker-y pattern on the wall that I like to stare at. I'm weird, I know, don't got to tell me!
The clock was a wedding gift that we hadn't found a place to stick it yet, so here it is and now my blank wall is much more appeasing! The hubby well he could care less what I put on the walls, as long as I'm happy and don't overdue the "girly" thing he's fine as long as I'm happy (isn't he great?!?!)
Check out second hand stores for good little finds that you can repurpose for blank spaces in your house!!

I promise to do some more updating this week compared to last week, I have a couple days off coming up for a change so we'll see what kinda mischief I can get into. HA!

- J

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