Sunday, February 24, 2013

So as a stylist, I have my absolute favorite hair products that have become major staples in my hair routine and that I 100% of the time recommend to my clients.

What is it?

Its a 10 miracle leave-in conditioner

I personally prefer the Plus Keratin version, but they make it with out it and it is just as good, I promise!

(Keratin is the protein your hair is made of, so why not put that protein back in your hair)

Whats so special about this little purple bottle? (yes all the its a ten bottles are purple)
Well, it does 10 things! It is the absolute worlds best miracle hair detangler its a heat protecter, it softens hair, restores moisture and oh so much more! I swear by this stuff, its around $20 but I use this every time I wash my hair(at least 4 times a week, and no don't go EW GROSS, you are not supposed to wash your hair daily, its bad for it, it strips away the natural oils and nutrients your scalp produces, trust me I am a professional) and one bottle lasts me a minimum of 6 months every time! 

How I use it:

I wash my hair as normal,towel dry hair so it is no longer drippy wet. Then I spray 4-6 pumps all over my head and using my wide tooth comb i comb my hair out and it is exactly like a hot knife through butter. Kid you not! I can even go to bed straight out of the shower with out coming my hair get up spray this in and still comb right through it with hardly any effort and ZERO pain.

I recommend this product for any one with long hair, thick hair, curly hair, especially if you have children, and basically if you have hair, USE IT!

Its a 10 has a whole line of products from leave in conditioners, shampoos, conditioners, hair creams, deep condition treatments, hair sprays and so on. Using this will restore your hair to the healthiest form its ever been in! I could gush and gush for hours about this product but I won't, want some?

Go to 

and you can find a store/salon near you that carries it.

Try it and let me know what you think!

- J

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