Thursday, February 28, 2013

Edward Scissor Hands?!


Do I have your attention??


Now as to why I'm screaming, As i've said earlier, I am a licensed cosmetologist,

lets break it down ya'll

that means I have:

* completed over 1500 hours of the required hands on training and book work that the state board requires.

* passed all exams in school

*graduated school

* passed my state written exam

* passed my state hands on exam

* passed the CRITICAL, blood spill safety procedure

* understand the chemical working of hair color and all sanitary items found in a salon to protect the client from the spread of disease or contamination

Why should you care that I went to school?

Well let me set the scene for you....

You walk into a new hip salon you have never been to before, but the place seems pretty cool, you sit down pick out your hair colors, tell the stylist how you want it cut and away you go because you are TRUSTING them to provide a professional service..
The person who is mixing the chemicals to go on your head and is holding the scissors that will make or break your beautifully coifed tresses, used to be a janitor, and just decided today that they were going to do hair!
But why? They can't do that without training??!??! 

But they could. The government is trying to take away the licensing for cosmetology which will mean every Tom, Dick and Harry will be able to cut or chemically alter your hair or provide beauty treatments to you with no training or a clue as to what they are doing!

So PLEASE! I beg you! (literally I'm on my hands and knees as we speak!) talk to your stylist, tell your friends, VOTE NO, sign petitions, share the awareness, or Edward ScissorHands might just be your next stylist..

Go to to learn more or to support the cause.

- J

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