Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Penny Pencher, who me?

Who likes saving money??

     Now I know (okay no I don't, but I'm guessing) that all of you out there do! So where I live in North Central Kansas Im no where near a grocery store that "doubles coupons" or any of those sweet deals that those extreme coupon-ers are able to pull off, but I do live a mile from Wal Mart. 

Walmart doesn't do any awesome deals! You never see WalMart on Extreme Coupon-ers!

     I know, I know! But you know what WalMart does do? 


Ohhh whooo hoo, save three cents on a pack of cheese, coooool...

     But ohh no, its so much more than that! Example I ad matched 90% of my grocery list last week and i got about 170$ of groceries for $80 and I didn't use a single coupon! (mainly because you can't use coupons on ad matched items) Walmart will ad match any competitor with in a 50 mile radius of the store you go to! For me that includes, Dollar General, Walgreens, Kmart, Target, Dillons, Aldi, Menards, Thrift-way  IGA and Big Lots! Even the generic brand at say Dillons (Kroger) Will ad match to Walmart's Great Value Brand! (if they say no, ask for a CSM because I used to work there and know that they do!) 

How do I do it?

     So my system is like this, i save up ads from papers and print the flyers from the websites and then I sit down and make up a fast grocery list. Next I go through and circle the items im ad matching from each ad and I make a new list with a section title of the store and the item thats ad matched. With all the left over items that aren't cheaper any where else I put on a separate list. Finally load up the ads and your list and off to the store! I make my husband push a separate cart and i throw all the ad match items in there because at the register you have to tell the cashier what item cost what and where before they ring it up, and VIOLA savings!

I ad match so much and its always the same people working that I dont even have to bring in the ads anymore they just take my word for it! It is a little bit more effort and a few extra minutes in the check out lane, but its SO WORTH IT!

Whats the best deal you've got?

     Well I got a bag of Tyson Grilled Chicken Breasts (regularly 7.95) for $2.50!! (thanks to a two for 5 deal at dillons). I have also got Kraft 8 cup bag of shredded cheese (reg 4.95) for $2! (Dillons!) and my favorite one, Tide Laundry Detergent ($8.99) for $4!!

Hopefully you will try this out next time you head to Walmart, its totally worth a try!

- J