Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bahh dahh dahh duhhh dummm

Incase you were wondering that is the song they play at graduations...


Not school or anything like that but the Couch To 5k program!!
 YAY MEE!!! ( claps hands and jumps around)

No no I'm not fabulously skinny, YET!

Because I am not done, I will never be done working to better myself and my health, because dying is for old people and I haven't cause enough havoc yet to not be able to run around.

I am going to re-start the program Sunday and work to increase my speeds and decrease my times and just to basically be awesome, I mean come on, who doesn't love being awesome?!

To any one out there who is scared to start running or doesn't know how, 

Don't be scared, I promise it gets easier by day 2, the hardest part is lacing up the shoes and saying "Im going to be a runner!" Once you get past that, everything gets easier.
Never over due it though. That doesn't mean don't push yourself, just don't push yourself TOO Hard.

More info here :

Heres the break down of the work out, you can do it on a treadmill or outside or BOTH!

They even make (free) Apps for Droid and Apple phones that you can download and make it a bajillion times easier to follow the program!

Want more info on C25K? ask me!

- J

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