Wednesday, February 20, 2013


So lets rewind for a second,

2009/10- Highschool senior, varsity track team, completely active teenager, best shape of my life, lots of muscle and a healthy strong body.

Then college came, granted it was only cosmetology school, but you put 50 girls on the same schedule and dang it, your biological systems synch like an iphone to itunes! And 50 girls on their period plus each ones individual cravings, thats a recipe for a break room full of sweet, salty, sour, and chocolate treats. My figure was doomed, then came the part where i worked in Fast Food, being surrounded by grease all night, not to mention all the food you ate on your shift was free.. And with college comes a college kids budget, bye bye healthy nutritious food my parents bought, hellllloooo ramen noodels and take out,wahhh.

fast forward a bit...

Now its July 7 2012, my wedding day, also the day i weighed the most i have ever weighed...

Not that I wasn't able to get out of the house or lived off of fast food anymore, I had just got complacent with my college diet and I had the man of my dreams who was happy with who I was, but at the end of the day I wasn't happy with how i looked anymore..

fast forward to now..

I have been officially trying to change my diet and lifestyle to a healthy more "clean" way since New Years Day '13. I hate when my husband will ask how my 'diets' going. Im not on a 'diet'. Im making lifestyle changes to improve my life quality and body image (as well as his, he just doesn't notice how I've switched out the unhealthy stuff for better and healthier substitutes, he just thinks he miraculously loosing weight...)

What are you doing? You may ask,

Well here is my daily run thru
Wake Up 
(even though those new egyptian cotton sheets are ohhh soooo comfy)
 Do my hair and makeup regime

Pour a glass of lemon & lime infused water
 ( I like to call it spa water because its nice and refreshing)

Now I take my daily supplements that I used to get my lifestyle change started.
I take 2 ACE ( I'll explain in a minute) pills
and 1 daily probiotic. 

Now let me take a second to tell you about ACE its a product made by a company called SABA, and the ACE Pill, ACE takes away hunger pains awhile providing you with a TON of energy ( more then soda or coffee has ever been able to provide). Finally the probiotic, thanks to Dr. Oz i was turned on to these and have noticed a difference in, uhmm, my "regularity" thanks to these little gems!

Back to the daily grind,

Then I make myself a healthy but generous in calories, breakfast to jump start my metabolism,

Work Time :/

I make sure to bring healthy snacks with me,
For example :

*2 light cheese sticks, a pack of Buddig lunch meat and a Fiber One Brownie bar   
 (280 calories)

* Veggie Snack Pack from the deli at WalMart (includes ranch, broccoli, carrots, almonds and a piece of cheese, all for 230 calories)

* Or tuna salad on Sandwich Skinnies ( thats what they're called, bought from Aldi's)
They are a type of flat bread made with multi grain.  
(for around 185 calories)

Now home, every other day of the week I do a running routine on the tread mill and daily I do a mix of HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts with some sculpting/stretching moves.

Thats basically my day.

So as for daily changes I tried to substitute as many natural foods in place of processed food as I can paired with TONS of water in place of all soda and sugary drinks.

Now not to drag this post on any more but now you all will know what im all about!

PS as to date im down 18 lbs since 1-1-13.

- J

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