Thursday, March 14, 2013

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Call me crazy, obsessed,  I don't care, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Hunger Games! I read the trilogy in 3 days. 
The hubby hated those days. 
It was a Friday night, we were in bed and I was pages away from finishing the first book, 3 am rolls around I wake him up and tell him we are going to Walmart head to the car. Pajama clad we stumbled to the book section at Walmart and SNATCHED up the next too books, I did. 
I began the next one that night and read til I fell asleep.

I then saw the movie and I loved it as well! Gary Ross did a phenomenal job and making it as true to the book as possible and including great foreshadowing for the next movies for the ones who haven't read the books.

In the whole craze I also turned my bestie onto the series and then the movie. She's just as big a fanatic as me (TEAM PEETA). 

On Sunday we gathered for our monthly Girls night. Gabby is one of my best friends, I mean we go all the way back to 3rd Grade, We are 21 now, so its been a few years!! Any who, we decided that this girls day would be Hunger Games themed. So we did our hair and makeup like some of our favorite characters (Katniss and Effie). 

(check out my sweet fishtail braid and I used my straightener to curl my bangs, If wanted I can provide a tutorial)

Then prepared a feast of Panem food! We had Bread with goat cheese from District 12 (the Melark Bakery of course and Prim's Goat) (It was actually Light Baby Bell swiss, but SHHH) and Chocolate cake, orange juice and grapes from the capitol! 

Of course the District 12 food is in a monkey pod bowl (my gift from my parents in Hawaii) and all of the Capitol food is on Crystal and Ornate glass ware!

Then we watched the movie and discussed our love for it and compared it to the book and even watched the behind the scenes and interviews. 

AHHHHH it was a good day, I love our girls day in general but maaaan I love me anything Hunger Games. I cannot wait! for the Hunger Games, Catching Fire to be released in theaters this November. I'll be there for the premiere no Ifs, ands or buts about it!!

Girls Days are my Fave!!

Now I am currently waiting for the arrival of my first BirchBox, will Post about it as soon as I get it (soon I HOPE)!

- J

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