Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Crossfit or Die

On my journey of a healthier lifestyle, I have come across the term "crossfit" a bajillion times. 
I like it.
I like the idea of putting the motivation into people to be fit and toned with muscles, not to just lose weight. 
No offense to anyone but the fragile skinny look, just is not appealing to me.
I like the lean look with sculpted and defined muscles. Im not talking 'roid rage style just, 'I can lift more then a cracker' look.

So I came across this workout and I like it.

Definitely INTENSE. But the good burning, 'I got off my ass today' burn.

Try it, I dare you. Im no body builder or anything but I was able to wip this puppy out after my 5K running intervals and my HIIT abs blast. So if my tired sweaty pudgy self could wip it out, I know you can.
As with any workout, even if you can't do each move "perfectly" 
so what.
You will eventually get better at that in NO TIME! 
For real.
Your doing more then those who do nothing, so your going to be the one making progress while everyone else stays the same!
So you go Glenn Coco!

- J

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