Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Skinny Wings

So I'm always on the hunt for yummy recipes that won't kill me with calories.
Experimenting is the solution.

Remember those Skinny Cheese Burgers I talked about (Here) ? Well I tenderized some chicken breasts and cut them into strips/chunks and used the same sauce, and dang they were delicious!

I took the strips and sprayed my medium skillet with some spray butter and cooked the chicken till it was 3/4th done. Next I covered the bottom of the skillet with worcestershire sauce added a few squirts of low sodium ketchup and honey mustard and a few sprinkles of onion salt. I let it thicken as I stirred and flipped the chicken chunks. Paired with a little fat free ranch they made my night 10 times better!!!! The hubby even liked them! 

If I please the hubby, I know I have done darn stinking well. He's a picky eater, for sure.
tsk tsk.

Any who.

Try it, change it, whateve's let me know what you think!

(also available in the "omn nom nom" page)

- J

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