Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let's get personal

So now lets take a second for a personal update, according to my handy dandy scale, I am  OFFICIALLY down 23 lbs since 1-1-13 and 13 of those pounds alone I have murdered this month! 

You seriously don't understand how proud of myself I am or how much of a total bada$$ I feel like!! My hubby has been complimenting my ever changing body and telling me how utterly proud of me he is! It feels so DAMN good!!!! GAWWWW like words will never express how amazing I'm feeling, I feel, I feel EMPOWERED, like I could change the world or do anything! It is such a euphoric feeling! Working out has now become a constant in my routine again (It only took  2 1/2 years..whomp whomp whommm) ! It is never to late to make a change, no matter how big of a change it is, its still a change!  You honestly just have to stay positive about it, and damn it if you can't be positive about working out or lifestyle changes, well I have 6 words for you and you better never forget them:


and that means, putting on a tough face and pretending to have all the confidence in the world until you actually do! 

TRUST ME you will eventually have it all!

One of my teachers in cosmo school told me that about self confidence and that burned permanently into my brain the second it rolled off her tongue and from that day forward I vowed to live by that and never let the fear of failure keep me from trying to reach the stars in anything and everything I attempted.

So go forth my fellow peoples and make your confidence and succeed in anything you feel like doing :)

Whew I feel good now, sharing your success along the way to any personal goal is a great way to stay positive and motivated.

- J

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