Thursday, February 28, 2013

Boyfriend/Hubby Makeover

No this is not about changing up yo' mans look, it's a crazy fun thing to do with him!

Lay out all your makeup and brushes, wash your face put your hair back, hide the mirror and tell your guy to make you look pretty (or like a clown, thats how I turned out)! The rules: you can not say anything! You can't tell him no when he tries to use lip liner on your eyes, or when he uses blush as eyeshadow or when he puts the wrong brush into something or even when he picks the ugliest colors, just let him have at it!

I recommend that you do this when you don't have somewhere important to be...

This was my outcome, he used bronzer in the dead of winter, used his fingers in my powdered eye shadow, and put mascara on like it was a crayon... but we laughed our a$$e$ off! I love my crazy husband who though that I would look good like this, but hey, he tried and we had a blast!

If you try it, post me your before and afters!

- J


  1. This sounds hilarious!!! Just came across your blog and I'm liking it so far. Very inspired by your 30 DS results!

    1. Im glad you've found me! and gee thanks!! :D